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Things to do in Cotswolds

Planning a trip to Cotswolds and looking for things to do in Cotswolds! You are at right place. This article includes all the best tourist attractions of the Cotswolds. The beautiful town is a countryside  of south-central England  that covers few parts of 6 countries. It is a second most famous town in Roman Britain. The beautiful countryside earned its name for the best “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” in 1996. Without any delay, we are mentioning some of the amazing places to visit in Cotswolds. You would love to visit this place to be away from your city life for a while. Being a small place to explore you will never get bored here. So read below to know the best things to do in Cotswolds and plan a trip to Cotswolds.

things to do in Cotswolds

Things to do in Cotswolds

1.) Kenilworth Castle & Elizabethan Garden

things to do cotswolds kenilworth castle and elizabeth garden

The big fortress was established during the medieval era. This beautiful structure is the main tourist attraction of Cotswolds. Later it became an Elizabethan palace. It is the most beautiful and the largest one in Britain’s historic site. This castle is full of monarchs and associations of the medieval period. It also relate’s the King Henry VII love story with Elizabeth I. This is one of the best things to do in Cotswolds. This place offers you to enjoy the story of Queen Elizabeth that includes all the information right from her room to beautiful gardens. The garden is open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

2.) Broadway Tower Country Park

things to do in cotswolds broadway tower country park

The place is unique in its own ambiance. It offers you to go back in the history of the tower and some of the notable neighbors that are linked to this tower. This is one of the best things to do in Cotswolds with kids as it will make them learn about the Cold War. There are also some good café and gift shops that are very famous in town. It is an iconic landmark, situated at the top of the Cotswolds.

3.) Painswick Rococo Garden

things to do cotswolds painswick rococo garden

Painswick Rococo Garden is a beautiful and unique attraction of Cotswolds. It was built during the early 18th century. Exploring the garden is one of the best things to do in Cotswolds with kids. The Rococo garden is decorated to combine formal vistas with woodland walks and natural trees and planting. However, Rococo gardens have so much more for the tourists. This is the perfect place where kids will enjoy a lot. The lovely garden also an amazing game and a gift shop. You can also plan a picnic at this place. This is the best thing to do in the city.

4.) WWT Slimbridge Wetlands Centre

things to do cotswolds wwt slimbridge wetland center

Visiting the “Wetlands Center” is amongst the best things to do in Cotswolds.  It includes an astounding array of wildlife from waders to water voles, hares to dragonflies. WWT Slimbridge is home to the world’s biggest collection of flamingos, swans, geese and ducks. This unique and internationally famous reserve of the South West has amazing things to offer its visitors throughout the year. So plan a trip to Cotswolds to visit this  place. You can hand-feed the tame ducks and geese in the grounds of WwT Slimbridge. Make sure you visit this place as it is the best tourist attractions of Cotswolds.

5.) Birdland Park and Garden

things to do birdland park and garden

Established with a collection of 500 birds and 50 aviaries is a place not to miss out. The park falls under the list of must things to do in Cotswolds. Here you will find some of the exotic and rare birds from around the world in their natural habitat. It allows a close encounter with flamingos, parrots, laughing kookaburras, pelicans, owls and many more. Birdland is situated in “Bourton-on-the-Water” and spread in an area of nine acres that includes gardens and woodland. It is the perfect place where you can take photographs of the River Windrush and natural beauty. There are Penguins that make the scenes more fascinating, funny and very entertaining.

6.) Burford

things to do in cotswolds buford

Burford is located in the northwest of Cotswolds. It is a quaint town with numerous amazing pubs and restaurants. The Burford Garden Company is famous, even beyond the expectation in the town. This could be the best things to do in Cotswolds. The open restaurants and pubs are fascinating and very crowded on weekends. This place is known for its best nightlife and some delicious food that it serves. This is the best tourist attraction of Cotswolds.

7.) Music Festival

things to do in cotswolds music festival

The most famous amongst the local and its neighbor is Lechlade Festival. The music festival invites the huge crowd of the city and its surroundings. The festival includes music genres ranging from Ska to Swing, Rock to Reggae, Punk to Poetry, Jazz to Jive and a bit of everything in between. There are more than 60 bands  that perform on 3 stages for a weekend at this amazing live music festival. You will definitely love to visit with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Entry for children 16 or under is free. Located close to the River Thames, it sets the mood for the festival. For furtherc information you can check it out through internet. It is famous for food, stalls, rides & fun things to do in Cotswolds with kids.

8.) Giffords Circus

things to do in cotswold giffords circus

It was started in 2000 by its tow owner Tate and Nell Giffords. The aim of setting this circus was to create a tourist attraction of Cotswolds. This is one of the best things to do in Cotswolds with kids. They have experimented the circus form with weaving theater, opera, dance and puppetry into their shows. Do pay your visit to this amazing place.  Make your plan tonight as you will definitely enjoy a lot.

9.) Thermae Bath Spa

things to do in cotswolds tharmae bath spa

Are you looking for a place to relax and enjoy like the Romans did over 2000 years ago. So take a real bath in the naturally warm and mineral-rich water. Thermae Bath Spa is Britain’s amazing and only natural thermal Spa of this town. Thermae is an amazing blend of historic spa buildings with the contemporary one of the Royal Bath. Thermae Bath Spa offers an enticing selection of spa products that will make you feel relaxed and chill. The spa center is famous because of its dedicated staff that provide expert advice and recommendations for skin care and relaxation.

10.) Adventure Park

things to do in cotswolds adventure park

Adventure and farm park includes a variety of native cattle and other animals. There are two large indoor play area that has amazing slides and soft play. The large outdoor play area is the best things to do in Cotswolds with kids. It offers activities like boating, beach barn, net climbing, splash pool and jumping pillows. Gift avenues and some good restaurants are best tourist attraction of Cotswolds. It is open for public at different time throughout the year. You can also book this place for a private party and special events. you can even visit this place during summer time.

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