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Things to do in Cork

In this article, we will discuss various fun things to do in Cork. Cork is the Ireland’s third biggest city after Belfast and Dublin. Located on the south coast of Ireland, is linked to the sea by Cork Harbour and a thin channel known as Passage West. There is a good seagoing and trading custom here and all along the neighboring coastline. In reality, the actual city is an island surrounded by 2 arms of the Lee river. At the time of the 7th century, St. Finbarr (Fin Barre) built a monastery on a tiny marshy area, where the church of the same name is present. For centuries, the town endured and, in turn, prospered in spite of Viking attack and afterward occupied by English forces. In 1920, at the time of the Irish Civil War, a large area of Cork was damaged by fire and the city witnessed its share of bloodshed and violence. Locals will joyfully tell visitors such things as if it’s an inevitability, which Cork is ‘the real capital.’ This liberal, youthful and cosmopolitan place which was once suffering economic recession is reinventing itself with tidy streets, re-energized stretches of riverside, along with an artisan coffee bar on every turn. The best of the city is happily conventional – comfy pubs with live music, restaurants dishing up elite quality local produce, and authentically a pleasant welcome from the locals. So, plan your next trip here to indulge in the mood of an Irish city while we suggest exciting things to do in Cork.

Things to do in Cork

Top Things to do in Cork:

1.) St. Patrick’s Street

Originally visualize near the beginning of the 18th century by rich merchants most probably anxious to divide their fellow society from their money, this has continued to be a Cork’s main shopping center. An easy and quick stroll from The English Market, locally known as “Pana” the wide, bending street swank many good shops counting an upmarket department store, Brown Thomas. Shopping, definitely, is one thing, but the people of Cork are friendly. Mostly during fine weather, visitors will see groups of family and friends simply talking and passing the time together. Diverse architectural styles reveal change over the past 200 years or so. Dating from 1786, and reconstructed on several occasions since then, St. Patrick’s Bridge adjoins the main road.

2.) St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral

A restful 10-minute walk from St. Patrick’s Street will take you to this Anglican Cathedral. If you want, a bus journey (No’s 214, 208, 203) will trim a couple of minutes from your walking time. The attention-grabbing structure in a French Early Gothic manner was planned by William Burges and sanctified in 1870. It is located, where Christian prayer has taken place since the 7th century. By its completion, more than £100,000 was spent on the building, which was a massive amount at the time. Prior to re-design, a more meek Georgian style structure, and bell tower were positioned in its place. The interior is splendidly decorated with excellent mosaics in the choir and luxurious artwork in the chancel.

3.) Atlantic Sea Kayaking

One of the fun things to do in Cork is Kayaking. This tour offers a guided ‘urban kayaking’ experience around Cork’s watercourse between 6.30 pm to 9 pm. Make a booking in advance to save time and minimum of two people are required for it, so bring your partner along with you.

4.) Crawford Art Gallery

Walking towards the center of the city, a 2-minute walk from St. Patrick’s Street, art fan would like to visit this regional museum devoted to the visual arts, both modern and historic. The gallery witnesses more than 200,000 visitors annually and provides a variety of permanent expositions counting 18th century European and Irish figures, a compilation of Greek and Roman figure casts, and modern video installations. The compilation has grown progressively, mainly in recent years, and now having more than 2,500 items. There is a famous café on the ground floor, so you can relax there, whenever you feel like.

5.) Kinsale

A 30-minute southerly drive from Cork, and at the gateway to beautiful West Cork, is the old-world deep-sea fishing and yachting city of Kinsale. Earlier a medieval fishing dock, historic Kinsale is among the most attractive resorts on the southwest coast of Ireland. Visitors will find no deficiency of restaurants and cafés to suit each taste, and the nearby panorama is simply awe-inspiring. In recent times, the town has also become a top-notch golf spot. Other activities include an annual gourmet festival, heritage town walks, a wine museum and much more.

6.) The English Market

In the center of the Cork City and with a startling fountain at its heart. This peculiar enclosed food market has been trading since 1788. Under the ownership of the Cork City Council, it’s among the world’s oldest municipal markets. Fruit, artisan bread, and freshly trapped seafood are just some of the specials on offer. In recent times, the market achieved worldwide reputation when Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain made her first ever state visit to the Republic of Ireland in 2011. In addition to a wide variety of produce, guests can have some coffee here or can test local fare at Farmgate Restaurant.

7.) Shandon Bells – St. Anne’s Church

Going through the River Lee to the north side of the city and 2 km from Fitzgerald Park attracts visitors to St. Anne’s Church with the legendary Shandon Bell tower. The church contains its original 18th-century bells, that have become the city’s a must-see highlight. The Tower is a unique landmark on the city skyline, with its red stonework and also white ashlar limestone. Visitors get the opportunity to ring the bells from the 1st floor, see the in-house workings of the clocks, the bells firsthand, and experience a magnificent 360° view of Cork City and beyond it from the balcony.

8.) Fitzgerald Park

Named after city’s Lord Mayor Edward Fitzgerald, who organized the Cork’s International Exhibition in 1902. Fitzgerald Park is a peaceful retreat on the borders of Cork city. It still has the original pavilion and ornamental fountain from the early period. In the park, a vacationer can find a cafe, sculptures, a Cork Public Museum, a skate park, and a water lily pond. Pictorial Daly’s Bridge, built in 1926, locally known as the “Shaky Bridge”, which connects to Sundays Well Road. A perfect place for outing and one of the must things to do in Cork.

9.) Jameson Experience in County Cork

Explore the history of Irish whiskey at this Jameson Experience in Midleton, Cork. Take a tour around the well-conserved Jameson Distillery. Listen to the story of John Jameson and the prominent Jameson brand, the top-selling Irish whiskey in the world.

10.) Cork Opera House

Given a new makeover in the 1990s, this top venue has been amusing the city for more than 150 years with the whole lot, from opera and ballet to stand-up comedy shows and puppet shows. At the back, the Half Moon Theatre features contemporary theater, art, dance and special club nights. Visiting this place is among the top things to do in Cork.

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