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Things to do in Copenhagen

There are lots of things to do in Copenhagen, the Denmark’s capital. The Danish smash-hit TV series Borgen made the Parliament at Christiansborg familiar to the world. Copenhagen has a precisely European fell, unique cafe and a friendly street-life culture that will tend to return in ancient period. The city is excellent for roaming through at your leisure. The preferred mode of transportation is a bike.

Top Things to do in Copenhagen:

1.) Explore Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens was the actual inspiration behind the Disney theme parks. You can reach the spot by walking from Town Hall Square and crossing H.C. Andersens Boulevard. The major attraction includes Tivoli amusement park and pleasure gardens dating from 1843. There are more than 20 attractions including a roller coaster ride, roundabouts, pantomime, halls of mirrors, open-air theaters, and puppet. Along with loads of restaurants and cafes. The flower gardens and a Moorish-styled concert hall are particularly pleasing when they lit up at night. The park is famous around the world and has appeared in many movies. Indeed, some might say visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Copenhagen. At Christmas Eve, Tivoli transforms as an extravagantly decorated wonderland.

2.) Christiansborg Palace

Things to do in Copenhagen

Christiansborg is located on the small island of Slotsholmen. It has many attractions that should be top on any visitor’s plan of things to do in Copenhagen. It holds more than 800 years of history. Today, the palace is home to the Prime Minister’s, Office Parliament, and the Supreme Court. Along with that several parts are still employed by the Royal House. Although, much part is open to the tourist and locals. Holding the site where Bishop Absalon established the earliest reinforcement of the city in 1167. The ruins of the bishop’s castle and the medieval fortress were detected when the palace was under construction.

3.) Amalienborg Castle

You can reach to Amalienborg castle after traveling 1/2 km Rosenborg in the Frederiksstaden quarter. Here you will also find its peaceful waterfront gardens. The four palaces facing onto the square were established as homes for the royalty. Then the castles were taken over by the Royal Family after the attack at Christiansborg in 1794. It is one of the most wonderful things to do in Copenhagen. The area architecture was to model society with the King at the center and the four palace surrounding him. The soldiers of the Royal Guard with their bearskins and blue uniforms are a single symbol of the city.

4.) The Little Mermaid

You want best things to do in Copenhagen then can’t miss seeing the Little Mermaid. Take in the iconic statue by heading along the waterfront from Nyhavn to Kastellet. The Kastellet is the ancient Citadel of Frederikshavn, the former parts of which date from 1625. The buildings are well managed and well worth watching. The Little Mermaid which you can see from the coast is the official symbol of Copenhagen. The idea for the bronze sculpture made by Edvard Eriksen in 1913 is based on a theme. The theme was from one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, which tells the story of a mermaid who once came up out of the depths of the sea. This is because she had fallen in love with a prince. As the prince did not react, she was compelled to leave the human world and return to the sea world.

5.) Town Hall Square

Busy Town Hall Square is governed by Copenhagen Town Hall which was built between 1892 and 1905. It is based on a mix of medieval Danish and Italian Renaissance architecture. To visit this place is one of the most entertaining things to do in Copenhagen. For fabulous views, you can ascend the tower (city tallest structure) at 106m high. The building itself is lavishly decorated with painting and sculptures. Statue of Bishop Absalon in gilded copper is above the main. The Great Hall is duds of Danish notables such as Martin Nyrop. Jens Olsen constructed and designed The World Clock at the main entrance in 1955. The clock not only shows the time and date, but also many astronomical constellations.

6.) Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge is undoubtedly an engineering wonder. To reach you have to travel about 10km from downtown Copenhagen. You will instantly recognize it if you are a lover of Scandi-noir detective series. The bridge was constructed from years of planning and finally opening in 1999. The bridge is the structure which links Sweden to mainland Europe. There is an excellent train link if you would like to trip neighboring Malmo in Sweden. For those who want many things to do in Copenhagen then the Blue Planet Aquarium by the water’s edge at Kastrup would be great.

7.) Bakken, World’s Oldest Amusement Park

Bakken amusement park is a folksy version of the Tivoli. It comprises with numerous cafes and restaurants. The place is so lively that it will end your search for fun things to do in Copenhagen. Particularly, for younger children this has been a recreation facility since 1583. It has more than six roller coasters and 30 different rides, including the ghost train. There are excellent bus and train links from the downtown Copenhagen for those who aren’t driving.

8.) Christiania

Christiania undoubtedly is one of Denmark’s most beloved tourist attractions. Millions of tourist visit each year to this place. However, it may not be a dream place for everyone but it is a functioning alternative society. This dream place is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Copenhagen. Cars are not allowed then the main mode of transport is the bicycle, and horses roam free.  Handmade houses, buildings and the large lake where children dabble around with each other on hot summer days are the main attraction of this place. The shops and cafés accept a special Christiania currency.

9.) Stroget Shopping Mile

A five minutes drive from Christiansborg takes you to the shopping area of Strøget. Here you will explore a wealth of cafés, boutiques, and restaurants. Some neighboring streets on the north have also been pedestrianized. Worldwide brand name stores such as Prada,  Louis Vuitton, Max Mara,  and Hermès tend to be at the edge of the street. You will find the street facing the direction of Kongens Nytorv. For affordable shopping at H&M, Weekday, and Zara follows Strøget towards City Hall Square.

10.) The Round Tower

The Round Tower is a 36-meter-high structure constructed as an observatory in 1642. It’s now home to a small collection linked with the Danish astrophysicist Tycho Brahe. From the top are majestic panoramic scenes over the city. The newly included attraction is the glass floor hanging 25 meters above the ground. Followers of Hans Christian Andersen will be excited to know that the tower emphasizes in his popular story The Tinderbox.

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