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Things to do in Columbus Ohio

This article is all about best things to do in Columbus. Columbus is the Capital of the state Ohio. It is located closely to the geographical middle of the United States. It was established in 1812. The city got its name after Christopher Columbus. The major tourist attraction of the city are German Village and South of city centre Columbus. It is a renovated old quarter of the town full of shops. The other area of attractions in Columbus are Hayden Falls, Ohio Statehouse and many more. To know about other best things to do in Columbus please read the article below. Being in Ohio, you can also explore the other Midwestern states Illinois, and Indiana of USA.

Things to do in Columbus Ohio

Best Things to do in Columbus:

1.) Hayden Falls Park

Things to do in Columbus Hayden Falls Park

Attractiveness and entertainment are the two words that can be used to portray Hayden Falls situated near to Tuttle Mall. The source of this 25 feet Hayden Falls is ‘Hayden Run’ as it make its form into the Scioto River. The site is wonderful with friends as the scenery around them is exceptional. The fall also makes for a superb photo chance and with the new footpath. More and more tourist are welcome to look this splendid natural attraction in Columbus. Exploring this place with your family is one of the best things to do in Columbus.

2.) Ohio Statehouse

Things to do in Columbus Ohio Statehuse

There are many Statehouse in the Unites States, but Ohio Statehouse is one of the oldest working Statehouse. After 22 years of construction, it was finally finished in 1861. It is an exceptional architectural model of the Greek restoration style. Portions of the structure are constructed of genuine Ohio limestone where many fossils can be observed in the stone. The Rotunda, an impressive staircase, artwork, and marble statue of President Abraham Lincoln are all major tourist attractions at the Ohio Statehouse. A short visit to this place is one of the top things to do in Columbus.

3.) Franklin Park Conservatory

Things to do in Columbus Franklin Park Conservatory

The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus hosts an unbelievable horticultural exhibit. It has 85 acres of indoor and outdoor gardens. The seasonal displays offer an ever varying experience for tourists who will find a magnificent range of plants in summer. The conservatory has a number of gardens. The plant range on exhibit and hot glass blowing is also the major attractions. You could spend your quality time by looking at the flora, building, and art exhibit. Going to this park is one of the perfect things to do in Columbus .

4.) German Village

Things to do in Columbus German Village

Columbus Ohio is full of diverse culture and traditions. The German Village is a branch of that society that makes Columbus grand. It will take you to the German era. It has cobblestone lanes, old style shops, and German eateries. Once you step foot in this region of town, you will experience like you are in Germany. The environment makes you experience like you are a stepping back in the era. Exploring this area is one of the perfect things to do in Columbus.

5.) Center of Science and Industry (COSI)

Things to do in Columbus Center of Science and Industry (COSI)

The Center of Science and Industry will be certain to keep you thinking and busy at its research display. From space, recreation to the new Mythbusters show, COSI will provide you fun with knowledge about science and the planet around us. Tourist gets an opportunity to study about water and its behaviour in the Ocean exhibit, and they even have the opportunity to observe the rats hitting the board to play “Rat Basketball”. Viewing the rat basketball is one of the finest things to do in Columbus with kids.

6.) Santa Maria (Ship)

Things to do in Columbus Santa Maria (Ship)

The Santa Maria in Columbus is a copy of the Christopher Columbus historic ship. The trips of the ship try to reconstruct life on the ship. The ship shows each and every type of tools that would have been used all over that time period. The exhibit also travels around the historical activities and the entrance of Christopher Columbus in the new world. Going for a trip on this Santa Maria is one of the coolest things to do in Columbus.

7.) North Market

Things to do in Columbus North Market

The North Market is where traditions and food combines. The market is packed with dealers and farmers that sell their commodities in this public market. The market is settled close to city centre. Bakers, florists, butchers, chocolate makers, and farmers selling their products fill this market every day of the week. Tourist can walk roughly and engage themselves in the traditions all bounded by the fragrant smells. A humble walk in this popular market is one of the fantastic things to do in Columbus.

8.) The Topiary Park

Things to do in Columbus The Topiary Park

The Topiary Park is where art and nature truly combine. It is situated at the Old Deaf School Park in Columbus. It is one of the most exclusive topiary gardens you will see. The theme of the garden is on the work of art of Georges Seurat. It is popularly known as “A Sunday On The Island Of La Grande Jatte” which portray people lie around by the River Seine. Artist James T. Mason recreated this landscape in the beginning of 1990s through shrubs. The park engaged 54 topiary people, a number of boats, dogs, a cat, and a monkey to signify the river. A walk in this park is one of the joyful things to do in Columbus Ohio with kids.

9.) Wexner Center for Arts

Things to do in Columbus Wexner Center for Arts

The Wexner Center is full of attraction that will attract art lover from all over the world. The structure itself is a piece of art. On entering the building, you will be amazed to see various films, performing arts activities and art exhibits. Many recognized artists have had their work on display at the Wexner Center. Make the Wexner Center for the Arts a part of your things to do in Columbus.

10.) Kelton House Museum and Garden

Things to do in Columbus Kelton House Museum and Garden

The Kelton House Museum and Garden in Columbus allows a quick look into life at the end of the 18th Century. It is a two-story Victorian town-house that has been reinstated. It displays old equipments and the attractive arts. Most of the gathering at the Kelton House Museum on display came from the family of Fernando Kelton. The Kelton House Garden is preserved in a Victorian style. It is planned on the unique design by Grace Kelton. In summer and spring, the gardens are full of attractions with a vast array of colourful flowers. Roaming in this beautiful garden is one of the free things to do in Columbus.

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