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Things to do in Colorado Springs

This article is about best things to do in Colorado Springs. The city lies at Colorado state in US around the Rocky mountains at the foot of the Pikes pike. The city looks beautiful during winters. The snowfall covers the city like white quilt. The place has many fun and adventurous things to offer. The breathtaking views of the city from the Pikes Peak will leave you speechless and you will fall in love with the city for its witty charm. Read more to know to know fun things to do in Colorado Springs.

Things to do in Colorado Springs

Best Things to do in Colorado Springs

1.) Garden of Gods

The nature park is located in the northwest of Colorado Springs. The park is shaped with the redstone and the ancient cypresses. The star attraction of the place is the sandstone rock formation which is aged old. The park features the recreational trails such as hiking, horse riding and mountain biking. Imagine yourself on the horse crossing through the beautiful scenery. Isn’t it sounds amazing? If you want to see the best of the park then do visit it early in the morning or after sunset. Outside the park, there is a  visitor center with a museum and park tours. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Colorado Springs.

2.) North Cheyenne Park

The park lies at the at the edge of hills and the plain. It is world famous for its diverse flora and fauna. Mule deer, black beers, mountain lions and exotic birds are found here. The tourist attraction of the place is Starsmore Discovery Centers, Silver cascade falls, and massive rock formations. The park also features hiking trails of varying length.

3.) Seven Falls

Seven falls is an intersection of the seven cascading waterfalls of South Cheyenne Creek in Colorado Springs. This attraction is privatly owned. The height of the falls is approximatly 181 feet. You can reach the peak through the sataircase. The place has restourants, hotels and shops. Talking about the trails, there are two hiking trails which are open from may to october. If you are planning to visit the city so do add it in your bucket of fun things to do in Colorado Springs.

4.) Colorado Springs Fine Art Center

The art center lies in the downtown Colorado Springs. It is dedicated to all the renowned artist and thus exhibits displays on the fine piece of art. The center holds numerous tourist attractions, which are Museum exhibitions, art and theater events for all the age groups. The place also houses hotels, restourants and special events such as final weekend and many more. This is going to be one of the most amazing things to do in Colorado Springs.

5.) Colorado Balloon Classic

The balloon festival is held on labours day. The large balloons flow in air. Imagine yourself in a big balloon, flying  in the air. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Thus it is going to be one of the most amazing things to do in Colorado Springs. Whats more amazing is that you will get to see the beautiful city from the top. The festival takes place near the Prospect lake in Memorial park. It is the largest running hot air balloon festival which takes place every year in the rocky mountain region. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Colorado Springs.

6.) Glen Eyrie

The English Tudor-style castle was constructed by the William Jackson Palmer, the men who foundes the city. Live your trip like a prince or princess in the castle. It has great service. One of the highlight of the castle is its Queen’s tea and royal tea. Do visit the place to experience the historic style at modern comfort. It is probably one of the most royal things to do in Colorado Springs.

7.) U.S Olympic Complex Training Center

The complex is the main hub of the U.S. Olympic Committee and Olympic Center. The star attractions of the center are the four black statues which represent the athletes who participated in the Olympics. The beautiful statues are certainly a piece of the masterpiece. You can take the free tour in the complex. This is surely one of the free things to do in Colorado Springs.

8.) Palmer Park

Palmer park boasts recreational activities in the city. The activities include hiking and biking trails. The mountain biking is quite adventures and fun things to do in Colorado Springs. The park also has a stone formation with narrow stone pillars.

9.) Peterson Air and Space Museum

The museum exhibits the  displays  related to aviation. The museum also has an air park which includes missiles and aircraft. Visiting the pace will give you a unique experience.

10.) Barr Trail

The trail lies in the Pike National Forest which starts from Manitou Springs, Colorado, and finishes  at the Peak Pikes summit. Add some adventure in your trip and do visit the place. The trail is surrounded by the green forest.

11.) Bear Creek Regional Park and Nature Center

The park offers recreational trails such as  running, horse riding and cycling. The park also houses soccer field and tennis court. The place also holds a dog park. If you like hiking or any of the above activities then this is a perfect thing to do in Colorado Springs.

12.) Colorado Springs City auditorium

It is a historic auditorium in the city. The place holds many events early. Theater, music concerts and etc are the major events held at the auditorium. Going to the auditorium will prove to be one of the most delightful things to do in Colorado Springs.

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