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Things to do in Colchester

Looking for fantastic things to do in Colchester? This is your guide. Colchester offers all visitors a wide range of great things to see and do. There are many interesting places to visit in beautiful Colchester. Whatever your preference or budget is, Colchester has something for everyone. With so many activities, attractions, places, events to eat & drink and places to go shopping, you will never be at a loss for things to do in Colchester. So why not plan your next vacation in Colchester.

Colchester situated in Essex, is Britain’s oldest town. But it’s not just Colchester’s distinctive heritage and history which attracts over 4.5m visitors each year. Colchester, at present, is a flourishing modern town with many excellent attractions fo its visitors. Colchester includes the family favorites like the Colchester castle and Colchester zoo. Explore Colchester visitor attractions, they are the perfect place for a day trip.

To help you fix on places to go in Colchester, we have made some selection of various things to do in Colchester.

Things to do in Colchester

Top Things to do in Colchester

1.) Visit Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo is frequently developing tourist attraction. This zoo has bagged many awards for its excellent work. With more than 270 species to see, it spread over an area of 60 acres of beautiful parkland and lakes. Colchester Zoo is well worth a visit. Visiting this place is one of the fun things to do in Colchester. As you stroll around the zoo, there’s plenty of play areas to try out. There is also brand new indoor play area, Jungle Tumble is well equipt with games, where the kids can expose their wild side. It is an ideal place to visit with your family.

2.) Colchester Castle Museum

Colchester Castle is the biggest Norman Keep in Europe. It is located on the foundations of the Temple of Claudius. It was built, when Colchester was the first Roman capital of Britain. Today, the Castle Museum reveals many interesting layers of history to visitors. Archaeological collections of world-class quality casing 2,500 years of history are brilliantly showcased. It also includes the most significant Roman finds in Britain. A nice place to visit.

3.) Mercury Theater

The Mercury Theatre is a famed theatre located in Colchester. Mercury Theater produces highly regarded innovative work under the name “Made in Colchester”. It is also known for touring shows. The theatre Include 2 auditoria. The Artistic Director of this beautiful theater is Daniel Buckroyd. The theatre also has a gallery called ‘The Digby Gallery’, which represents local art. It is among the top producing theatres in the country.

4.) Dedham Vale

You will never feel far from alluring landscapes in Colchester. The town is encircled by havens of green space. Whether you wish to get out, or just love being outdoors, Colchester offers all you need, you can visit Dedham Vale. The Dedham Vale has earned the official status of being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is an ideal place for walking and cycling. This is the appropriate way to really admire “Constable’s landscapes”. Enjoy a cycle path called as ‘The Painters’ Trail. You can also explore English countryside at a more leisurely ambience from here, the same way John Constable himself did. The panoramic view of the countryside and the sky is a motivation for Britain’s leading artists. The Dedham Vale is indeed a nice place for strolling and indulging in the Colchester’s greenery.

5.) Visit Surrounding Area of Colchester

If you are planning for a longer stay in Colchester, you should plan to explore the surrounding area. Soak up their beauty as you explore small towns and villages weaved with countryside and coast. Absorb the calming scenes of the River Colne in the picturesque waterfront towns of West Mersea and Wivenhoe. Visit Manningtree (smallest town in England) and Maldon, popular for its culinary sea salt and Thames Barges. You can also include a trip to the Braintree Shopping Village for a few bargains on the way. Stroll along tiny paths alongside patchwork fields which weave across the Suffolk-Essex border to explore attractive places such as Kersey, East Bergholt, Hadleigh and Lavenham.

6.) Castle Park

Colchester’s distinctive heritage is more evident in Castle Park than anywhere else. Castle park is a site of national significance. This Victorian Park has evidence of 2000 years of history and is a landscape styled by the native over many eras. This park not only covers much of Colchester’s rich heritage, but also it is much appreciated and used as a part of present day life. It entertains around 1 million visitors each year. Here, you can walk, relax, play games, enjoy music or picnic among beautiful flowers and trees. This park is a great venue to host the town’s big events.

7.) An Evening in Colchester

Finding things to do in Colchester in the evening is easy, but choosing out of them is the difficult part. As the sun sets down, you can enjoy at a pub or cafe bar, probably with some live music. Or maybe you can attend an orchestral concert at Charter Hall or a fun night of comedy at the Colchester Arts Centre. You can even give a try to an evening of exceptional theatre at The Mercury, Lakeside Theatre or Headgate. You can visit Colchester Institute as well, which present CMPA Live! It hosts a professional concert series. The performances include Jazz, Classical, Rock, Opera, Electronics, Musical Theatre and Comedy.

Looking for something different? Try any of the themed walking tours and mingle entertainment and mystery with a nice walk. Later, get involved in a night of good – food, wine and company. The town has many clubs and bars If you want something more energetic.

8.) The Beth Chatto Gardens

The Beth Chatto Gardens is open 7 days a week.  The Beth Chatto Gardens started in 1960. Earlier it was a wild wasteland with poor gravel soil and swampy hollows. Later it was transformed into 7 acres of an informal garden using the ecological planting methods. Now, it comprises of the Water Garden, Woodland Garden, Gravel Garden and Scree Garden. All these gardens are matching with the surrounding scenery. The gardens are quite an inspiration to the visitors. There is also a wide Nursery with a choice of more than 2,000 different kinds of herbaceous plants and bulbs. A nice place to visit.

9.) Roman Circus Center

The Roman Circus Centre, site of Britain is only Roman chariot circus. It is a nice place to both watch around the displays and Roman Circus. You can also drop in for coffee and a bite to eat except Mondays. There are plenty of space inside to sit and chat. You will be impressed as to know how the circus was brought to life. There are books, diagrams, videos, a large scale of the circus and various outside displays. It is one of the best things to do in Colchester with kids to visit.

10.) Abberton Reservoir Visitor Center

Abberton Reservoir Visitor Centre is a nice place to see nature at its best. This center has plenty of vantage points along the pathway. Here, you can shop, stroll and eat as well. It is an ideal place for a family outing. Families will enjoy spending a vacation here, as the center is amazing with picturesque views across the reservoir. There is ample play area for the kids. Plus, this center has a room for kids parties and other functions as well.

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