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Things to do in Coffs Harbour

In this article, we will discuss top things to do in Coffs Harbour. Coffs harbour is a coastal city in Australia. Coffs Harbour has been awarded an international “Bloom Award” for population and an “Enhancement of the Landscape” award. The Coffs Harbour is the best family holiday destination with lots of fun and activities. There are great beaches, towns and national parks to enjoy. Here you can find several activities to do, many places to eat and drink. There are numerous shopping centres, cafes, bars and many more attractions in this city. One of the top main attraction is the Big Banana. Big Banana is one of the most fun things to do in Coffs Harbour. The beautiful golden sand beaches offer so many activities such as surfing, fishing, boating, kayaking, diving and snorkelling. There are also many attractions to visit which are discussed below.

Top Things to do in Coffs Harbour:

1) Big Banana

things to do in Coffs Harbour

Big banana  is an amusement park. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Coffs Harbour. The big banana features a large walk through the banana. It is Australia’s most popular ‘Big Thing’. The big banana fun park boasts 3 largest thrilling rides, ice skating ring, a water park and a downhill toboggan ride. You can also experience the world of bananas education and plantation tour. Banana park offers a mini golf to play golf and a laser tag. This fun park is the most visited park in Coffs Harbour.

2) Dorrigo National Park

things to do in Coffs Harbour 3

Visiting Dorrigo National Park is one of the most exciting things to do in Coffs Harbour. This national park is a fantastic park with many attractions. There are walking tracks, magnificent waterfalls and an excellent birdwatching opportunities to watch the bird-life. This national park offers several hiking trails to hike through the rainforest which is quite an amazing thing to do. The Dorrigo national park features beautiful waterfalls that include Crystal Shower Falls, Dangar Falls and Tristania falls. So enjoy the beauty of this national park with your family and friends.

3) Solitary Islands Marine Park

things to do in Coffs Harbour 2

Visiting Solitary Islands Marine Park is one of the spectacular things to do in Coffs Harbour. It is the third largest marine park in New South Wales. This marine park houses a huge diversity of marine life with various species of fish and coral. The marine life is the main attraction for divers. The solitary island marine park is surrounded by the tidal waters of estuaries and beaches. It offers many activities such as fishing, snorkelling and diving. Visit this marine park, you will definitely love this place.

4) Coffs Harbour Butterfly House

The butterfly house is one of the most amazing attractions in Coffs Harbour. This butterfly house is the award-winning place. The butterfly house allows visitors to stroll amongst the thousands of live Australian butterflies. This place offers visitors the opportunity to explore the nature. There are so many butterflies and at some instances, they can even sit upon you. Capture the beautiful butterflies in your camera. There is also a cafe where visitors can have refreshment.

5) Dolphin Marine Magic

Exploring Dolphin Marine Magic is one of the most fun things to do in Coffs Harbour. This place is famous for its exhibits and activities. Here visitors will experience lots of fun. It is the only zoological park which exhibits dolphins. Shaking hands with dolphin and cuddling a sea-lion is the most exciting things to do. You will see the dolphins pop up from the water, play football, dive through hoops, dancing and many more activities of dolphins. You can enjoy swimming with dolphins.

6) Nymboi Binderay National Park

Exploring Nymboi Binderay National Park is one of the most amazing things to do in Coffs Harbour. The Nymboida River flows through the Nymboi Binderay National Park. The Nymboida River makes the national park very popular destination for white water rafting and kayaking. Rafting is the perfect way to experience the park’s marvellous beauty. There are four areas which are famous for camping. Walk through the rainforest and enjoy the nature’s beauty is one of the best things to do.

7) Coffs Harbour Beaches

Coffs harbour is also famous for its golden sand beaches. Coffs harbour has many beaches including Diggers beach, park beach, southern beaches and Coffs Harbour jetty beach. These beaches are the great spot for water sports activities and other adventurous activities. Enjoying boating, sailing, kayaking, swimming is one of the great things to do in Coffs Harbour. These beaches also offer playground to play football, volleyball and other sports. Coffs harbour beaches feature a vibrant nightlife with amazing bars, cafes, pubs and many restaurants. You can spend your wonderful day by exploring fabulous cliffs, coastline and islands.

8) Carobana Chocolate Factory

If you love chocolates and other sweet products then Carobana Chocolate Factory is the best place to visit. Carobona offers a large range of chocolates and other sweet products that tempt you. But the honeycomb and carob are the main attraction of this factory. Get relaxed with a cold or hot drink. Children will love this place. You can purchase chocolates with your loved ones.

9) Shopping

Shopping is one of the most interesting things to do in Coffs Harbour. Coffs harbour offers you a great boutique shopping experience by the waterfront. A high street mall and a dedicated undercover shopping centre. Visitors love the diversity of products available here. Coffs harbour features colourful markets with creative and crafty artisans. Coffs harbour’s markets also include hand-crafted jewellery, growers stalls, vintage and retro clothing. You will get everything from fashion boutiques to handy crafts.

10) Nightlife

Enjoying the nightlife is one of the fabulous things to do in Coffs Harbour. Discover the best Coffs Harbour bars, nightclubs, nightlife and entertainment venues. Coffs harbour offers amazing party hotspots and clubs. The nightlife in Coffs harbour is dominated by lounges and dance clubs. Many of the clubs hosts live band performances. Enjoy a variety of cocktails, wine and beer in the bars.  You can also enjoy the nightlife on the beachside. So, Coffs Harbour provides you many options to enjoy the nightlife.

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