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Things to do in Cincinnati

This article is all about best things to do in Cincinnati. The third largest city of Ohio has much to offer when it comes at spending a vacation. Columbus is the capital of Ohio and has numerous attractions to explore. No matter whom you are planning your vacation with! There are a number of things to make your vacation a happening one. From Eden park to the famous Cincinnati Zoo, everything is going to keep you busy for longer. Also, there are beautiful walkways, sight seeing spots and amazing market places for shopping. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best things to do in Cincinnati. That will make your vacation a memorable one. Read this article to learn about the best things to do in Cincinnati. Being in Cincinnati, you can also explore the city of Dayton.

Things to do in Cincinnati

Top Things to do in Cincinnati

1.) Eden Park

Things to do in Cincinnati Eden Park

Eden Park is situated at the trendy Mount Adams neighbourhood. The park covers 186 acres of green space. On a nice sunny day, this park lives up to its expectations and it’s name. As the park is so beautiful it will get you hooked to that place. There are a number of lakes, magnolia garden and several scenic overlooks. This is a perfect place to visit with your family or friends. The place is amazing one for brilliant shots as well. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Cincinnati.

2.) Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

Things to do in Cincinnati Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum was established back in 1845. The foundation is idyllic, with gravestones scattered around. This is one place where one can notice the past and present assembled together. A part of the Cincinnati’s community is home to horticultural educational facility. Spring Groove has achieved the historic title for enhanced level III arboretum standards. Walk around the place and try to learn and unfold the tales of the place.

3.) Cincinnati Art Museum

Things to do in Cincinnati Cincinnati Art Museum

There are various options in Cincinnati. But visiting the Cincinnati Art Museum is a little different one. It contains more than 60,000 mechanism from across 6,000 years of history. The museum showcases the master pieces of Sandro Botticelli, Claude Monet. The beautiful works of other famous artists also decorate the walls of the museum. The museum was established in 19th century. Since then it has been able to attract a good number of visitors. The building has gone through renovations. Though the charm is still remarkable.

4.) Great American Ball Park

Things to do in Cincinnati Great American Ball Park

The tourists like the Great American Ball Park for its fun-loving ambiance. And it gives a perfect view from each seat. It appears to be a pretty lofty title for a stadium. But in reality, it is home to the country’s oldest expert baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds. Baseball lovers will admire this place. The Major League Baseball team didn’t play a single game at the Great American Ball Park until 2003.

5.) National Underground Railroad

Things to do in Cincinnati National Underground Railroad

National underground museum showcases the locomotives and railcars. The museum features other artefacts as well. Interestingly, The “Underground Railroad” stores lots of tales relating to the slavery during the past. Visiting the museum is visiting the past of Cincinnati. The place has a collection of old railroad equipment that is truly remarkable. The museum is also a fun place for kids. They will love enjoying the museum with fun facts.

6.) Cincinnati Music Hall

Things to do in Cincinnati Cincinnati Music Hall

The Cincinnati Music Hall was opened in 1878. The hall is home to numerous performances. Starting from art groups, Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Opera, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. The Music Hall’s Springer Auditorium provides room to 3,516 audience.  You will come across different interesting stories about the ghosts. Music Hall was built over a graveyard, which was rumours that it’s haunted. Visiting the hall is one of the most wonderful things to do in Cincinnati.

7.) Findlay Market

Things to do in Cincinnati Findlay Market

The Findlay Market was first opened in 1855. Recently, it has gone through renovation. And now it’s a much celebrated one. The most popular change includes lively mix of cultural food stalls and flea market vendors. On the weekends, the streets are packed with vendors selling every necessity. There are a few stalls which offers delicacies like chocolate, fresh fruit, vegetables and artisan bread. This is one of the best things to do in Cincinnati.

8.) Cincinnati Zoo

Things to do in Cincinnati Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo is the second largest zoo of the country. It is home to various endangered species that include black rhinos. The zoo is also known for its innovative birthing programs with animals. That includes Indian and Sumatran rhinos. A perfect spot for family outing. Kids are going to love it for sure. This is one of the most fun things to do in Cincinnati with kids. During the trip you get to see everything from the African lion to an Indian peacock. When you are in Cincinnati, you should visit the place for sure.

9.) MainStrasse Village

Things to do in Cincinnati MainStrasse Village

The German-style MainStrasse Village is a remarkable one. It is marked on the National Register of Historic Places.Visiting the place is one of the most wonderful things to do in Cincinnati. You have a lot to enjoy and explore at the place. Every month, the village organizes lively events. If you get to enjoy the events then what else can be better than that? The place is great for a walk. It also offers you different restaurants that serve the delicacies of the different countries. The village is great for shopping as well. It has a number of small shops and boutiques.

10.) Cincinnati Museum Center

Things to do in Cincinnati Cincinnati Museum Center

The Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal is the collection of museums. These museums are housed under the art Deco-style Union Terminal building. These museums showcase the history linked to the city. The museum exhibits the modes of transportation. This is among the most popular attractions of the place. The museum also tells about the contribution of the city during the World War II. There is also the Duke Energy Children’s Museum. It features interactive exhibits for tiny tods. In addition to these museums, the center has an OMNIMAX theater. You can also go to the library that has an amazing collection of books. The place has a research center as well. This is going to be one of the best things to do in Cincinnati. The center’s Museum of Natural History & Science covers various subjects that include dinosaurs, the Ice Age and the astronaut Neil Armstrong.

11.) Newport Aquarium

Things to do in Cincinnati Newport Aquarium

Visiting the aquarium is one of the most terrific things to do in Cincinnati. The aquarium features different sea animals that include sharks and jellyfish. They have 70 exhibits that are truly amazing. There are 14 galleries displaying beautiful marine life. The penguin show is amazing. It allows you to have an interactive experience. The place is best to visit with your family. Kids are going to love the place.

12.) American Sign Museum

Things to do in Cincinnati American Sign Museum

The museum displays the collection of signs. It is one of the most terrific things to do in Cincinnati. The museum exhibits the American signature. And you also go through the working neon shop. With the beautiful displays, the museum is gaining the tourist attractions day by day. The place is really an interesting one. It reflects the history, commerce, technology and culture of the communities of the place.

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