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Things to do in Cincinnati Ohio

Looking for things to do in Cincinnati Ohio? If yes, then you are on right track. Below we have listed some handpicked destinations and attractions of the city that you must visit. Cincinnati Ohio is a third largest city in the Ohio state, United States. It is surrounded by the Ohio River and hills. All thanks to its beautiful attractions that helped the city to earn names such as “Queen city” and “Pearl of the West”. The industrial city holds some of the amazing range of recreational and cultural facilities. Come here to enjoy your vacations with your family and friends. Visiting this Queen city will definitely give you an unforgettable experience. Read more, about various things to do in Cincinnati.

Things to do in Cincinnati Ohio

1.) Music Hall

Things to do in Cincinnati Ohio

Music Hall is the first in our list of things to do in Cincinnati Ohio. The spectacular Music Hall is one of the finest structure in Cincinnati. This building has awe-inspiring architecture. The music hall houses a “Springer Auditorium”. The auditorium is a home to city’s Orchestra, Opera, Ballet and other performing art groups. This hall has 2 tiers of balconies and decorated ceilings with beautifully designed panels that elevate the aura of the hall. The music hall also features a ballroom and an area used for exhibitions. Another highlight of the building is Corbett Tower.

2.) Cincinnati Museum Center

Another addition to our list of things to do in Cincinnati Ohio is City’s museum center. The Cincinnati Union Terminal houses three museums that are the museum of history, museum of natural history and science and Duke energy children’s museum respectively. This place also holds OMNIMAX theater, archives, and the Cincinnati History library. You can visit this place anytime. For people who have a keen interest in art, this place also hosts national and international exhibits.

3.) Cincinnati Art Museum

Next in the list of things to do in Cincinnati Ohio is Cincinnati art museum. It is situated in Eden Park. The Cincinnati art Museum holds crucial exhibits that include ceramics, sculptures, and pictures of the ancient civilization. The collections which are on display are international exhibitions and temporary national artwork. The highlights of the collection are European-American paintings and sculptures, African art, textiles and decorative arts.

4.) Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati zoo is next addition to our bucket of things to do in Cincinnati Ohio. The Botanical Garden and the zoo are known for their gorillas and white Bengal tigers. It also holds one of the largest insectariums. The zoo also offers a 4-D Theater and selected rides. You are going to get a thrilling experience here. Isn’t it enough for you to visit the place? Well if it is, you also get an opportunity to interact with the exotic animals. It is one of the best things to do in Cincinnati with kids. The highlight of the zoo is “animal encounters and shows”. Your kid will have a great time here, so don’t forget to visit the zoo.

5.)  Taft Museum of Arts

The city of Cincinnati boasts numerous museums. Another museum we have on our list of things to do in Cincinnati Ohio is Taft Museum of Arts. The museum sits in the spectacular building known as the Baum-Longworth-Taft-House. It is one of the national historic landmarks of the city. The museum showcases an attractive collection of paintings painted by the old masters. It is next to heaven for art lovers. It also includes European Decorative Arts, furniture and sculptures. On the entrance of the museum, there is a life-sized statue of  Abraham Lincon.

6.) Irwin M.Krohn Conservatory

Visiting the horticulture gem i.e., Irwin M.Krohn Conservatory is one of the top things to do in Cincinnati Ohio. The conservatory hosts more than 3,500 plant species handpicked from different parts of the world. It features exquisite themed houses that are tropical rainforest and desert. Another highlight of this place is that numerous events are held here round the year. So you won’t miss any event or exhibition. You can pick any season for your visit. Moreover, you will always get to see something different from the previous. This is a perfect place to visit for all those who are close to nature and admire its beauty.

7.) Carew Tower and Observation Park

Next we have Observation Park and Carew Tower on the list of things to do in Cincinnati Ohio. It is one of the tallest building in the city. This building was built in French art style. It is also one of the national historic landmarks. The building comprises of hotel rooms, offices and stores. The 49th floor of the tower boasts an observatory. from there you can see the fine view of the entire city and universe. It is a perfect family destination.

8.)  Fountain Square

The fountain square is a focal point of the Cincinnati city and another attraction in our list of things to do in Cincinnati Ohio. In the centre of this square, there is an elegant Tylor Davidson Fountain. The square is home to several events such as local entertainment and free concerts that take place occasionally.

9.)  Coney Island

If you are planning vacations with your kids then you ought to add this amusement park and water park in the list of things to do in Cincinnati Ohio. The amusement park holds some of the most amazing rides for kids and adults as well. Como cruisers, Euro Bungy, scrambler, super round up, carousel are to name a few rides that are favourite amongst youngsters and adults. After strolling in the museums and caressing the niche art, you need a break and this is a perfect place for entertainment.

10.) Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati

Last but not the least, we have this Casino on our list of  things to do in Cincinnati Ohio. The casino is designed on a Las-Vegas style gaming establishment. It offers gaming zone, good food and gift shop. It is a perfect place to have fun along with your pals. Try your luck on some of the games. If you are lucky then you might be the king of the game.

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