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Things to do in Charleston

The following article is about things to do in Charleston. Charleston is the oldest and second largest city in South Carolina, United States. The city is nestled around the inlet where the river Cooper and Ashley meet and merge with the Atlantic Ocean. The beautiful city is admired for its historic buildings and a fine piece of architecture. The city has an amazing flavour of cultural brew of English, French, Southern U.S and West African elements. Charleston’s downtown peninsula is now the hub of music, art, local cuisine and fashion. The food, carriage ride and the colourful vibe of southern graciousness make the Charleston the popular tourist destination. Read more, to know things to do in Charleston.

Things to do in Charleston

Things to do in Charleston

1.) Gateway Walk

The lovely city has been a shelter for jews, baptist, French Protestants from over the years. The city has been renamed as a” holy city” because of the presence of holy monuments. The gateway is a garden path surrounded by the beautiful historic churches. The churches are white- columned St john’s Luthern Church, the striking romanesque circle congregational, Unitarian and the Gothic rival Church with the graveyards. It is one of the pious things to do in Charleston.

2.) Charleston Museum

Next place to visit in your list of things to do in Charleston should be the city’s museum. You must have seen many museum, but this one is unique in itself. The museum itself speaks of its peculiar nature. The beautiful infrastructures, exhibits and artefacts  make this place stand out of the box. It is the oldest museum of the city. It captures the old era beautifully. The artefacts include those of whale skeleton, slave tags, secession table that were used in the old era to sign the state’s secession documents and the polar beer.

3.) City Market

The city market is also known as the centre market. It is an old market complex in the downtown of Charleston. The entrance is through the market hall which is adjacent to the streets and ends at the east bay street. The market hall has a vast  design of architecture. It is a hub of shops, groceries, eateries and much more. Take a stroll in the market  and you will be delighted with the crowd and the market scene. This is one of the best things to do in  Charleston.

4 Middletown Place

The Middletown place is a plantation located in the Dorchester County, across the river Ashley. This place was a shelter for many generations of the Middleton family.Many of them played an important role in the colonial history of the South Carolina. The plantation is now converted into a museum. The place is home to the oldest and beautiful gardens in the US. The place will take you close to the history of the country. The gardens were initially used for rice farming. Do not forget to add this on to your list of things to do in Charleston.

5.) Waterfront Park

If you are planning a visit to Charleston then indulge yourself in having fun at  the waterfront park. The beautiful landscape makes this place one of the liked attractions in the city. The park is beautifully designed with the waterfall. It is one of the oldest parks in the city. The ambiance, plants and the waterfall make this place one of the happening parks in the city.

6.) The Nathanial Russell House

The national Rusell House is a historic monument situated in the streets of the Charleston city. The house was built by the shipping merchant, Nathaniel Ruddell in the 18th century. From here it gets the name. The house is designed with the classic look which is the only monument which was designed so. Because of which it is globally renowned as one of the America’s most influential Neoclassical Houses.

7.) Drayton Hall

You must have visited many houses all decked up with the interior and exhibits. But this one is totally different and a unique monument to visit. It has a minimal plantation and is carved with the exemplary architecture in North America. The one and only plantation house in the city which has survived the wars. The monument is a National historic landmark. The place also offers ” Connections” programmes which give a sneak peak into the slavery tradition which once existed in South Carolina.

8.) The Aiken-Rhett House Museum

As we have already told you that monuments and buildings are an epitome of the city. Therefore, the major attractions of the city are monuments and old haunted places. Another place to visit in your list of things to do in Charleston is Aiken-Rhett House Museum. The monument holds well-preserved mansions in the Charleston. The mansion was a shelter of the wealthiest and affluential people in the city. The house also states the plight of the slaves which were common in the medical period. It is one of the best things to do in Charleston.

9.) The South Carolina Aquarium

Apart from monuments the  major attraction place in Charleston is the aquarium. It holds more than  ten thousand flora and fauna. North American river otters, sea turtles, alligators, herons, owls, seahorses, jelly fish, crabs, sea stars are the exotic creatures found here. The center of attraction in the Aquarium is the huge ocean tank which stretches from the first to the third floor of the aquarium. The aquarium takes you close to the marine animals and you feel like as if you are one of them. Do not forget to add this site to your list of things to do in Charleston.

10.) Rainbow Row

Well, the place does not have a permanent rainbow. Instead, it is a cluster of 14 beautiful building with the colours of the rainbow, from where the place gets its name. This a unique and historic area. The place holds a scenic beauty which makes it a perfect place to click photographs. Moreover, the architecture of these buildings makes it one of the appealing destination. Thereby this place is amongst the top things to do in Charleston.

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