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Things to do in Carmel CA

Carmel CA is a small beach city on California’s Monterey Peninsula. This place is famous for the museums and library of the ancient Carmel Mission, the fairytale cottages and galleries of the village. The Scenic way runs from surf spot Carmel Beach to bird-rich Carmel River State Beach. This place is the best holiday destination of Carmel. It is located on the Monterey peninsula of San Francisco. The north edge of the scenic Big Sur drive in California’s gorgeous coast is next to Carmel city.  The most popular Pebble Beach golf course is situated just near to the Carmel Bay. Carmel was founded by the artists and writers in the 20th century. It still retains its free-wheeling, artistic and stylish way. So plan a trip to Carmel and read below to know all the best things to  do in Carmel CA.

Things to do in Carmel Ca

Things to do in Carmel CA

1.) 17 Mile Drive, Monterey

The long route for a driveway starts in Pacific Grove and ends in Carmel. It is the longest road that costs $8.75 USD for entry. You can enjoy it any day as it works throughout the day. There are also some of the best restaurants that offer delicious food in town. This place is also famous for the best night life. All you need to show your receipt. After paying at the toll you will get a map that describes the amazing stops on the way. The drive is a really wonderful journey, whether you are going along the coast or through the beautiful homes. It takes very few minutes to drive through but allow plenty of amazing things to do in Carmel CA.

2.) Monterey Bay Sea Flora and Fauna

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the best holiday destinations. It will give you an amazing experience in walking around a beautiful row of Monterey which is the most famous things to do in Carmel CA. It is situated near the southern end of Cannery row. It was one of the best Sardine Cannery when Monterey was a famous Seafood town, but went bust in the 1970’s. It was rebuilt into the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This vast aquarium is home to thousands of plants and animals. It also includes 623 separate named species on exhibits mostly of local Plants and Sea Animals.

3.) Convento Museum Kitchen

This is one of the best places to visit in Carmel CA. The kitchen was utilized for the preparation of the meals for their guest. You will find the amazing the Lavabo (water tank) on the left of the wall. Behind this tank is a stove for heating the water. Charcoal was used as a fuel to cook food and the fiore for cooking at the right place of the room. There was a brick oven in the corner to make bread and casseroles as well as grilled meat. This is one of the best things to do in Carmel CA.

4.) Mora Chapel Gallery

Mora Chapel Gallery was built in the year 1924. More than half of its portion of the original gallery is dedicated to the founding Padre Presidente of the Alta California missions, Fray Junípero Serra. Working on the mission of Father Ramón Mestres. There are also some of the best attractions like a sculpture designed by Jo Mora. There is also some amazing work of art and craft that is a detailing of California and Carmel CA culture.

5.) Carmel CA Beach

Carmel Beach is beautifully surrounded by a Cypress trees as a crown and Monterrey Pine Forest. This is amongst the best things to do in Carmel CA. It offers a great beach life and also an energetic life at the beach that ranges from wonderful drinks and dancing environment. There are lots of things to do in Carmel CA Beach. You can simply stroll or play on the white sandy beach. The crystal blue water is clean and beautiful, you can click wonderful photographs. Try to plan a trip to Carmel in summer as the water is very cold during the winter season.

6.) Picaddily Beach and Devendorf Park

Piccadilly Park is a nice small tourist destination with a few benches, restrooms, and a variety of Carmel vegetation in a beautiful way. The park is located between the Dolores Ocean and Devendorf Park is situated at the upper edge of Ocean Avenue. It includes a grassy lawn surrounded by structures of Carmel’s  warrior  who died in the Vietnam War. It also has a good stone walkways and a few amazing pools with a variety of fish. It has a public restroom too.

7.) California Misiion

Prior the Carmel Mission was the headquarters of the Las California’s Province missions. It was handled by Father Junípero Serra from 1770 to 1784 until his death. The Carmel Mission of one of the best things to do in this Small Town of Carmel CA. You will love this tourist attraction if you are a theist and also the history lovers. The Carmel Mission are open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on Monday to Saturday and 10:30 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday. There are no entry fees so it is amongst the free things to do in Carmel CA.

8.) Garland Ranch Regional Park 

Garland Ranch Regional Park is located just near to Carmel Valley Road. It takes half an hour and is a great place to get away from the crowded city and stay in a clam environment. This park has easy to difficult tracks that go from a height of 200 to 2000 feet. It is flat and the old floodplain but the track ascend steeply up the Santa Lucia Mountains. Here you will find spectacular views of the beautiful Carmel CA. This tourist attraction in Carmel is known for hiking, biking and horse rides too.

9.) Carmel Art Festival

The Carmel Art Festival was established in the year 2007. Try to visit during week days because weekends are very busy and crowded. The festival also includes an interesting Youth Art Show, Quick Draw, and Kids Art Day. This is one of the best things to do in Carmel CA with kids. They also organize live music throughout the week days between 1 to 5 pm. The speciality about this festival is all Plein Air art.

10.) Spyglass Golf Course

Spyglass is a beautiful golf course, and also the most affordable in the Carmel CA. This is the perfect things to do in Carmel CA, if you’re not interested in spending more money. This is an awesome option. There are some other games that you can play  like Spyglass, Pebble and Poppy Hills. Plan a trip to Carmel  CA and enjoy all the things to do in Carmel Ca with kids and family.

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