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Things to do in Cardiff

The article is about top things to do in Cardiff. It is the capital of Wales. Cardiff is nestled on the south coast of the country in the Great Britain. The city turned into the capital of Wales in 1955. All thanks to its crucial role in the economic and cultural hub of the country. The city unfolds lavish monuments, festivals, national Opera and worldwide popular Golf courses. The city has a unique charm, which attracts its tourist. Read more, to know top things to do in Cardiff.

Top Things to do in Cardiff

1.) Cardiff Bay

Things to do in Cardiff

Cardiff Bay  is the most successful port in Britain. It boasts numerous hotels, offices, parks, theaters and sports ground. The key attraction of the bay is red brick Pierhead Building. It was built-in 1897. Today the building displays the history of the Wales. Two rivers, Ely, and Taff together contribute the formation of the bay. Peeping into the history of the bay. It has played a huge role in the city’s development. Since, it was medium from where the coal was exported to the whole world.  You can go for boat rides or can plan a cruise around. The bay also serves homeland to the National Assembly of the Wales, Norwegian Church. Don’t forget to visit Cardiff bay, one of the best things to do in Cardiff.

2.) Millennium Stadium

It is also known as national stadium of Wales. Millennium stadium is one of the incredible things to do in Cardiff. It is located in the center of the Cardiff. The ground is home to Wales national rugby union team and football team. The stadium was formerly built to host the rugby world cup in 1999. From then the stadium has anchored many upscale events. Tsunami relief concert, speedway grand Prix of Great Britain, super special stage of Wales and music concerts are to name few events held here so far. The stadium also offers sightseeing tours. Visitors can see press conference suite, boxes, and VIP lounges. And, if you are lucky then you might get a chance to take autograph of your favourite player.

3.) National Museum of Cardiff

The national museum of Cardiff is located in the huge Civic Centre. The place features the wide collection of the country’s geology, art, history and archaeology. The museum boasts the skeleton of a huge dinosaur, which used to  roam around the city  thousand years before. It also displays the Bronze age fossils and weapons. Visitors also gets the opportunity to visit the art gallery, which features  sculptures, paintings, ceramics and the renowned work of Picasso, Monet, and Rodin. Do add the museum in your bucket of things to do in Cardiff.

4.) Wales Millennium Centre

Wales Millennium center is a top performing arts center in Wales. One of the best things to do in Cardiff also. The center boasts national opera, music concerts, and theaters. Moreover, it also holds eight welsh national arts organizations. Since it is located on the Cardiff bay, therefore, it is the most visited hotspot in the city. Visitors get a chance to see the history of the country. The center comprises restaurants, bars, shops, and a large theater.

5.) Cardiff Castle

The huge castle is located in the heart of the city. The majestic palace is an amalgamation of the three fortresses. The castle was designed with the Victorian Gothic look. The monument has been modified many times to make it more spectacular and grand. The highlights of the castle are Clock tower, Sate Apartments, and massive Banqueting Hall. The hall is decorated with paintings depicting the stories from the past. The castle also holds other tourist attractions such as fun events, medieval markets and tournaments, which makes it one of the top things to do in Cardiff.

6.) St Fagans National History Museum

St Fagans National History Museum is an open-air museum. It is located in the beautiful parkland in the west of Cardiff. It is one of the most popular things to do in Cardiff. The museum boasts a classy and elegant collection of the buildings such as cottages, workshops, farmhouses, and mills. It also displays the traditional gardens with costumes, machinery, and tools. The museum also holds special events such as Mid0 summer festival, May Fair, and Christmas festival. Since the admission fee of the museum is free so it is one of the top free things to do in Cardiff.

7.) Doctor Who Experience

It is one of the new attractions in the Cardiff bay. It focuses on the most popular BBC television of North America. The show begins with an interactive short film, followed by the invitation to Join the Doctor’s time machine. The adventure boasts archenemy and the villainous desks. Visitors can stroll around the 2 floors looking for the doctor who is well dressed in filmy attire and props. Another key attraction of the place is “world of boats”. It holds exquisite collections of vessels from the worldwide. All these attractions and the place in itself is one of the best things to do in Cardiff.

8.) Llandaff Cathedral

Llandaff cathedral is the most sacred and one of the pious things to do in Cardiff. The cathedral is decades old. However, it still remains one of the finest structures in the country. The large part of the cathedral was destroyed in the second world war, but it still features its key attractions such as the figure of Christ in Majesty by Epstein. It is one of the 2 cathedrals that the city has. Another cathedral is Roman Catholic Cardiff.

9.) Bute Park

Bute park is a short walk away from the Cardiff castle. It is one of the fun things to do in Cardiff. The park is beautifully manicured around the river Taff. The green garden boasts history of the city and the wildlife with 50 UK champion trees. It plays an important role in the city’s events and festivals. The RHS show Cardiff is one of the main event of the city which is held in Bute park.

10.) Cardiff Indoor Flea Market

Cardiff Indoor Flea Market is an ideal place for shopping buffs. The flea market is an open market. It features stalls of clothes, accessories, home decorative stuff, antiques, crafts and lots more. Many eatery giants have been lined up with the market. Strolling around the market with friends and trying unique items is one of the best things to do in Cardiff. Shop at the market and give your taste buds a check at the cafe and bars around the flea market.

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