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Things to do in Canterbury

Canterbury is a very less populated city of England, which is settled in Southeast England. It is a famous tourist destination because of its numerous landmarks and green spaces. The top places in Canterbury include St Martin’s Mill and Canterbury Cathedral. There are lots of things to do in Canterbury for outdoor enthusiasts tourists. You will find here open fields, a multitude of parks and forests. The Cathedral attracts numerous visitors every year due to magnificent design and medieval feel.

Top Things to do in Canterbury:

1.) Canterbury Cathedral

Things to do in Canterbury cathedral

It is a UNESCO heritage site which actually reflects the components of various architectural designs. It becomes the top most priority to visit the Cathedral when in Canterbury. Thomas Becket was murdered here in 1170 then his body was brought to this cathedral and at his shrine on which no trace endure, it was a miracle. The cathedral is also a part of the Pilgrim’s Way, a route for pilgrimages from Winchester and Rochester. For a truly unusual experience, plan a stay at Canterbury Cathedral. It mixes superb views beautiful gardens with amazing views of the Cathedral. It is one of the most spiritual things to do in Canterbury.

2.) City Wall Trail

Things to do in Canterbury city wall trail

The City Wall trail is pretty different from the trails you have experienced. It will take you to the wall that surrounds the Canterbury. If you walk at a slow pace then it will take nearly two hours to reach the opposite end of this wall. For navigation guide, you can use maps and booklets easily accessible at visitor information center. As you reach the end, the John Gardens is a great place to relax and have the picnic. Here you can also enjoy live music events. It is one of the most joyful things to do in Canterbury.

3.) Historic River Tour

Things to do in Canterbury

Take a paddle boat tour to view some memorable buildings like Medieval Cromwellian iron forge and the King’s Bridge. You will also counter wonderful Marlowe Theatre. The tour will of 40 minutes with lots of eye-catching structures. The architecture belongs to ancient times like Alchemist Tower and other medieval structures are a major attraction here. Guided tour is available for you such that you won’t miss anything. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Canterbury.

4.) St Augustine’s Abbey & College

Things to do in Canterbury St. Augustine Abbey and College

St Augustine’s College is an English Heritage property settle just outside the city walls of Canterbury. The college is home to the ruins of the abbey. It created for the funeral of the Anglo-Saxon kings of Kent. The college is the part of the Canterbury World Heritage Site. The impressive Abbey is sometimes missed by the visitors. In the Abbey, you can enjoy an interactive audio tour and the museum. It is one of the most fun things to do in Canterbury.

5.) The Old City

Things to do in Canterbury the old city

The timber framed buildings in the pedestrian areas of the old city are quite adorable. The narrow Mercery Lane will give you the insight of unbroken row of fine houses typically hanging on the upper floors. Adjacent to the Mercery Lane is Chequer of hope mentioned by the Chaucer in The Canterbury stories. The other major landmark is the huge East Bridge Hospital. You should add this place to your list of things to do in Canterbury.

6.) Druidstone Wildlife Park

Things to do in Canterbury Druidstone

The Park is more than just an animal conserve. Beside from the wild animal’s farm, it also includes deer, monkeys, and parrots. The park is also comprised of large open areas of bluebells, sculpture garden, and adventure plays areas. The park also offers open grass region for the picnic. It is one of the most amazing things to do in Canterbury. A long trail cut throughout Woodland is full of magical species in the form of statues.

7.) The Heritage Museum

Things to do in Canterbury the heritage museum

The museum major collections include Thomas Becket story, Anglo-Saxon treasures, the Tudors, Joseph Conrad’s study, and Stephenson’s original Invicta railway engine. Along with this, it also comprises of Rupert Bear and the real Bagpuss as other attractions. The museum also offers numerous interesting hands-on activities for families. The top activities include writing names in Viking runes, explore and finds like an archeologist, try on Elizabethan costume, etc. It is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Canterbury.

8.) The Canterbury Tales

Things to do in Canterbury tales

The Canterbury Tales, no doubt deserves a worth visit. It is settled on the St Margaret’s Street in Canterbury. The museum is totally dedicated to the life of the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer. Attributed by the scholars as the “Father of English Literature” Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales are brought to life on an interactive journey from London to Canterbury. Must find time to attend Chaucer Festival to pay tribute to Chaucer celebrated each August. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Canterbury.

9.) Christ Church Gate

Things to do in Canterbury christ church gate

The ticket to the cathedral can be accessed from the Buttermarket. Christchurch Gate is one of the ancient entry gates to the cathedral. It is simply beautiful. The cathedral records reveal that the gate was built in the 15th century. The gate is beautifully twiddle, though worn and damaged in parts. The bronze statue is a recent addition, but it’s finally replaced by the real statue of Christ which was damaged by the Roundheads. The wooden doors are beautifully detailed and also very old. The gate deserves a nice close look before you get entered into the cathedral precincts. It is one of the most amazing things to do in Canterbury.

10.) Barnsole Vineyard

Things to do in Canterbury Barnsole vineyard

This friendly vineyard and winery welcome numerous visitors every year. The vineyard is planted in two phases which produce both still and sparkling wines. They take great care to maintain the delicate freshness of the fruit, the devices use here are completely modernized made of stainless steel. They have been able to accomplish ‘Quality Wine’ status. The yard is awarded by the Food Standards Agency. Free tour of 20 minutes is available without any prior appointment. Visitors may see how wine are grown and how the wine is produced out of it. The great thing about the tour is it always followed by a free tasting. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Canterbury.

11.) London City England

London is the capital of England. It is one of the world’s top destinations, attracting numerous visitors each and every year. You can visit the “The London Eye” which is a giant Ferris wheel near the South Bank of the River Thames in London.

12.) Sussex City England

Sussex is a historic county in South East England adjacent the area of ancient Kingdom of Sussex. It  is recognized as a geographical territory and cultural region. The Royal Pavilion is major attraction located in the Brighton.

13.) Devon City England

Devon is a beautiful county in the southwest England. It surrounds the sandy beaches, fossil cliffs, moorland national parks and medieval towns. The “Babbacombe Model Village” is a wonderful miniature village located in Torquay, Devon.

14.) Reading City England

Reading is a unitary authority area in the county of Berkshire, England. It had played an important role in the medieval period, as the place of Reading Abbey which a monastery with a strong royal connection. The River Thames  is the most popular attraction in the Reading that flows through southern England.

15.) Hastings City England

Hastings is a historic town in the county of East Sussex.  The old town Hastings is truly a lovely place to walk around. There are various shops including a great mix of the boutique. There is plenty of places to choose from, pubs to delis to fresh fish and chips.

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