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Things to do in Cairns

This article is about best things to do in Cairns. In this article, we will suggest you various fun things to do. Cairns lies among the blossoming rainforests, Great Barrier Reef and cloud-covered plateau of the Atherton Tableland. Many tourists exploit Cairns as a base for tours to these innate jewels. But, you will love the holiday vibe and attractions in Cairns itself. Palm-lined roads and the surfeit of tour organizers in town add to the atmosphere of tropical adventure. Take a stroll along the seafront promenade bordered by playgrounds. Parks, cafes, and water-themed activities are other amazing attractions here. Great Barrier Reef cruises, wilderness adventures are in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Scenic trips to the rainforest village of “Kuranda” and tropical-island escapes are top among most sightseeings. No doubt that Cairns is among Australia’s most admired tourist destinations. Cairns has quickly developed as Australia’s most popular sunny touring destination. It is located on the north Queensland coastline. That shows a great weather and closeness to both the dazzling “Great Barrier Reef” and the “Daintree Rainforest”. Combine this with a status for adventurous experiences, rocking nightlife. Cairns completes the demand for a tropical escape in Australia. But with such a wide variety of options to make the most of your time in Cairns, what exactly are the best things to do in Cairns? No need to go anywhere to find that out as we have below selected some of the best things to do in Cairns. Check these out.

Things to do in Cairns

Top Things to do in Cairns:

1.) Outer Reef Cruise

The Great Barrier Reef is a lifetime experience. Plan your trip to the Outer Great Barrier Reef.Various Cruise safaris are available. Choose the best for you. The Outer Reef tend to be more gorgeous than the bordering reefs surrounding the islands. A journey further out offers you the best chance to view fish, coral and other marine life. You can collect a truly memorable experience.

2.) Hot Air Balloon

It’s a common scene to see the Great Barrier Reef with your head in the water. But one of the more underestimated ways to experience its scale is from its height. A hot air balloon flight gives you a serene and striking view point. The blend of clear morning skies and the gently drifting tranquility of a balloon flight allows you to grab a number photos. Explore the unique thrill. It is a beautiful and calm experience. The calmness creates a compelling atmospheres to simply indulge in the mood of the city. This is among the must do things to do in Cairns.

3.) White Water Rafting

Rafting is also, among other fun things to do in Cairns. Not all the watery fun in Cairns is to be experienced in the ocean. Look a little bit inland. The Cairns region offers the adventurous visitors the chance for thrilling aquatic adventures on its several adjoining rivers. It is home to some of Australia’s best white water rafting thrills. All of the Russel, Barron and Tully river flow within suitable distance of Cairns. Each river proposes a little different take on the rafting experience giving various grades of courses and rapids. It varies from picturesque and idyllic experience all the way up to a dynamic, dominating Grade 4 affairs. Rafting is graded on a scale of 1-4, with 1 being the easiest.

4.) Bungy Jumping

Bungy jumping is among the top thrilling things to do in Cairns. As Cairns is popular worldwide as an adventure place. There are few other activities more symbolic of “Cairns” than bungee jumping. Cairns was recognized as the abode of bungee in Australia by operator, AJ Hackett. Since then, it has become a celebration of passage for young adults and similar adventure seekers of all ages. As Australia’s only purpose-built bungee spot, it’s a flash that is as distinct as it is chilling. For those who don’t know, the thrill involves jumping from the 50m-high bungee platform. Don’t worry you will not die as you are locked with a harness. So, get ready to dive and swing off the side. And try to feel your elevating adrenaline .

5.) Barron Gorge National Park

Division of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, Barron Gorge National Park. It is an added jewel in the crown of distant North Queensland’s striking wilderness region. Intense rainforest covers these foggy peaks, and marvelous waterfalls fall into the Barron River. The most excellent way to see this unspoiled innate beauty is by taking a trip on the Kuranda picturesque Railway, or the “Skyrail Rainforest Ropeway”. A specially dazzling feature, particularly at the time of the rainy season. It is the 260m Barron waterfalls. Visitors who are looking to spend a few days exploring this stunning park can access the chief features by car. Visiting this national park can be a nice addition to things to do in Cairns.

6.) Cairns Botanic Gardens

Originally set in 1886, Cairns Botanic Gardens feature one of the greatest assortments of tropical plants in Australia. Plant lovers can opt for a self-guided tour through various kaleidoscopic gardens displaying over 4,000 different types of plants. The official Flecker Garden focuses tropical habitats from all around the globe with rain-forest plants and jungle from Southeast Africa, Asia, Africa, North Queensland and South America. From here, you can stroll down the Rainforest Boardwalk to Centenary Lakes. It’s a refuge for birds with both saltwater and freshwater habitats. From the main gardens, walkway will lead to a patch of rainforest on the top of Mount Whitfield. Here you can enjoy wonderful views of the town and the coast. Other places of interest include the Aboriginal Plant Use Garden, fern house, a Gondwanan Heritage Garden. The bamboo collection that traces the development of wet tropic plants in Australia. Take a walk through the vivid blooms and botanical marvels. The visitors can rest in the active little café, or can browse the nearby bookshop. This is a preferred attraction in Cairns. And one of the most fun things to do in Cairns. And, top of all, it’s free.

7.) Palm Cove

Around 25-minute-drive north of Cairns, Palm Cove is popular for its pretty palm-lined coast and indulging spa resorts. Serenity and tranquility prevail along this pictorial stretch. It’s flourished with restaurants and cafes  by the beach. Swimming is off limits for most part of the year, excluding a small area. Because of box jellyfish and possible crocodile encounters. Apart from it, visitors may want to lounge on the powdery sands and indulge themselves in the blissful sea views. Animal enthusiast can take pleasure in Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, a famous crocodile show and wildlife park. The Cairns Tropical Zoo is home to birds, koalas, reptiles, possums, dingoes, pademelons and wombats. Another place to have in your list of things to do in Cairns.

8.) Kuranda

Kuranda is one of the most famous day trips from Cairns. It is located in lush rainforest on the hills of the Atherton Tableland. Reaching to Kuranda is the fun part. From just external Cairns, visitors can look over World Heritage listed rainforests on the Skyrail Rainforest Ropeway. From here you can stare down upon the gorgeous Barron River and the gorge. Another option is to opt for the Kuranda Scenic Railway up passing through the rainforest tumbling ravines and breezy cascades. Self-drive tourists can also enjoy the views. There, a must-see is the Kuranda Market. Both the Heritage Market and the Original Market are open every day. Their stalls overflowing with handmade crafts, souvenirs, native artifacts, jewelry, and tropical cooking treats.

9.) Fitzroy Island National Park

This national park is about 45 minutes by ferry boat from Cairns. Fitzroy Island gives a tranquil dose of sun, sand, and sea. Rainforest bounded beaches are the chief attraction. Here, tourists can swim, snorkel, and kayak. To the north side of the island, walking tracks lead to a lighthouse on the top. From there you can have a panoramic watchout on the island’s peak. Visitors can also discover vivid soft corals at the close by Little Fitzroy Island on a half-day kayak tour.

10.) Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

This Cultural Park is located in lush rainforest. It is a 15 minute drive from Cairns. It gives inspiring insight into one of the oldest cultures in the world. For over 25 years, the center has been a famous stop on the tourist attractions. It is often packaged with trips to Kuranda, credit to the nearby Skyrail station. Music, dance performances, storytelling, and displays bring the charming culture of the Tjapukai people to life. Visitors can learn to play a didgeridoo, throw a spear, fling a boomerang. You can also discover the medicinal benefits of bush tucker. Day tour with interactive activities are offered. Night visits with a buffet, fire starter ritual, and live performances are on the program. And visitors can enjoy a meal at the nice Boomerang Restaurant. Instead you can browse the center’s retail art gallery.­

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