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Things to do in Byron Bay

This beautiful place is situated in the eastern part New South Wales of Australia. It covers a large area and known as a humble hippy town. The place is surrounded by Brisbane in the south, Sydney in the north. Byron Bay comprises the sub-tropical climate with mild winters. The aboriginals(Arakwal) named it “Cavvanvah”, meaning the “meeting place”. The city is famous for its positive vibes where locals enjoy life to its fullest. As the city is host to numerous places of heritage, events, tourists spots and bright colourful markets. Exploring these places are one of the fun things to do in Byron Bay. The beach activities offer scuba diving, snorkeling, beach walk or cycling to the lighthouse. The beautiful natural landscape scenes and peaceful surrounding will make you feel to extend your vacation. There are many other tourist attractions that have been developed by governments and local to facilitate their needs, modern cafe, bars, restaurants, walkways and many more. Read below to know all the best things to do in Byron Bay.
things to do in Byron Bay

Top Things to do in Byron Bay:

1.) Wildlife Walk

The greenery place is a part of Northern NSW (North South Wales) and also well-known tourist attraction of Byron Bay. It has an awesome hinterland space in the hills which includes beautiful wildlife. The area is fully covered with the rain forest which is very far from human disturbance. Visiting this place on a rainy day will be fun. It offers beautiful sightseeing of natural beauty. It is one of the best things to do in Byron Bay. It also offers one of the best interesting activities are known as ‘Vision Walks characteristic Night’ that allows you to see the region in a unique way.

2.) The Crystal Castel

This castle is a famous Byron Bay attraction that includes spirituality and hippy culture both hand in hand. This place will let you know about the benefits of the yoga, meditation and peace as it is influenced by strong Buddhist culture. It is located at 81 Monet Dr Mullumbimby, NWS (North South Wales). It takes just 20 minutes drive from the center of Byron Bay. This could be the best things to do in Byron Bay. This peaceful place aims to bring you out from the crowded place and make you feel calm.

3.) Whale Watching

At the eastern end of Byron Bay, there is an abundance of coastline and the location is one of the best whale watching spots in the country. The whale watching starts from the months of June and ends up in November. During these months, these aquatic mammals can easily be found making their way in the water along the coastline. This whale watching activity is among the best things to do in Byron Bay with kids.

4.) Kayaking

There are lots of activities to do in Byron Bay. And one of the best includes sea kayaking. The location is at 56 Law st. Byron Bay, the large area of this place is dedicated to Marine Park. This includes most beautiful sightseeing places that fall under the best things to do in Byron Bay. Kayaking is the best activity available to go out enjoy the view of beautiful sights and marine life of Byron Bay. It also has fun activities like snorkeling and diving, it is the main tourist attraction of Byron Bay.

5.) Skydiving

Byron Bay is famous for offering skydiving that allows its visitors to view the amazing beauty of this place. This adventure is the best for an adrenaline junkie, it is the best place in Australia that offers the best things to do in Byron Bay. You can view a pleasant scenery from the thousand feet above the ground level. Many tourists claim it to be the best experience of Byron Bay as it gives a truly incredible view. That includes blue water, gold coastal line and many more. Try out this adventure with your girlfriend or boyfriend to experience some fun time.

6.) Night Life

The amazing city with a beautiful beach front view also serves an unforgettable nightlife. There are several locations where you can experience the real Byron Bay. Amongst all, the best are Jonson and Bay Street. Visit this place to enjoy the best nightlife of Byron Bay. So if you are at the city while reading this article then definitely visit one of these places tonight. You will find the best nightlife, not because of the beautiful ambience of bars and restaurant but due to its natural touch. There are several restaurants and bars that faces the beach front and it is one of the best things to do in Byron Bay.

7.) Hot Air Balloon Ride

Located at the old Brunswick Road, this gives an awesome chance to gaze at the spectacular view of this Byron Bay. If you are afraid of jumping in air that offered by the skydiving, hot air balloon ride is the best option for you. This calm activity is amongst the best things to do in Byron Bay. The appreciating activity is very safe and enjoyable. So plan a trip to Byron Bay and visit this place that offers an unforgettable experience. And every information is available on the internet regarding the timings and other details.

8.) Hit the Beach

The trip to Byron Bay is incomplete without experiencing two amazing things. That include the main beach and the hippy influences. This is the best amongst the list of things to do in Byron Bay if you are a nature lover. It is also one of the best places where you can capture some amazing view with wonderful natural scenes. Do pay your visit, this is the real Byron Bay is known for. The uncrowded beach offers a beautiful stretch of coastline that is full of natural sightseeing, despite the growing popularity of this city. So you can even plan your Valentines day vacation to this peace and serene location.

9.) Lighthouse Walk

Amongst the most famous things to do in Byron Bay is a lighthouse walk. It is situated on Lighthouse road, it is an amazing iconic place with a clifftop of 94 meters high. The famous tourist attraction with its historic and picturesque structure is the symbol of Australia. The lighthouse is surrounded with a beautiful view of the ocean at its low, amazing greenery complementing with the dark rocks.  Spend your lazy Sunday by visiting this lighthouse. As it is the best things to do in Byron Bay.

10.) Cape Byron State Conservation Park

The views from the peak are spectacular. It is a reward for those who have climbed up from the Cape Byron Walking Track. It is located near to the lighthouse. You can look out for dolphins and giant whales during summer and its visible till November. It is amongst the best things to do in Byron Bay, where you will also find brush turkeys and wallabies. So plan a trip and enjoy all the above best things to do in Byron Bay.

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