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Things to do in Budapest

Planning to visit Budapest? The things to do in Budapest will help you to figure out best destinations in the city. Budapest, also known as Paris of the East. It is the capital of Hungary in Europe. The city is also referred as “Pearl of the Danube” because of its magnificent persona, which is reflected from its monuments and key destinations. Budapest is also listed as a home to UNESCO world heritage centre. The city holds its roots in the stone age but officially came into existence in the 18th century after the union of 3 independent towns that were Buda, Old Buda and Pest. From where finally, the city got its name Budapest. Read more, to know about best peaceful and fun things to do in Budapest.

things to do in budapest

Best Things to do in Budapest:

1.) Chain Bridge

It is an iconic landmark of the city. It links the towns of Buda and Pest. The bridge was built by the English Engineer, William Tierney Clark. It was the bridge crossing the river Danube. For the complete city view, stroll across the bridge, which is the best things to do in Budapest, especially at the night when the city twinkle like a star.

2.) Buda Castle

The historical castle was the residence of Hungarian Kings and thus, it also known as a royal castle. The magnificent architecture and sculpted wall add ooze to the monument. The castle stands around the river Danube. The castle features multiple galleries, museums and a cable car system that takes the visitors up from the road beneath the castle. The place is a sheer master and things to do in Budapest.

3.) Szechenyi Thermal Bath

It is the most sacred and medicinal bath in the entire Europe. The thermal springs supply water to the bath. The water contains magnesium, sulphate, calcium and fluoride. People across the globe with physical ailment visit this facade. The bath can be used by both men and women. The hot water is a boon for  people suffering from trauma and orthopaedics. It is one of the must things to do in Budapest.

4.) Hungarian State Opera House

Also known as the Hungary Royal Opera House is a hub of musical shows, performances, stage shows and other entertainment activities. It is the best family entertainment place and incredible things to do in Budapest.

5.) Margaret Island

The island nestles in the central of the Danube. It is covered by the beautiful landscape parks, recreational area and religious centers. The water tower is the main highlight of the island. It is one of the most peaceful places in the city. Sitting in the lapse of nature, the island is worth things to do in Budapest.

6.) Gellert Hills

The most striking feature of the city is the Gellert Hills. A huge dolomite which falls on the Danube. The hills are home to the Gellert Monument, an homage to one of the popular saint of the Hungary. The other attractions around the hills are “The Citadel”, “Liberation Monument” and “Jubilee park”.

7.) Hungarian National Museum

The classical building is surrounded by the courtyard. It exhibits the displays of a magnificent crown of St. Stephens and artefacts, which take back the time of Hungary’s independence. For music buffs, there is Beethovens grand piano.

8.) The Danube Promenade 

The River Danube stretches from north to south Budapest. You can enjoy majestic river dancing at own tunes from the promenade around. The highlight around the river is the shoe sculptures at the side of Danube Bank Memorial. You can also explore the Danube through boat riding.

9.) Grand Boulevard

It is the most crowded and the busiest street in the city. The star attractions of the street are Erzsebet Square, The Millennium Monument, State Opera house, Zoltan Kodaly Memorial Museum and many more. The boulevard is lined up with the exquisite sculptures, cafe’s, shopping destinations and theaters. These are also part of best fun things to do in Budapest.

10.) The University Church

It is the most beautiful Baroque in Budapest. The University Church is the oldest holy monument in the city. It boasts ceilings depicting the life of Mother Mary and other beautifully carved sculptures. Another attraction around the church is Pauline Monastery.

11.) Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum holds most important gallery and largest collection of a Legendary artist of the Europe. It displays Dutch, Spanish and Italian paintings. The museum is divided into six departments that are Ancient art, Egyptian art, the old sculpture gallery and modern collection. The place is a retreat for all the artist and one of the best things to do in Budapest.

12.) Parliament Buildings

The parliament building is surely an architecturally pleasing monument that Budapest has so far. The building is designed with the Neo-Gothic look. It has more than 600 rooms and huge impressive corridors. The main highlight of the buildings is the main entrance, lobbies and Hungarian Crown Jewels.

13.) Heroes Square 

Heroes Square, the largest square in the city holds some of the beautiful attractions. Millennium monument is one of the best attraction of the Heroe’s square. The monument stands in the semi-circular shape with a stage of the soul pictures in the center standing there to welcome you. It is the incredible things to do in Budapest.

14.) City Woodland Park

It is the favourite recreational hotspot of Budapest locals and tourist. The park also boasts a lake, Zoological and Botanical Garden, transport museum of Budapest, Tivoli pleasure park and many more. It is a go thing to do in Budapest with kids.

 15.) The Buda Ring

The semi-circle Buda Ring is home to crescent moon castle, Elizabeth Bridge, long arch, Margret  Bridge, rose hill and Postal Stamp Museum. The ring is also known as a monumental ring since it encircles most of the monuments that the city. So you can’t avoid things and have to visit the place.

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