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Things to do in Bruges

Bruges is the capital of West Flanders in the Belgium. You can easily distinguish by its network of canals, medieval buildings, and cobbled streets.  The city center ‘Markt’ is the main attraction which features horse-drawn carriage rides and ancient houses converted into restaurants and cafes. Bruges is also Belgium’s most perfectly conserved medieval town. Its port, Zeebrugge, is a center for fishing and European trade. The stunning town has wonderfully constructed models that attract more than two million tourists every year. With its abundance of fascinating old structures and its canals, Bruges still holds a distinctly medieval feel. Anyone out for a stroll through the narrow street or a boat trip on the channels can enjoy the totally exciting atmosphere. Since the center of Bruges is little, even those with just a day to spend can visit all the major attractions. The downtown Bruges includes the belfry, the Burg with the Basilica of the Holy Blood, and a the trip on the canals.

Best Things to do in Bruges:

1.) The Markt

Things to do in Bruges the mrkt

The market is in the heart of Bruges. It is also home to the most amazing landmark of Bruges, the Belfry. The market is surrounded by the fine buildings from an ancient period which look radiant when they lit up. Just climb to the top of belfry to see the full view of beautiful Burges. The market is full of restaurants and cafes that make it an awesome place to enjoy some great food. The markt is usually crowded on Sunday.

2.) Hire a Bike

Things to do in Bruges hire a bike

You should hire a bike to explore the street of Burges as there’s no metro or rapid transport system in Bruges. So it’s easy to get around by foot or on a cycle. Local people usually get around by bike. You will be amazed cycling out of Bruges on one of the numerous routes to explore the region. Before starting your day trip, get the guided route map from the tourist center. It will guide you for cycle trails. Exploring Bruges on a bike is one of the most adventurous things to do in Bruges.

3.) Visit the Basilica of the Holy Blood

Things to do in Bruges basilica of holy blood

The Basilica is situated in the Markt. The entry charge is just two Euros. The Relic of the Holy Blood claims to be Christ’s protected blood. The church is world famous for its crystal vial. There are numerous things to see here like the relics of St. Basil. To visit this holy church is one of the best things to do in Burges.

4.) Take a Photograph from the ‘Rozenhoedkaai’

Things to do in Bruges Rozenhoedkaai

Summer or winter, sun or rain, Rozenhoedkaai is a stunning place to visit. There is no surprise that this is one of the most photographed spots in Bruges. You can easily create a picture perfect postcard of Bruges. The amazing view of Rozenhoedkaai makes it the ideal location to pause for a moment with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Making a souvenir photo collection of this place is one of the best things to do in Bruges.

5.) Admire the Scenery and Architecture

Things to do in Bruges scenery and architecture

Explore and enjoy the rich heritage of the town through the narrow streets. The architecture of the place can be assumed to appear straight out of a children’s story. The climbing plants and trees decorate the town beautifully. There are numerous old stone bridges to see the magnificent views of canals. To explore the town scenery is one of the most fun things to do in Bruges.

6.) Town Hall

Things to do in Bruges town hall

On the southeast side of the Burg is Bruges Town Hall (Stadhuis), the most beloved in the Belgium. The structure is quite old but still looks very beautiful. The façade of the delicate Gothic building shows the solid vertical characteristic of the ancient style. It has soaring pilasters which end in octagonal turrets. You should not miss the colossal Gothic Hall on the 1st floor with its wonderful timber vaulting.

7.) Liberty of Bruges

Things to do in Bruges liberty of bruges

On the east side of the Burg, the Bruges Tourist Office holds a portion of the Law Courts until 1984. It was established between 1722 and 1727 in the place of the former Liberty of Bruges. A few parts of the well-constructed building have survived. That includes the 16th-century façade facing the canal. One of the most most historic rooms is now the Brugse Vrije Museum. Tourists will definitely love the museum vast collection.Schepenzaal (lay justices’ court)  is another great place to spend some time, here you can see the chimneypiece design by the painter Lanceloot Blondeel in 1529.

8.) Cruise the Canal

Things to do in Bruges cruise the canal

There is no better way to see the Venice of the North than the canal tour. You just can’t visit Bruges without rickety boat floating around the network of canals. By canal boat tour you will enjoy the lush little gardens above the waterline and old bridges. The tour will give you the feel of being in a fairytale. The tour will provide a totally different view of the city’s heritage bringing up some most incredible sites. You should go for canal tour as it is one of the most delightful things to do in Bruges.

9.) Indulge in Chocolate Heaven

Things to do in Bruges chocolate line

Belgium is the heaven for chocolate lovers. You should visit the ‘chocolate line’ as it is one of the tastiest things to do in Bruges. There is a various selection of exciting flavor chocolates to choose from. The flavor of chocolate is truly awesome. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Bruges. The chocolates are fabulously made by Dominique Persoone and his group.

10.) Belfry and Halle

Things to do in Bruges belfry and halle

The south side of Bruges Markt is is completely dominated by the Halle with the belfry. The belfry is one of the finest towers in Belgium where you can enter through Halle’s inner courtyard. The Halle was started in the 12th century and twice enlarged. It was once the city’s marketplace for local people. The building also encases a wonderful courtyard for visitors.

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