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Things to do in Broome

There are so many things to do in Broome, which makes it one of the best place in western Australia to visit. Broome is one of Australia’s true vacation spot in every sense of the word. Broome is located near the northern region of Western Australia in the heart of the Kimberley. The town provides as an opportunity, to exploring some of the natural wonders which make this part of the country so distinctive.

Sitting on a peninsula opposite the Indian Ocean, Broome has an appealing history. It combines conventional Australian culture with European maritime influences to form a stunning backdrop. It was actually constructed on the back of a flourishing pearling industry.

The town has a fine amount of its own unique attractions both within its limits and its surrounding. Chinese and Japanese architecture, museum and art galleries all add their own distinct flavor to Broome. All such feature makes Broome, a destination which is surely one of a kind. Keeping all of the above in mind, if you’re planning a trip to this part of the country, here’s our list of top  things to do in Broome.

Things to do in Broome

Top Things to do in Broome

1.) Visit the Horizontal Falls with Horizontal Falls Adventures

The Kimberley region’s variety of landscapes presents a number of striking views you simply can’t see in many other parts of Australia. The Horizontal Falls are one of the best examples of this. The Horizontal Falls is nicknamed the “Horries” by locals. This magnificent display of the water’s power and the effect of the tides is one of the most remarkable natural phenomena in the area. Here you will see water flowing between a relatively narrow gap in two gorges of the McLarty Range. If you’re looking to witness this sight firsthand, Horizontal Falls Adventures presents a variety of tour options to enjoy the sensation of the falls. You can experience it both from the air via seaplane or with an exciting jet boat adventure right through them.

2.) Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a remarkable strand of amazing white sand and turquoise sea. The beach got its name from the communications cable laid between Java and Broome in 1889. It is a safe swimming beach with a range of water sports activities including surf cats and parasailing. For a unique experience, take the sunset camel rides which operate regularly along the beach. Precautions should be taken during November to April due to the possible presence of stingers and box jellyfish in tropical waters. Cable Beach is an excellent location to enjoy a gorgeous Broome sunset. On the north of the vehicle access ramp, there is a declared nude beach. Cable Beach is a perfect spot for swimming, picnicking and relaxing.

3.) Staircase to the Moon

Around 2 or 3 days a month between March and October, locals and traveler move to Town Beach for a compelling site. On a lucky day, you can see a full moon rises above Roebuck Bay and its reflection shines brightly off the vast tidal flats forming an optical illusion. This scene seems like steps rising into the dusk sky. The Mangrove Hotel overlooking the beach is an excellent viewpoint. During the first two days of this famous phenomenon, Town Beach presents the Staircase Markets. In the market visitors can buy handmade gifts and enjoy the taste of made snacks from all over the world (Thai, Chinese, laksa, satay, and pizza). Live music provides a festive atmosphere. During other times, Town Beach is a favorite among locals, with a famous cafe where adults can relax and kids can enjoy in the adjacent water park. Experiencing this phenomenon is one of the top things to do in Broome.

4.) Broome Historical Museum

All the first timers should visit the Broome Historical Museum for a synopsis of the town’s charming history. The museum presents informative exhibits on the pearling industry, Broome’s One Day War, cyclones, seashells, and displays of indigenous artifacts. Spend a few hours here to fully know the history behind Broome. Kids can get on their own learning adventure with the exciting museum’s quiz. Those who are interested in Broome’s pearling history can visit the Japanese cemetery. Here, a tall column honors the Japanese pearl-fishers who died in a cyclone in 1908.

5.) Pearl Farm Tours

Earlier Broome was the pearling capital of the world. Here, visitors can get glimpses of local pearl farm culture through a tour. Willie Bay and Cygnet Bay farms both provide famous tours, which reveals the entire process of seeding, harvesting and grading. Tours can be done via air, land and sea. You can not resist without buying some of these South Sea beauties as a souvenir. In downtown Broome, visitors can purchase some beautiful pearl jewelry at the different stores in Chinatown.

6.) Japanese Cemetery in Broome

Here, you can know about the Broome’s captivating pearling history. It is a perfectly maintained final resting place. Over 900, pearl divers are interred in the Japanese cemetery. Their sacrifice and dedication helped construct the town. Watch the colorful beach rock headstones which stand in testament to the town’s lovely history.

7.) Gantheaume Point

Other great things to do in Broome include visiting Gantheaume Point. The remarkable contrast between the red cliffs and the picturesque blue sea of Gantheaume Point is sure to impress every photographer. The point is located south of Cable Beach. It is around 6 km from the town. It’s a famous meeting place for the weekend and is preferred by locals with family and friends. Here, you will find parking and an interpretive signage that showcases the history of the area.

Heading past the interpretive signage you will see a well-worn track that leads to a cast of dinosaur footprints. It is a well-known attraction of Broome. The actual dinosaur footprints preserved in reef rock are visible at very low tide at the bottom of the cliff. Gantheaume Point also has a fine fishing beach on the left. And, remember to follow safety rules as lifeguards do not patrol Gantheaume Point. Otherwise, it’s an amazing spot to soak on a hot day.

8.) Camp in Luxury at Eco Beach

You can have a memorable wilderness experience at the Eco Beach resort. It is around  90-minute drive south of Broome. Choose a luxurious safari tent, beach house or villa accommodation and partake in daily yoga sessions, stand-up paddle boarding, spa treatments, whale watching tours, kayaking and fishing charters. You can even take a day trip on a small 12-minute flight from Broome over dazzling Roebuck Bay. Spending a day here is one of the top things to do in Broome.

9.) Broome’s Courthouse Markets

Join in with the locals and shop for jewelry, crafts and fresh produce or just rest on the grass and enjoy a didgeridoo performance. Explore the stalls offering dazzling crystals, hand-blown or painted glass, lanterns and plates, scarves, clothes, photos, ceramics and paintings. A nice place to buy something for yourself and your friends and family.

10.) Sun Pictures

Relax in a deck chair under a sky full of stars and watch a movie at the oldest outdoor cinema in operation is a one of the rare things to do in Broome. Sun Pictures is located in the heart of Broome’s Chinatown. It shows a couple of movies every night, and it also has an exciting story of its own. The cinema was opened in the early 1900s by Yamasaki family. The family’s love for movies made them convert a part of their shop into a little Japanese playhouse. Later, a pearler bought the store and converted it into a cinema. Presently, the cinema is heritage-listed. Before watching the movie, you visitors can visit the small museum and see the cinema memorabilia.

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