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Things to do in Bristol

The article features best things to do in Bristol. It is one of the oldest port of England. Also, it is a gateway to the new world after the discovery of North America by John Cabot. The Cobot Tower is an epitome of the discovery. The city became more prominent during the English civil war. When the Royalists made it their headquarter. Today Bristol is known for its contribution to the film industry, music and lavish monuments. Watershed media, Bristol city museum and art gallery are to name few monuments which have roots in the city. Britain’s most livable city welcomes you. Read more, to know fun things to do in Bristol.

Top Things to do in Bristol

1.) Brunel’s SS Great Britain

The most famous steamship of the Brunel’s SS Britain sits on the same dock from where the first iron-hulled passenger ship was launched in the 18th century. The ship is kept as a souvenir of Brunel’s work. The visitors can stroll around the upper deck. They can also explore the lower deck and  lavish cabins of  first class passengers. Another attraction at the Brunel’s SS great ship is  David  Mac Gregor and Brunel institute.

2.) Clifton Suspension Bridge

Things to do in Bristol

It is one of the top things to do in Bristol. Your trip is incomplete if you haven’t visited the bridge. It is a landmark of the city Bristol. It stretches over River Avon and Avon Gorge. It connects  Clifton, Bristol to  Leigh Woods, England. The majestic bridge looks more mesmerising in the evening. When the lights are lit up and the bridge glows. It also gives you a glimpse of scenic beauty.

3.) Cheddar Gorge

Looking for a day trip in Bristol! Cheddar Gorge is the best place for a day tour. It is one of the national  nature reserves. The key attractions of the spot are massive Gough’s cave, St Paul’s Cathedral and Solomon’s temple. However, you need to be perfectly fit for this trip. Since you have to climb 274 steps to reach the gorge. More 48 steps to reach the top of the Lookout tower.

4.) Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery

The museum holds an art gallery. It has a collection of Eastern art, geology, Bristol’s history archaeology and English welfare of old masters. It also has a section for  Brunel’ work, the famous engineer who drafted the iconic landmarks in the city. The monument is run by the city council. Since it has no entrance fee, it is one of the free things to do in Bristol.

5.) Bristol Cathedral

The cathedral was an Augustinian house that turned into a cathedral in 1542. The interior of the  monument is amazingly done. The transepts and central tower were adapted in the 16th century. And, the west facade was completed in the 19th century. The rectangular chapter house is one of the striking features of the cathedral. The monument is far from all the hustle and bustle, one of the peaceful places that the city has so far. It is surely on of the best things to do in Bristol.

6.) St Mary Redcliffe

It is the “The fairest parish church in England” as described by queen Elizabeth I. St Mary Redcliffe is the prettiest buildings among all the structure that Bristol has. The church lies around the Floating Harbour. The Redcliffe got its name from then redcliffe land on which it is erected. The church is a perfect example of the wealthy merchants. Another attraction around the church is a tomb of Admiral Sir William Penn, William Penn’s father who discovered Pennsylvania and memorial tablet.

7.) Floating Harbor

The floating harbor is the old port of the city. It is situated on the river Avon. The harbor  got a life when  numerous warehouse and wharves were restored there. Visiting Floating Harbor once your life is a one of the top things to do in Bristol. The area is a home to many galleries, exhibitions, museums, Bristol aquarium and  nature trails.

8.) Bristol Zoo

The zoo was constructed to conserve the endangered species. It also sanitize the importance of the natural world. Today, the zoo is a home to 300 animals and birds. It is one of the fun things to do in Bristol with kids. The zoo has 50 different species. Asiatic Lions, red Pandas and, gorillas, aye-ayes pygmy hippos are some of the animals found in the zoo. It also holds an exclusive twilight zone which features exotic reptiles, insects, aquarium and penguin enclosure.

9.) M Shed

The museum is located around the Floating harbor. It got its name from the pots which were identified as sheds. The museum boasts 3,000 artifacts. That depicts stories of the slave trade and the arts. The entrance of the  museum is free so do add the place in your bucket of free things to do in Bristol. The museum is designed very beautifully and counted among the landmark of the city.

10.) Spike Island Bristol

The island is a harbor area and inner city of the Bristol joining the center of the city. It holds  year around events, exhibitions and family activities. It also boasts artists studios and commercial workplace for creative and designers business. The highlight of the island is “Underfall Yard”. It is one of the most happening things to do in Bristol.

11.) Berkeley Square

The park street is located in the Clifton, Bristol. The street was built-in the Georgian style with grass area in the center. The street holds universities, shops, restaurants and hotels. Going to the place will prove to be one of the most amazing things to do in Bristol.

12.) The  Exchange

The Palladian style Exchange is known for it’s “the brass nails”, four  tables on which Bristol merchants established their transaction and introduced the expression known as “paying on the nail”. Other highlights around the place are St. Stephen’s church, Christ Church. The Chrirt church is known for unusual clock and many more must things to do in Bristol.

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