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Things to do in Brighton

This place has everything for all ages of tourist. Attractions include right from the beachfront for cool youths to the exciting adventure world for kids. This is the best tourist attraction in the world that has many things to do in Brighton. The vibrant color and energetic environment of this city will make you feel never to leave this city. This article will help you to know all the best things to do in Brighton, from heritage to the seaside and from the shopping places to the bars. Read below to know all the places to visit in Brighton.

things to do in Brighton

Things to do in Brighton

1.) Royal Pavillion

This amazing place is the reason enough to plan a trip to Brighton. The Royal Pavilion was established as a beachfront pleasure palace for George IV. You must have visited lots of palaces, stately homes and castles, but you will find this one as the most beautiful and unique. This fabulous place doesn’t allow photography and charges dollars for the entry. There are also guides available who will let you know many things in detail. Almost every room inside has an explanation board that contains all the related information. It is the best amongst the best things to do in Brighton.

2.) Lanes

Lanes is the best place where you will lack time to roam more. This lovely place is a well-known shopping center. It is said to be better than Carnaby Street in London. It has many other amazing attractions like coffee shops, café, jewelry shop. There are many shops that are very famous amongst the local that sell almost everything that you can think to buy. This place is the perfect venue where you can find gifts for your loved ones. It is also known for the best restaurants and antique shops.

3.) Palace Pier

Brighton Pier is the most amazing things to do. It has some wonderful view like you can gaze at the sunset and also find the seagulls next to you with an ice cream. Just a gentle walk will also do a lot for this place, that’s outstanding. Inside you can find a lot of things to do in Brighton with kids, for example, games, roller coaster, horror castle. Other attractions include aquarium, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs near the Pier makes a lovely place. This is the best of Brighton, England.

4.) The Beach

It is the perfect place where you can sit and relax with some barbecue. It is very cold at this beach so don’t forget to bring your coat. It is a fantastic experience even if you just take a walk along the water wave. There is a lot of café and restaurant that are very famous for their cocktails and barbecue. It is the best amongst the list of things to do in Brighton. Get down the beach and reach to the popular pier of Brighton. This will allow you to experience the Brighton Wheel.

5.) Devil’s Dyke, Brighton

This is the perfect place where you can plan a lunch and picnic. It is one of the best tourist attractions of Brighton. It is located in Brighton city center. This place is full of natural scenery. It is a valley in “v shape” near Brighton. It offers a wonderful view of the Weald and South over the sea. It is one of the largest Dyke in UK and England. This valley is spread over an area of 12 km. The open landscape and the clay ridges make the scene more beautiful. You will find some of the amazing orchids and butterflies managed by the sensitive management of this place.

6.) Brighton Sea Life Center

It was open to the public in the year 1871. Brighton Aquarium is a part of the Sealife Center Chain. It is the oldest working aquarium in the world. It was built wonderfully by the architect Eugenius Birch. Amongst the best attractions include a conservatory, a reading room, restaurant and a roller-skating rink on the terrace. There were financial difficulties that led Brighton Corporation to purchase this place in 1901. As the years passed other innovations are taking place.

7.) The Marina

This area covers 126 acres along with some wet part. The building was established in 1971, it was a contentious project. This was done to draw the attention of visitors and rich boat owners to the town. There are a lot of fun things to do in Brighton. Get down to the marina, it’s easy to reach via bus or car. You will find a casino, ten pin bowling, and arcade. Also, there are some amazing pubs and clubs and this place is famous for nightlife in the town.

8.) Preston Park

Preston Park is located near Preston Village in Brighton, England. It is served by the nearby Preston Park railway station. Preston Park is the largest park in the city. Whether you wish to participate in sports or enjoy a picnic, Preston Park is the perfect place with a lot of things to do in Brighton. Due to its location, the park is also organizing fairs, concerts, circuses, family days and other events.

9.) Laser Quest

This is the perfect place to visit and also lots of things to do in Brighton with kids. This place has a derelict spacecraft that has crash landed in the heart of the Brighton West Street. There is a 3000aqft labyrinth filled with swirling smoke at the back of its airlock. It also has a strange sound that will make you feel that you are in a real space. This place is situated in the City Centre, which is just 2 minutes away from Brighton Beach.

10.) Victoria Fountain

The Victoria Fountain in the Old Steine established in 1846 on the occasion of 27th birthday of Queen Victoria. It is the best amongst all the things to do in Brighton. It has 2 shallow basins hold up by 3 iron dolphins over the large pool of water. The base of this fountain is made up of Sarsen stones which were found by workmen of Steine in 1823.

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