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Things to do in Bournemouth

This article is about best things to do in Bournemouth. Bournemouth is considered as one of the most fun places in the England. Almost 82% people in Bournemouth are happy so you will have numerous things to do in Bournemouth. You will get the answer to all your query regarding sightseeing, after a visit to this Victorian seaside town in UK. Bournemouth beach is one of the Europe’s best with 11-km of golden sand and the facilities along its promenade, comprising lots of restaurants and bars. You can enjoy the weather, beach, permitting, or roam the boundary of Bournemouth Pier for a coffee and to appreciate the stunning views.

Top Things to do in Bournemouth:

1.) Bournemouth Eye

Things to do in Bournemouth

The Bournemouth eye is one of the must things to do in Bournemouth. It is not for the weak hearted people. Bournemouth’s highest attraction is a rounded balloon filled with helium gas, with an enclosed gondola that accommodates 25-30 passengers at a time. Bound by a high tensile steel wire, the balloon is elevated to a height of about 500 feet while presenting a pictorial view of the English Channel and surrounding area over 20 miles from the peak public observation point in Bournemouth.

2.) Oceanarium

Things to do in Bournemouth Oceanarium

Discover the mystery of the ocean in a venture that will take you to some of the world’s most wondrous water. The Oceanarium at Pier Approach, Bournemouth takes you face to face with aquatic life from the distant limits of the globe more than just a fishbowl, a lively adventure through the oasis of water. The Oceanarium is a completely interactive fun with touch screen games, feeding explanations and talks, plasma screen documentaries, walk-through underwater tunnel and exhibits to aid you to explore more about this interesting underwater world. So check Oceanarium on your list of things to do in Bournemouth.

3.) Adventure Wonderland Bournemouth

Things to do in Bournemouth adventure wonderland

Wonderland is filled with your favorite themes. The events at this place make it most beloved Theme Park for girls and boys. So, if you are a brave explorer then you and your family have got a real surprise in the store. At the Adventure Wonderland, there are events for everyone. Theatre groups, rides, baby soft play area, Seasonal events, rides, gift shop, and so on. Must add wonderland in your list of things to do in Bournemouth.

4.) Moors Valley

Things to do in Bournemouth moors valley

Experience a grand venture at Moors Valley. This is one of the top things to do in Bournemouth. The latest, the state of the art technology, would guide you and your friends around the wildlife on these wonderful self-adjustable electrical Segways. The Segways are enormous fun and they are for all age groups. There is no better option than to explore the picture of the New Forest. From Steam Railway to walk & cycling, wildlife, golf Moors Valley offers lots of other attractions for you and your families.

5.) Brownsea Island

Things to do in Bournemouth brownsea island

Brownsea Island is amazingly placed in Poole Harbour. The island has sensational pictures across to Studland. It provides a peaceful, natural setting which is ideal for explorers. The island comprises of nationally and internationally prominent wildlife. The wildlife includes unique red squirrels. The Natural habitats include heathland, pinewoods, lagoon and shoreline. The island has a captivating and diverse history. The preservatives include the use of a pottery works, daffodil farm, and a decoy to protect Poole in the II World War. Today Brownsea Island holds many activities all year round including family activity days, open theatre groups, wildlife walks and much more.

6.) Matchams Karting

Things to do in Bournemouth Matchams Karting

At Matchams Karting, you could be racing a car driver for the day. Matchams has 420 meters of outside Karting track for you to rush around. The circuit is ideal for reception, open event, corporate functions, or just a fabulous day out with family and friends. At Matchams, you will sprint around on 200cc Biz Karts, which is excellent for spinning and swinging around corners and zipping past your competitor on the circuit’s long straights, tight hairpin bends and fast corners Matchams have it all.

7.) Farmer Palmer’s

Things to do in Bournemouth Farmer Palmers

Farmer Palmer’s is one of the best things to do in Bournemouth. Located on the outskirts of Poole, Farmer Palmer’s gives a splendid afternoon for families with small children. Whether it be serving the piglets or lambs, or meeting the other animals, Farmer Palmer’s is a fabulous way to serve the countryside to young children. With a mixture of different play zones, walks & tractor rides, you certainly get a feeling of life .on the farm.

8.) Tower Park, Bournemouth

Things to do in Bournemouth tower park

Tower Park is fully loaded with restaurants and dining. With everything from a modern multi-screen movie theatre, that plays all of the latest release films to innumerable restaurants, Pizza Express and Nandos. The Tower Park also accommodates the Lemur Landings play area, Gala Bingo, Bowlplex Amusements and a Sweet Shop. One of the top most attractions at Tower Park is Splashdown, the South’s latest Water Park. Splashdowns have excellent water rides and slides with twists, turns and drops that are sure to make you squeal. There are swimming pools also that you would rather use to relax.

9.) Monkey World Bournemouth

Things to do in Bournemouth monkey world

Monkey World established in 1987 by Alison Cronin. Today Monkey World works in association with foreign authorities from all over the globe. Visitors can see more than 150 chimpanzees of 15 distinct species in relaxed surroundings. Monkey World gives visitors both an educational and notably exciting day out.

10.) Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park

Things to do in Bournemouth Heavy Horse Centre

A true treasure located in the Dorset countryside. This massive Horse Farm Park gives trips and displays during the day. Get the lifetime experience by interacting with these beautiful beasts. You can also take a free wagon trip throughout the park. It is one of the most amazing things to do in Bournemouth. Explore how these horses were instructed to farm fields; work the land and why it is necessary to keep them in the profession.

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