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Things to do in Birmingham

This article is about best things to do in Birmingham. It is in west Midlands part of England. It is among the most visited places in England. If you are planning a trip to Birmingham, then go ahead. The place offers you a variety of things to explore. There are many places that you can go with your loved ones. And, for family outing also, there are numbers of things to do. This article is dedicated to the top things to do in Birmingham. Here, we will be focussing on some of the best places to be visited in Birmingham.  These places will make your vacation a memorable one. So, read the article and know about the coolest things to do in Birmingham.

Things to do in Birmingham

Best Things to do in Birmingham:

1.) Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Birmingham mueseum & art gallery

Birmingham Museum host to a set of over 500,000 objects on both sides of 200,000 years importance of history all over the world. You’ll see art ranging from prehistoric art and a fine art of communal history. Perfect for a family trip, the gallery appeals to the mind. It gives you a chance to enjoy the artwork through feel, sound and light. In fact, you can step into a work of art and even spy on Albert Einstein. Exploring this museum with your loved ones is one of the best things to do in Birmingham.

2.) Hall of Memory, Birmingham

hall of memory

Birmingham’s Hall of Memory was constructed in the 1920s. It was built to honor the 12,320 Birmingham citizens who expired in the “Great War”. The structure itself is situated in Centenary square. It is a great place to visit in Birmingham and to teach the children about the war history of Britain.

3.) Ikon Gallery

Ikon Gallery

The Ikon Gallery is located on 2 floors and features modern art by artists from all over the world using media and work of art. The gallery’s objective is to teach the tourist about the modern visual art by tours, way of talks and workshops. This is a gallery with a diversity. Visiting this gallery is one of the perfect things to do in Birmingham.

4.) Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

Birmingham wildlife park

Birmingham Zoo is habitat to mammal, reptiles and birds from all over the world. There are numerous rare species from different continents. The botanical section displays hundreds of butterflies from more than 25 species, all of which are inhabited to England. One of the latest amusement to the zoo is the fun activity show. Visiting this zoo with your kids is one of the best things to do in Birmingham.

5.) Back to Back Houses

The houses were exactly built back to back with a common courtyard. Learn all about earlier inhabitants that called the houses their homes. During the weekends there are unique events for tourists, including tracks, crafts and more so check out the place for the latest. Back to Backs is by guided travel around only, book in advance.

6.) Pen Museum

There are various things to do in Birmingham but visiting the Pen museum is one of the best. Explore the history of Steel Pen manufacturing at The Pen Museum. This attractive museum tells the history of the Steel Pen business using a collection of about 5,000 items. The gathering includes practical objects. There a number of activities available for the tourist, including museum trip, interactive tools and various workshops.

7.) Coventry Transport Museum

To explore the history of Britain road transport don’t forget to visit the Coventry Transport Museum. It is one of the major tourist attractions of Birmingham. It is huge and hosts a good collection of 250 cycles, 100 motorcycles and 200 cars on display. The other attraction of the museum is the limousines, cars of the 1950s and 1960s. There are educational exhibits for children in the museum.

8.) Old Coventry Cathedral

To explore one of the largest churches in England, don’t miss to visit the Old Coventry Cathedral. It was built in 1372 and was given the status of cathedral in 1918. The church has only the leftovers of the bombing in 1940. The external wall of the church is survived and a 300 ft high tower. These leftovers are the emotional symbols and moment of the destruction.

9.) Cadbury World

Cadbury world is just a few minutes away from the Birmingham. It is one of the top tourist attractions of Birmingham. According to the survey, it is visited by 500,000 visitors per year. The reason is obviously the chocolate. Here you will get to know about the history and the origin of chocolate. A short video on how chocolate is made, from where it is grown and other educational stuff is, on display. Spend some quality time exploring the flawless village of Bournville itself.

10.) Birmingham’s Town Hall

The famous Birmingham’s Town Hall is a work of art of Victorian architecture built in 1832. It is in the form of a Roman temple featuring 40 Corinthian ornate columns of marble. It is famous for its musical shows featuring since 1847. Nowadays, its extraordinary Symphony Hall with its outstanding spectacular auditorium and acoustics regularly features top performers and singers.

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