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Things to do in Berlin

This article is about best things to do in Berlin. Berlin, Germany’s capital and cultural centre was established around the 13th century. It was separated all through the Cold War. Today, it’s recognized for its art scene, nightlife and modern architecture. The famous architecture include Mies van der Rohe’s and Neue Nationalgalerie. Reminders of the city’s disorderly 20th-century history comprise its Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall’s remains. Its 18th-century Brandenburg Gate has turned into an iconic mark of reunification. The other famous city of Germany is Munich. Read the article to know various fun things to do in Berlin.

Things to do in Berlin

Top Things to do in Berlin:

1.) Museumsinsel

Things to do in Berlin Museumsinsel

If you are a museum lover and likes to visit museums, you are going to love Berlin. Museumsinsel is one of the nicest areas in Berlin. The architecture is stunning. It’s the ideal place for a romantic walk with your Girlfriend or Boyfriend. There is a lot of green space for you to play around with your friends or even to have a picnic. You can just chill with a beer as you’re permissible to sip in public places. Exploring this museum is one of the nicest things to do in Berlin.

2.) Go to Bar/Cafe

Things to do in Berlin Bar

There are various things to do in Berlin but it’s difficult to suggest one specific thing. Berlin has numerous bars. Every bars offers diverse music and what one may find to be a cool environment. The other might offer beautiful arty farty and full of hipsters. With that in mind, there are a few streets/areas you can go. You’ll be certain to find a bar/cafe that matches your preference. Bars have a lively environment during Sundays.

3.) Fassbender & Rausch

Things to do in Berlin Fassbender & Rausch

Chocolates!! You must have fantasized about a shop full of chocolates with different figures and shapes once in your life. Fassbender & Rausch is the place of your imagination. You will have the finest hot chocolate of your life at the Rausch cafe, located on the first floor. Along with everlasting collection of gorgeous handmade chocolates, Rausch also offers chocolate based meals, cakes etc. Going to this place is one of the best things to do in Berlin with family.

4.) Mauerpark

Things to do in Berlin Mauerpark

Things to do in Berlin would be incomplete without visiting Mauerpark. The incredibly popular flea market is for lovers of vintage. You can buy anything at this loving market like clothes and musical instruments. Mauerpark is worth a visit  for the joyful environment. It is a place where school kids can be seen on Sundays. It’s an ideal place for enjoying an incredible brunch on a Sunday morning in Berlin.

5.) Viktoriapark

Things to do in Berlin Viktoriapark

Berlin is full of green space which makes it extra special to visit. Viktoriapark is a special park as you can go up to the top of the hill situated inside the park. From top you can enjoy the beauty of the city. The scene is wonderful, especially if you go during early spring. From underneath of the hill you can see water cascading along big rocks, which is another scene that makes a visit to this park. Visiting this park is one of the most delightful things to do in Berlin.

6.) Wannsee Lake   

Things to do in Berlin Wannsee Lake

Berlin is bounded by so much attractive nature. The city itself isn’t messy and dirty, but it’s still pleasant to get out of the city and get some clean air sometimes. It is also an ideal way to visit one of the many lakes that can be reached within an hour away by train. The most popular one is possibly Wannsee. So, if you want to visit somewhere with your friends of family, Wannsee is your best place.

7.) Rent a Boat

Things to do in Berlin Boat

This is the best way to see some milestones from the water – such as the Molecular Man statue, and of course the Fernsehturm. To spend an afternoon doing something new and really fun, you can hire a boat without having a license, and take it for a trip on the river. You can catch on your boat and go around the river, enjoying beer and hanging out with your friends. Exploring the city on boat is one of the top things to do in Berlin.

8.) Turkish Market at Maybachufer

Things to do in Berlin Turkish Market at Maybachufer

You should make a visit to the Turkish market at Maybachufer. You will find lines and lines of fresh fruit and veggies at really affordable prices. The other freshly made snacks such as borek. The good thing about the market is the environment. Check it out for a flavor of Turkish culture in the market. Roaming in the market is one of the most awesome things to do in Berlin.

9.) Indoor Caravanning

Things to do in Berlin Indoor Caravanning

If you’re checking for a place to live in Berlin, nowhere you will find a place like the capital’s originality more than Huttenpalast in Neukolln. Here you’ll find out that a random variety of caravans and wooden huts. They have converted an old vacuum cleaner plant into a fine indoor camping feeling. ‘Puck’, the 1950s caravan, was made almost from scuff and has a retro air. The grand Alter Palast was made from wood salvaged from a century-old room in the previous factory. Living in this caravan is one of the finest things to do in Berlin.

10.) Landschaftspark

Things to do in Berlin Landschaftspark

Berlin’s newly discarded airport has been changed in the most popular park in the city. Lesser recognized, and in the far less stylish neighborhood of Lichtenberg, is Landschaftspark Herzberge. This deserted wasteland is a true example of Berlin reinvention, as it is slowly being changed into a green park for the local society. Think about grazing sheep, trails for hikers and bikers, and an authentically country escape in the city.

11.) Spreepark

Things to do in Berlin Spreepark

Spreepark is an amusement park in the north of the Planterwald in the Berlin area Treptow-Kopenick. It is also renowned by its previous name Kulturpark Planterwald. The amusement park was opened for people in 1969 as Kulturpark Planterwald. The Spreepark is located in the north of the Planterwald, next to the river Spree. Spreepark is also famous among the movie industry a scene for the action film Hanna was shot at the park. The music video for the single “Run Dry” by German group Sizarr has also shot here. Roaming in this park is one of the coolest things to do in Berlin. You can celebrate your kids birthday here as they offer all facilities.

12.) Branderburg Gate

Things to do in Berlin Branderburg Gate

One of the top things that strikes the brain when thinking of Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate. Brandenburg Gate played many diverse roles in history. It reveals the country’s chaotic past and its peaceful achievements like no other milestone in Germany. During the Cold War, the Brandenburg Gate stood between East and West Berlin. It was the depressing symbol of the separation of the city and Germany. Experiencing the site is one of the top things to do in Berlin.

13.) Victory Column

Things to do in Berlin Victory Column

Victory Column, in the middle of Berlin’s park Tiergarten, is a 230 foot high memorial, defining Prussia’s win over France in 1870. The column is peaked by the golden statue of goddess Victoria, fondly called Goldelse by the locals. You have to scale 285 steep stairs to get to the open-air viewing stage, which is set right under the giant goddess idol – but you’ll be pleased with a breathtaking vista of the nearby park and Berlin.

14.) Hackescher Market

Things to do in Berlin Hackescher Market

Berlin city’s heart beats at Hackescher Market. It is the area full with cafes, cool shops, and art galleries. Start at Hackesche Hoefe, an assembly of historic courtyards, which is the biggest enclosed courtyard area in Germany. They are packed with cafes, special-interest stores, and theaters. A walk across the market is one of the nicest things to do in Berlin.

15.) Reichstag

Things to do in Berlin Reichstag

The Reichstag in Berlin is the traditional monument of the German Parliament. When the historic structure was remodelled in the 1990s, it was decorated with a modern glass dome, providing a look into the parliamentary events and a dazzling view of the Berlin skyline. The best time to reach the Reichstag is in the late afternoon or evening. The lines are generally shorter, and the view from the glass dome at dusk is stunning.

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