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Things to do in Berlin Germany

Looking for top things to do in Berlin Germany? This is your guide.

The capital of Germany and the country’s largest city, Berlin is a major center of culture, media, politics, and science. Berlin is known for its cultural flair. It is also home to the world-renowned Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Berlin Opera. Its varied art scene covers hundreds of galleries, museums and events. It also comprises those artworks which are centered around Museum Island.

Berlin has suffered a lot in the past. From the devastation of WWII to the decades of decay to the east of the Berlin Wall. But, at present, the rebuilt city stands solidly as an evidence of the country’s cultural and economic significance. Berlin features an eclectic mix of classic and modern architecture, dynamic entertainment, shopping, and a wide range of sports and cultural institutions. Top historic sites like the Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate, and Potsdamer Platz are the added feathers to the Berlin’s wings. There are so many interesting and exciting things to do in Berlin Germany. Some of them will compel you to visit here again and again.

Things to do in Berlin Germany

Top Things to do in Berlin Germany

1.) The Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie

The history of the Berlin Wall dates back to 1961. At that time, East Germany separated the eastern part of the city to stop the refugees taking shelter from east to west. The wall was 4 meters high. It was stretched about 155 kilometers crossing 55 streets. It has 57 bunkers and 293 observation towers. The wall was torn down in 1989. Today only a few stretches of this wall remain covered with graffiti. A 1.4-kilometer stretch is preserved as part of the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum, the Monument in Memory of the Divided City and the Victims of Communist Tyranny, the Window of Remembrance, and a Visitor Center are among the highlights. Also, among the highlights is Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. It is the well-known crossing point between East and West Berlin. It has displays and artifacts tracing the history of human rights.

2.) Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)

The Brandenburg Gate is undoubtedly one of the Berlin’s top attractions. It was situated in no man’s land between East and West Germany during the Cold War. This remarkable monument was built-in the 18th-century under the reign of Friedrich Wilhelm II. It is an important symbol of Berlin. It symbolizes both the city’s division and unification. The attractive Pariser Platz was laid at the bottom of the gate. It includes many of the city’s significant buildings. The Hotel Adlon with its wealth of history and the Akademie der Künste (Academy of the Arts) are among the highlights. Visiting this place is among the top things to do in Berlin Germany.

3.) Unter den Linden

Unter den Linden is Berlin’s most popular street. Unter den Linden – literally mean Under the Lime Trees Avenue. For centuries, it has been an attractive spot for both visitors and locals. This wide avenue stretches about 1,400 meters. It connects Pariser Platz in front of the Brandenburg Gate to the Lustgarten. Earlier, it was a riding track for royalty to the Tiergarten to hunt. In 1647, a route was formalized with six rows of trees planted, including the famous lime trees. Presently, it’s 2-car lanes are divided by a wide central pedestrian area. This area offers a superb place to relax. It offers a lively city around you. The Arsenal, the Gendarmenmarkt, St. Hedwig’s Cathedral and the Opera House are some of the famous landmarks. This place is  also among the top things to do in Berlin Germany.

4.) Gendarmenmarkt

The Gendarmenmarkt is among the most eye-catching squares in the city. It is situated near to Berlin’s exclusive shopping street, Friedrichstraße in the central Mitte region. The Concert House, the Deutscher Dom and the Französischer Dom are three of the most impressive examples of architecture in the capital city.

5.) Charlottenburg Palace

The Charlottenburg Palace is situated just out of the center of the city. The gorgeous palace features excellent collections of china. It features paintings located in the middle of a charming palace garden. The palace garden can be seen right next to the river Spree. You can take a stroll in the park. You can explore the Charlottenburg museums located directly opposite.

6.) Berlin Zoological Gardens

Zoologischer Garten Berlin or Berlin Zoological Gardens is the oldest establishment in Germany. It remains one of Berlin’s most renowned attractions. This place entertains over 3 million visitors each year. It was originally established in 1844. It was totally rebuilt after WWII. This modern zoo and its aquarium have done an excellent job in displaying the animals in their natural environment. It has earned a status for its various successful breeding programs. There are over 15,000 animals representing around 1,600 species. It includes apes and pandas in big open-air enclosures. It also includes nocturnal animal houses, predator, and Europe’s largest aviary. You can surely expect to spend the best part of your day here.

Also, remember to visit Aquarium Berlin. It is among the zoo’s main highlights. It is one of the biggest such facilities in Germany. It has over 9,000 creatures residing in its 250 tanks. Tierpark Berlin, home to around 7,250 animals from 840 different species is another highlight of the zoo.

7.) Reichstag

When the decision was taken to move Federal Government to Berlin, Reichstag building was the place chosen for it. Since then, the Reichstag building has been totally modernized. Now, visitors can look out from the building’s glass dome for a god’s eye view of the hustle and bustle of the city. There are also many government buildings in the region of the Reichstag. Some of them are the Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery) and the Brandenburg Gate.

8.) Museum Island

It is among one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Museum Island is home to the Berlin’s most important exhibition centers. Such important museum in island comprises the Neues Museum (New Museum), the Altes Museum (Old Museum), the Pergamon Museum, the Bode Museum, and the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery). The collections and exhibitions in these buildings span more than 6,000 years of art and cultural history. You should visit this place for a closer peek in the Germany history.

9.) Potsdamer Platz

The past of Potsdamer Platz has been quite an eventful. Potsdamer Platz was the bustling center of the city before the Second World War. From 1945, it was a no man’s land until the fall of the wall. It transformed completely after the fall of the wall in 1989. It now boasts several skyscrapers. It features The Sony Center and endless shops to browse. Potsdamer Platz is also the main place to be for celebrities and stars.

10.) Berlin Television Tower (Fernsehturm)

The Berlin Television Tower, which is also known as the Fernsehturm to locals. This tower is easily recognizable even from the distance. It proudly stands out of the skyline at 368m. It is the tallest building in Berlin. The tower was built-in the 1960s. Today, visitors to the tower can experience an exceptional 360° panorama of the city. Viewing the picturesque view from here is among the top things to do in Berlin Germany.

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