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Things to do in Berkshire

If you are looking for things to do in Berkshire, you are in the right place.

With so many things to do in Berkshire, you won’t be able to recognize that you’re right on London’s doorway. Berkshire has a wealth of villages, towns and beautiful landscapes to explore. This beautiful county is the perfect cure for city life.

This beautiful county is well-known for its connections with the Royal Family. The River Thames meandering alongside the northern edge and its diverse gorgeous gardens blazing with color. Windsor Castle, Ascot Racecourse, Eton college, Savill Garden and The Look Out Discovery Centre are among the top attractions of Berkshire. To get the most out of your stay here, read this article.

Most of Berkshire’s top attractions are open throughout the year, so there is always an availability of things to do in Berkshire. Whether you want to follow the footsteps of Royalty or walk through the picturesque country lanes, Berkshire has something to meet the needs of everyone.

Here are some of the top things to do in Berkshire.

Things to do in Berkshire

Top Things to do in Berkshire

1.) Windsor Castle

The oldest and largest occupied castle in all over the world. Windsor Castle offers an astonishingly rich and varied day out. All through its history, the Castle has been renovated, enlarged and reconstructed. At present, The Queen spends most of her weekends at the Castle only. This castle is also used frequently for ceremonial and State occasions. Most of the furnished rooms can be seen. Audio tours are offered to the guests. The ticket to Windsor Castle includes the entry to the exhibition Waterloo in Windsor.

2.) St. George’s Chapel

St. George’s Chapel is among the top examples of Gothic architecture in England. It is especially famous for its brilliant stone fan vaulting. It is also the spiritual home of the Order of the Garter. They were the highest order of British Chivalry formed by Edward III. The chapel was built by Edward IV in 1475. It took around 50 years to construct.

The Chapel’s frontage looks amazing with heraldic emblems of the ruling houses of Lancaster and York. In its north side bulls, deer, falcons, and black dragons of the Yorks can be seen. In the south are lions, unicorns, swans and red dragons of the Lancasters. The fan vaulting in the center and in the choir is also beautiful. The stained glass west window also adds to the beauty of the Chapel.

3.) Eton College

The small town of Eton is located in the north of Windsor Bridge. It is known for its Eton College. Eton College was founded by Henry VI in 1440. The college is synonymous with best English education. William Pitt, Henry Fielding, William Gladstone, Percy Shelley, the Duke of Wellington along with some 20 English prime ministers are among the students who studied here. The red-brick main building of Eton College dates back to the school’s founding. It extends about two quadrangles. The most remarkable feature is the school chapel. This chapel was built in 1441. It has old brass plates and wonderful paintings portraying scenes from the life of Mary. Henry VI bronze statue can be seen in the main quadrangle. There is also a passageway which leads from the Lupton’s Tower to the cloisters with the hall and library.

4.) The Savill Garden

The beautiful Savill Garden is situated on the border of Windsor Castle’s Great Park. It is an essential part of Windsor’s Royal Landscape. The Savill Garden was opened in the 1930s. It is known for its wide range of plant material in a scenic natural setting. In this 35-acre space Alpine meadows, Shrubs and a formal garden of roses and herbaceous plants are some of the points of interest to explore.

5.) Ascot Racecourse

Ascot racecourse is undeniably the England’s most popular racecourse. Ascot is famous for the thoroughbred horse racing, It hosts 9 of the UK’s top 32 annual races. It is associated with the Royal Family and is about 6 miles from Windsor Castle. Ascot organizes 26 days of racing each year. The Royal Meeting in June with its famous Gold Cup is the highlight. Experiencing a race in here is one of the fun things to do in Berkshire.

The Ascot Racecourse is also known for the Ascot United Football Club, Royal Ascot Cricket Club, and the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Royal Windsor Racecourse is another fine attraction nearby.

6.) Windsor  Great Park

Windsor Great Park spans around 4,800 acres. Most part is open to the public. This park was famous with Saxon kings as a hunting forest. The park is shrouded in secrecy and legend. The story of Herne the Hunter has been told for over 1,000 years. The story says that his ghost appears tiring the antlers of a deer, riding a phantom black stallion. Such stories have made the park widely popular.

At present, the park is an ideal place for cycling, walking, picnics and horse riding. You can have a footpath map of the park from the Royal Windsor Information Centre.

7.) UK Wolf Conservation Trust

The UK Wolf Conservation Trust houses ten ambassador wolves. It includes the first Arctic wolves in the nation. This trust runs several events to promote wolf awareness and raising fund for wolf conservation. It offers walks with wolves for its members, howl nights and open days for everyone. For further information and advance booking, you can visit the trust’s website.

8.) Streatley on Thames

The village of Streatley-on-Thames is located on the opposite side of the River Thames. On one side of it is Oxfordshire and on the other side is West Berkshire. It is linked by a bridge built in 1923. National Trust land borders the village which is located within the North Wessex Downs Area of astonishing Natural Beauty. Streatley Hill is a famous cycling path and sight-view point.

The Swan at Streatley is an ideal place for enjoying a family weekend, a fun break with great cycling and walking. It is an idyllic place for lunch and dinner. You can rent a boat and order a picnic from on-site restaurant and café for a fun lunch on the river.

9.) Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle is designed by Sir Charles Barry. He was also the architect of the Houses of Parliament. Highclere Castle is recognized as one of the greatest Victorian homes still in existence. This castle includes fine furniture and works of art. This castle has also been used in the series Downtown Abbey. The grounds here are amazing, and the house also has lots of things of interest.

10.)  The Look Out Discovery Center

The Look Out Discovery Centre is a nice place for a family day out. The main attraction of this center includes more than 90 hands-on science and fun things. The center is located in Swinley Forest. This forest is spread over 1,000 hectares of woodland. Outside there is a wide play area, walks, trails, orienteering course, and picnic area. There are also numerous hands-on activities, especially for primary school and pre-school kids. There is something for all ages.

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