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Things to do in Belfast

This article is all about the best things to do in Belfast. Belfast is a capital of Northern Ireland. This place is home to where the legendary ship, Titanic was built. The city has gone through a huge transformation in the last couple of years. Today it has become one of the most visited places. The pleasant weather, enchanting history and the legendary Titanic Quarter make it one of the favorite tourist spot. For shoppers, there are Victoria and Donegal Squares. Similarly, people who have an interest in niche architecture can admire the “Victorian” architecture. It is a sparkling waterfront lined up with contemporary art. Read more, to know the best things to do in Belfast.

Things to do in Belfast

Best Things to do in Belfast:

1.) Titanic Experience

It is known as “the world’s biggest titanic tourist attraction”. This unique landmark building is an homage to the story of the Titanic. And also to Belfast’s appealing maritime history. The interactive displays highlight the transformation of the city. This city once possessed the most dominant shipbuilding industry in the world.  The well-known ship, Titanic, was assembled here. There are conducted tours around the slipway and enormous dry-dock. The star shaped exterior represents the badge of the White Star Line. It includes a number of charming artifacts such as brochures, letters, and menus. Do visit the city. It is one of the best things to do in Belfast.

2.) Botanic Garden of Belfast

The Botanic Garden was built in 1828. It has been possessed by Belfast City Council since 1895. It was converted into a public park. The stylish Palm House has a variety of tropical plants. It holds lush hanging baskets and birds of paradise. It also has curved glass and iron, the composition is among the earliest instance of a glass house made in this way. It also displays the importance of technology during the Victorian period. This botanic garden has the Tropical Ravine dated  to 1889, which shelters exotic plants, such as banana, bromeliad, cinnamon and orchids. This garden protects some of the world’s earliest seed plants. Just north of the garden is Queen’s University with its fine Tudor-style buildings. A pleasing place to unwind for a few hours.

3.) Crumlin Road Gaol 

This jail was planned by Charles Lanyon at a cost of £60,000 (approx.). This was one of the most sophisticated prisons of its day. It was opened in 1845. Built to hold 500 prisoners, during the troubles. It was home to around 900 people before shutting in 1996. It is included in the City’s Sightseeing hop on, hop off tour, and you can see the execution cell, Governor’s office, the flogging room and the tunnel below the Crumlin Road to the courthouse where criminals were sentenced. It is one of the best things to do in Belfast.

4.) St. Anne’s Cathedral

This cathedral is made by architect Sir Thomas Drew. St. Anne’s Cathedral is the chief church of the (Anglican) Church of Ireland. It was constructed in the neo-Romanesque approach of the basilican form. It has 3 doorways located on the west decorated with sculpture. The baptismal chapel presents a superb mosaic ceiling. Another highlight of the place is the engraved brickwork, fine tainted glass windows, delicate woodwork and marble tiles on the floor and walls. In the chapel, you can also see the tomb of Sir Edward Carson, head of the Ulster Unionists.

5.) Waterfront Hall

Waterfront Hall is located around the Titanic Quarter. It is a top-notch entertainment and conference site. Since 1997, the center had entertained over five million visitors. It now draws performers and top musicians from all over the world. It also holds a variety of exhibitions. Its beauty enhances when it is lit up in the evening. People mostly visit  for concerts varying from pop to symphony. But also to grab a bite at the on-site restaurant, The Arc Brasserie.  The site has panoramic scenes over the river and further.

6.) Ulster Museum

 The Ulster Museum is 5-6 minutes drive away from the waterfront hall. After getting a major renovation, it has become one of the best tourist spot. This inspiring national museum should be top on the list for any tourist for a number of reasons. The highlight includes a 2,500-year-old Egyptian Mummy. Alongside, it also displays contemporary masterpieces, ancient relics and the Armada Room. Also, a richly varied assortment of history, art, and natural science displays are spread over several floors.

7.) Stormont (Parliament Building)

No trip to Belfast would be said complete without at least considering this controversial structure. This is the home of the “Power Sharing Executive,” or Northern Ireland Assembly. The area where the former folks sits down jointly and carry out the day to day activities. And also debates on the politics of administrating the state. It was established to house the newly formed government of the Province at that time. It’s almost impossible to ignore the figure of Unionist Sir Edward Carson on the front. In spite of its controversial heritage, the picturesque grounds are famous among joggers, day-trippers. The place is also a calm zone for those  who simply wish to run away from the city for a while.

8.) Belfast Castle

Around 4 miles from the center of the city, you will find this Belfast Castle. Many events and performance are held the year-round. It is also a famous wedding place because of its pictorial location and gorgeous historic architects. The present structure dates backs to 1870 though improvements and additions have been done since then. There’s a restaurant  and also a Cave Hill Visitor Centre. Cave Hill Country Park and the Adventure Playground are worth exploring. The grounds are especially known for picnics during summer time. Do add this site to your list of things to do in Belfast.

9.) Belfast Zoo

Belfast Zoo is around 3 minutes’ drive away from Belfast Castle. It is spread on 55 acres with scenes over Belfast lake. It houses over 140 species of animals. Dating back to 1934, this is among the oldest visitor attractions in Northern Ireland. It has been widely upgraded in recent years. Nowadays, over 300,000 people visit yearly. Attractions include the ring-tailed Asian elephants, Malayan sun bears, Monkeys, lemurs, Sumatran tigers, and Barbary lions. The rainforest displays bring together tropical plants with charming animals such as fruit bats and sloths.

10.) St. Georges Market

The St. Georges Market is one of  the Belfast’s oldest tourist spots. It is also one of the best markets in the UK and Ireland. This market has been voted for numerous national and local titles. It is also known for its fresh, home produce and a nice atmosphere. The Friday Variety Market, on the St George’s Market location, dates to 1604. The fisheries division itself contains 23 fish stalls. It has the status of being the biggest retail fish market on the island of Ireland. On the other hand, the Saturday Market has a combination of alluring unique delicacies from all over the world. It also has handmade crafts, plants, flowers and local artwork. The Sunday Market focuses on local arts and crafts. It provides more native crafts people a chance to showcase their creativity. Live music from top underground bands and artists also make sure that guests are kept amused on weekends. Another perfect addition to be made in your list of things to do in Belfast.

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