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Things to do in Austin

Austin is located on the edge of the Texas Hill Country. It is the capital city of Texas. The city is famous as the “Music Capital” of the world. The city gained its popularity due to its center of films and the University of Texas. Austin offers a lot of amazing activities. Due to a number of lakes and natural parks, the city offer activities like hiking, biking, boating, swimming and much more. The tour doesn’t end here! There are lots of other things to do in Austin. As it is a home to superb ballet, world-class museums, shopping and beautiful outdoor sites. You can spend your morning paddling by the lake and stroll through a history museum till noon. This article is about best things to do in Austin. Hence, this article will help you as a guide to know all the best things to do in Austin.

things to do in austin

Top 10 Things to do in Austin:

1.) Lady Bird Lake

things to do in austin lady bird lake

It is locally known as Town Lake which is a major tourist attraction of the city. It is well-known for its hiking and biking activities. There are a number of hiking and biking tracks surrounding the lake which is at the center of Austin. You can also enjoy walking through broad ways that depict the scenic beauty. You can enjoy a beautiful urban path that follows the river’s edge of the downtown core.

2.) Austin Duck Tour

things to do in austin duck tour

Austin Duck Adventure is the best fun things to do in Austin. It is located at the Austin Visitors Center at 602 East 4th Street. This duck tour is open seven days, from Monday to Sunday. Thereby, you can visit any time of the week or a day. It is among the best activities which offer 75 minutes of sightseeing. The tour includes a wide range of activities like the State Capitol Building, the Historic Sixth Street, Lake Austin and some of the amazing museums.

3.) Austin City Limits

things to do in austin city lights

The town’s best tourists attraction is the ‘City Limits’. Being the largest running music series in the country it is famous for the live music shows. Austin City Limits has been established few years back. Recently, it had celebrated the music of Texas that features western swings, Tejano Music, Texas blues and Rock and Roll series. There are many regional and international artists who perform a wide variety of musical styles. The genre includes Jazz, Rock, Folk and Jam Band. If you are a music lover, then going to this place is one of the most awesome things to do in Austin.

4.) Barton Springs Pool

things to do in austin barton swimming pool

Springs Pool is a huge area which covers approx 3 acres of land. It gets replenished from underground springs. The pool holds a temperature of 68-70 degree and is suitable for swimming throughout the year. This is one of the major attractions of Austin.And also is one of the most fun things to do in Austin with kids.

5.) The Metropolitan Park

things to do in austin metropolitan park

Zilker Metropolitan Park is spread over an area of 351 acres. Undoubtedly, it is a wonderful and renowned spot of the town. It is also known as Austin’s most-loved park. It is the place where you can try outdoor activities that will give the pleasure of real fun. There are many other attractions like Botanical Garden, Austin Nature, Science Center, Museum, and Theater. It organizes many festivals and events throughout the year. In short, there is something for everyone in this Zilker Metropolitan Park.

6.) Yard Dog Folk Art

things to do in austin yard dog folk art

Yard Dog Folk art was established in 1995. The gallery is located in the center of the South Congress Avenue of the shopping district. The genre of the artists showcases an outsider art from southern areas. This gallery includes all the beautiful folk art of local and national artists from the US and Canada. The gallery is itself a landmark of this area and worth a visit. Folk Art gallery is a great venue to spend some time.

7.) Waterloo Records

things to do in austin waterloo records


Waterloo Records are listed among the best iconic music stores in the United States. It is well-known for its skilled and knowledge of staffs that believe in customer satisfaction. It offers a great and wide selection of music to its consumer. They also have a return policy as well. That sounds great! You can opt for the wide range of collection when you are not satisfied with the one you selected.

8.) Barton Creek Square Mall

things to do in austin barton creek square

The love and passion for shopping are an in-born quality everyone possesses. So you would not miss the opportunity for this place. Barton Creek Square Mall can be your dream destination. It includes more than 180 shops that cover almost all the brands you can think of. You will also find some of the local stuffs and other shops as well. There are many shops that offer beautiful art and craft products like decorated pottery items, hand-made show pieces. This place is also known for its eateries outlet.

9.) The Domain

things to do in austin the domain

The Domain offers a great nightlife in Austin. As well as it has a number of pubs and clubs. Try not miss this place tonight. After enjoying this place you will surely feel thankful for their delightful cuisines, local artists like musicians, dancers. The place also holds a wonderful shopping center. Visitors from different places gather to enjoy the best tourist attraction of Austin assembled in one single stage.

10.) Book People

things to do in austin book people

It is one of the best independent bookstore established in Texas right since 1970 at the center of the downtown. You can definitely visit with your girlfriend or boyfriend. It is ranked as the best bookstore in Austin for last 15 years. This cafe includes a variety of coffee in its menu along with sodas, sandwiches and deserts. This is the perfect place for book lovers. You will find a wide variety of books in the stores which also allow you to sit and read in a quiet environment.

11.) Texas Tour

If you are looking for more destinations to visit while your stay at Austin, then here’s a list for you. The state of Texas comprises many tourist attractions that are worth a visit. San Antonio is located just a one hour twenty minute drive from Austin. This city has best of all the tourist spot like the SeaWorld, riverwalk, traders village, etc.  The cities of Dallas is 3 hour drive while  Houston takes 2 and half hour drive from Austin. The other places include El Paso and Amarillo. You can a plan a round trip across these cities.

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