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Things to do in Augusta GA

Augusta is a city in Georgia of the United States. It is located near to Savannah River. The city is full of attractions like Antebellum mansions, historic sites, and tree-lined places, that are perfect for spending holidays. Augusta is known for its celebration of colorful past, it is also proud of its present beauty and attractions. Located on the banks of the Savannah River, the Garden City is a mixture of Southern charm and there are various fun things to do in Augusta GA. The main attraction includes arts and culture of this magnificent city. It is also well-known for high-end shopping and fine cuisine. It is full of places that you must visit while your stay in Augusta GA. Read the article that will help you to know about the best things to do in Augusta GA.

things to do in Augusta ga

Things to do in Augusta GA

1.) Augusta GA Canal

If you are an adventure lover, this place is the best amongst all the best things to do in Augusta GA. The Augusta Canal explains its history, beautiful scenery, and recreation in a delightful way. This place offers a number of adventure activities to do in Augusta GA. For example, it offers dynamic activities like hiking, biking on the path that allows you to feel the beauty of this place. You can rent a boat and equipment for any activity and also relax on the evening Music Cruise.

2.) Water Work

The city’s waterways are amongst the wonderful sites of Augusta GA. Visit the extensive canal system and enjoy boating or jog down the tow path parallel to the water. This  is the locals’ favorite place in the town. This is the best amongst all the things to do in Augusta GA. It offers everything for group bike rides, tours or hikes along the extensive trails. The downtown area also includes a wonderful Riverwalk at the Savannah River. There is a big playground area, that allows you to see the views of beautiful riverside homes and fabulous boats. This is the romantic place to visit in Augusta GA.

3.) Morris Museum of Art

This museum is situated on the Riverwalk in Augusta GA Downtown. This is the first museum devoted to the art and artists of South America. There is a wonderful collection of 5,000 paintings, sculpture and there is also a photography gallery from late 18th century. This museum also organizes many special events throughout the year. If you are a history freak then you must show up here. This is one of the best things to do in Augusta GA with kids.

4.) Sacred Heart Cultural Center

The place welcomes you very specially. This is amongst the best tourist attraction of Augusta GA. This center was established in the year 1897, situated at the amazing Downtown Historic District. Sacred Heart, also has a former Catholic Church, which is now home to different cultural activities. That includes choral concerts, art exhibitions, annual Garden Festival and holiday events as well as the Augusta Ballet, the Augusta Children’s Chorale.

5.) Imperial Theater

This beautiful theater of Augusta was built to represent vaudeville and photoplay to the locals. It was initiated by Mr. Jake Wells. It was opened to the public on 18, 1918. This is one of the oldest theaters in the city and also comes on top amongst the list of things to do in Augusta GA. It is the best attraction of Augusta GA.

6.) History Museum

The Augusta Museum of History gathers and preserves the history of this city and the country. This is continuously educating and presents the history and the culture of the city in front of tourists. Its future generation is getting profound knowledge about history too right from the year 1937. It is the oldest in the town. This non-profit organization works with the help of the community’s rich section. The museum includes the largest and historical collection in the CSRA. This museum functions as a research and resource center for professional and historians, different organizations, and individuals. It also organizes a permanent exhibition. It is one of the perfect things to do in Augusta GA.

7.) Meadow Garden

It is among the best attractions of Augusta GA and also the oldest dwellings. The place is very much known for its quiet and inviting oasis in the center of the city Augusta GA. This place allows you to enjoy the beautiful treasure and you can get a guide for detailed information. There are lots of attraction including 18th and 19th century English and American furnishings, painting and equipment.

8.) Springfield Baptist Church

It was established in the year 1773, it is the oldest African-American church in the US. Springfield has a huge number of memberships in comparison to other churches of Augusta GA. This is among the spiritual things to do in Augusta GA. Some of the members shifted to Liberia, and the church still has a missionary relations with that country.

9.) Old Government House

The house is one of Augusta’s ancient buildings. It is the courthouse for Richmond County, established in 1801. The Old Government House is the perfect place for a wedding reception or any especial event. The beautiful garden is the accurate place which has a seating arrangement for a destination wedding. It has a photogenic appeal. So, get ready with the cameras and poses. As it gives you the scenic ambiance to capture special photos. Photo sessions can be booked between Monday to Thursday.

10.) Presbyterian Church

The Church was built in Augusta, Georgia. It is there for more than 2 centuries. The church is known for fulfilling the spiritual wish of the people in the Augusta GA and around the world. The story of the church is linked to historical events in the city, the state, and beyond. This is amongst the best things to do in Augusta GA.

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