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Things to do in Atlanta

The article is about things to do in Atlanta.It is a capital city of the Georgia in South America. Atlanta  is nestled around the Piedmont Plateau between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. The city had the prominent role in the civil war and Civil rights movements. Atlanta was supposed to be a railway junction but turned to be a commercial town. Today it has gained international fame in business. The popular brands such as CNN and Coca-Cola holds it roots in the Atlanta. The city honors the great deeds of the African-American leaders. The vibrant city has many tourist attractions to visit. Read more, to know things to do in Atlanta.

Things to do in Atlanta

1.) Skyview Atlanta

Things to do in Atlanta

 The amusement park boasts the cultural icon of  the Georgia that is Ferris Wheel. The 20 feet long wheel is one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world. Add some thrill to your trip and take a ride on a wheel. The ride is worth going for as you can view the whole city from the top. It is one of the best and must things to do in Atlanta.

2.) The World of Coca-Cola

The museum exhibits the history of our favorite soft drink, the Coca-Cola’s company. The monument holds many key attractions. The attractions include largest displays of Coke memorabilia, drinks testing room and 4D theater. The theater covers the history and making of the drink and Pop cultural gallery. Do you know our favorite cold drink was supposed to be headache medicine, however, water and carbonic acid were added to the syrup and it turned out to Coca-Cola. Visiting the place and seeing the  making of the drink is one of the best things to do in Atlanta.

3.) Georgia Aquarium

The beautiful aquarium showcases its visitors the enticing activities of marine life. The aquarium preserves exotic species of marine creatures. That include whale, sharks, fishes and other marines creatures which are generally found in the sea. Talking about the  things to do in Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, you can  snorkel or dive in the tanks with the sharks. Isn’t it amazing! The museum also offers its visitors a walk through an acrylic tunnel, in which you can view the fishes around you without getting wet.

4.) Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park

The park was established to welcome the Olympic games in the city of Georgia for the first time. The park is now sponsored by the famous brands such as Coca-Cola, CNN center, and human right museum. The place holds a wide array of entertaining attractions such as music noon where local bands perform, Wednesday wind down with jazz dance performance and  family fun day on Saturday and not to forget the rings show which exhibits dancing water show on the tunes of  pop music and a quality sound effects.

5.) Zoo Atlanta

Another most visited tourist attraction is Zoo Atlanta. It hosts more than 1000 animals and 200 different species of animals found around the globe. The zoo is home to twin pandas which are the only pandas in the US. A close encounter with  reptiles and amphibian is one of the fun things to do in Atlanta.

6.) The Fox Theater

The theater has a vast history. It was constructed as a Yaarab Temple Shrine Mosque with an Arabian theme. However, it turned into a theater and now it features the array of recreational activities. Ballet, rock concerts, movies operas and life performances are  a few recreational trails that the site offers. The theater also holds Egyptian Ballroom and Lavish salon which are available for the special screenings.

7.) Atlanta City Center

The massive center holds many  tourist attractions. Centennial Olympic games museum, smith family farm, Atlanta History museum, swan house, Kenan research center and the  historic gardens are to name the attractions. The city museum showcases the collections of artifacts of folk art, American civil war and other arts from the city’s history. If you want to get close to the history don’t forget to add the place in your bucket of things to do in Atlanta.

8.) Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site

The historic site is dedicated to the civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King Junior. The monument holds Luther’s childhood home and the Ebenezer Baptist Church where the king was baptized and Martin’s grave. If you wish  to know the eminent person more closely then do add in your list of informative things to do in Atlanta.

9.) Piedmont Park

The oldest and largest park is  situated in the downtown Atlanta. The grounds of the park were initially part of a renowned battle. In 2006,  the mark was redesigned as a greystone. However, the  place is now  Piedmont park aquatic center. The park is a hub of  sidewalk where locals and visitors come for a long walk in morning and evening. The tourist attractions in the park are Legacy fountain, new bridges, fishing piers, the Magnolia. The park also features events like entertainment shows, fitness programs and etc.

10.) Oakland Cemetery

The Oakland is the national historic landmark with the historic Oakland  foundation. The foundation has taken an  initiative to  maintain the cemetery. Today the historic place is known for parkland, sculptures, gardens and its wildlife.

11.) The Fernbank Museum of National History

The museum showcases the  natural history of the Georgia and technical-scientific phenomena with the help of contemporary techniques. The artifacts include a skeleton of world’s largest dinosaurs, the cultural treasure, rare artifacts. the museum also holds entertaining display’s of the ” Sensing Nature”. There are exhibits on local landscape and cultures of other countries

12.) Stone Mountain Park

The park was constructed  in   honor of the soldiers who died in the civil war. The center attraction of the park is the stone mountain. The visitors can reach  hill through a  cable car. The artificial with  paddle-free cruises is also a famous  attraction of the park and not to forget the museum around the park. To add the fun on your trip do add the place to your list of fun things to do in Atlanta.

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