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Things to do in Athens GA

If you are looking for the best things to do in Athens GA, this is your guide. Athens is the city in the state Georgia, United States. Athens GA is known for contemporary entertainment and eclectic nightlife. Spend a day strolling through the botanical garden, live music clubs, official museum and historic house museums. This city is settled below the Blue Ridge Mountains. The natural beauty of the city teams up with art galleries, amazing nightclubs, trendy shops and fabulous dining spots. It’s impressive gardens and historic architecture completes the trendy southern culture and traditional heritage. For adventure-seeking people’s, there are several adventurous activities in Athens such as hiking, cycling, mountain biking, climbing, paddling, trail running and more.

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Top Things to do in Athens GA: 

Here is the list of best attractions in Athens GA.

1) The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Visiting the state botanical garden of Georgia is one of the amazing things to do in Athens GA. This place has stunning displays, collections and trails. Explore the beauty of the garden. It serves as an educational, cultural and recreational place and one of the most visited attractions. This garden offers walking paths and education programs for kids. There is a variety of wild flowers and herbs which make the garden beautiful. This is a great place to walk and enjoy the amazing views of Athens.

2) Georgia Theater

things to do in athens ga

The Georgia Theater is a music venue in Athens, GA. This theatre houses a range of folk, popular and country acts. The Georgia Theater is a rock n roll venue with an amazing rooftop restaurant and bar. It is a special attraction with a great history of live acts. Enjoy the events or concerts and have drinks on the rooftop bar. You can also enjoy dinner in the restaurant. This place has a standing room only. This is one of the best music venues in Athens.

3) Sandy Creek Park

Enjoying outdoor recreation is one of the beautiful things to do in Sandy Creek Park. This park is surrounded by the lake Champman and offers a variety of activities. These activities include a boat ramp, hiking, disc golf course, dog parks, picnic areas, playground and fishing. There are hiking trail and a playground for children. You can also play golf in disc golf course. Taking a boat ride in the lake Champman is one of the interesting things to do in Athens GA.

4) Bear Hollow Zoo

Exploring the wildlife is one of the best things to do in Athens GA. Bear Hollow Zoo is situated in the Memorial park’s hardwood forest. If you love animals then you should visit this zoo. Bear Hollow Zoo is one of the most popular places for families to visit. The bear hollow zoo features wetlands, woodlands, a historic cabin and a center for interactive exhibits. This zoo offers several animals to see and touch. These animals include three black bears, white-tailed deer, river otters, owls, bobcats, bald eagle and many more.

5) Terrapin Beer Company

Visiting Terrapin Beer Company is one of the amazing things to do in Athens GA. Beer lovers will definitely love this place. As it offers a selection of beers with various qualities. The interior of the brewery is so attractive. Enjoy the live music, Nathan’s fresh brews and a pleasant environment. This Beer company offers the best craft beer for beer enthusiasts in Georgia. This is an awesome place for hanging out with friends.

6) Twilight Series

If you want to enjoy cycling event then Twilight Series is the best place to visit. The twilight series hosts bicycle races and events in Athens. It also hosts competitive events such as mountain biking, kids’ criterium, BMX racing and trick contests. This cycling event features professional races and amateur with different prizes for each. It is a favourite place for visitors due to its unique evening format and the large crowd gathering.

7) 40 Watt Club

Visiting the 40-watt club is one of the interesting things to do in Athens GA. The 40-watt club is a bar and a music venue in Athens. This bar features performers which range from local to national acts. Enjoy a variety of whisky in this club. Here you will find great concert venue and awesome bartenders. This is one of the most popular clubs in Athens. This club is the best place for enjoying the nightlife.

8) The Tree that Owns Itself

The tree that owns itself is the best place to visit. It is located on the top of the hill. It is a white oak tree which is very famous. This tree is also known as Jackson Oak. The original tree is cut down in 1942 then a new oak tree was grown in the same location. It is believed that this tree has owned itself and a small land is surrounded by its base. This tree is referred to as the ‘son of the tree’ that owns itself. This tree is surrounded by the linked chains. There is a stone slab where the text of the Jackson’s land is inscribed.

9) Georgia Museum of Art

Georgia Museum of Art is situated on the University of Georgia campus. The admission to this museum is free. The museum display works from the permanent collection as well as the temporary exhibitions from other institutions or generated in-house. A monthly family day, teen studios, film series and lectures are offered in educational program tours organized by the museum. This museum offers additional educational benefits and opportunities for scholarship and research. It has Four research centers, a library, a student internship program and course work. Quarterly receptions, student night and DJ parties are also held here.

10) Downtown Athens

Visiting downtown Athens is one of the happening things to do in Athens GA. It is one of the best places for enjoying shopping and nightlife. Downtown Athens houses a variety of shops, eateries and many art galleries. This is the ultimate place for hanging out and shopping. But the Georgia Square Mall is one of the famous malls in Athens. Enjoy the events that are held in the mall. This mall has a huge variety of fashion accessories, boutiques, jewellery, art galleries and fabulous clothing. Downtown Athens also house many bars, clubs and restaurants where you can enjoy the amazing nightlife.

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