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Things to do in Annapolis

In this article, we are discussing things to do in Annapolis. Annapolis is the capital Maryland. It is situated on the Chesapeake Bay. The Charming Metropolis welcomes its visitors with its vibrant features and its charming colonial heritage. The city is rich in culture and has great historical significance. Annapolis is famous for its picturesque with lovely old buildings and attractive views over the ocean. It is also famous for its best Museums and Heritage in Maryland. This city looks lively due to its popular highlights. Here you can get the best theatre scene, water sports, beautiful parks, etc. The city offers latest in dining, accommodation, shopping and entertainment. The city is the host to some great music festival. If you are planning to visit the city with your friends and family you will be lucky enough to spot music festival like Silopanna. These events allow you to dance, sing and enjoy. You will be pleased to know that Annapolis is also well known as a center of sailing and boating in mid-Atlantic. Here are some of the best things to do in Annapolis.

things to do in Annapolis

Best Things to do in Annapolis

1.) William Paca House and Garden

things to do in Annapolis William Paca House and Garden

Annapolis is full of lovely old colonial buildings. It’s actually a relief visiting it. The Paca House was the home of William Paca, a wealthy young planter who was the signer of the Independence. Visit this house and explore the lifestyle of this national historic landmark. This mansion also features a beautiful garden, that is best for walking around and relaxing. Nowadays, this historic building is used for the purpose of wedding receptions and hosting special events.

2.) Jonas Green Park

It is one of the best things to do in Annapolis. It is located on the Severn River. The Jonas green park offers you the best sandy beach for boating and picnic spot. This park is designated as a free fishing area. You can visit this park from dawn to dusk. It remains open 24 hours a day for fishing only. Fishing is the most delightful outing of this place. If fishing is not your thing, then also you can enjoy watching other people fishing and the soothing ambiance of this place.

3.) Maryland State House

things to do in Annapolis Maryland State House

Maryland State House is a government Building, completed in 1779. It’s truly a Historic Landmark with a unique wooden dome. It is one of the longest and only running capitol in the U.S that still runs for legislative businesses. This is one of the greatest heritage of the U.S, which opens for its visitors. It’s a self-guided tour to get a close look at the American history. Go and explore the history and past of this place.

4.) Thomas Point Lighthouse

Thomas lighthouse is an award-winning Bay Lighthouse Cruise. Join this 3 hours of treasure, the well-preserved vessel by the Chesapeake Bay Board. It includes three Chesapeake bay lighthouse and an exciting view of the waterfront. Enjoy the live entertainment and the narration by the lighthouse keeper. Those who are seeking for a nice time on the picturesque of the climate. Each lighthouse is unique from each other. This is a fun and unique activity when planning things to do in Annapolis.

5.) U.S. Naval Academy Museum

U.S. Naval Academy is a public maritime museum in Annapolis. It is one of the important attractions and things to do in Annapolis. It offers public a close view of the history of U.S. Navy and Naval Academy. The detailed craftsmanship and importance engage its visitors in visiting again. It also inspires them to know more about  the history and heritage of the U.S. Navy. It also displays some best exhibitions of the U.S. Navy.  Go and explore the other amazing things to do in Annapolis.

6.) National Electronics Museum

This historical Museum was built-in in 1980. The museum focuses on the electronics produced for defense and the technologies. It offers a variety of interactive and static displays. The museum also consists of radio equipped with modern systems and a library. This has become one of the best things  to do in Annapolis.

7.) Fort Smallwood Park

This is one of the best things to do in Annapolis. Fort Smallwood Park is a regional park locate on the Patapsco river. It’s wonderful to spend time with your family and friends here. It is also known as Hawkwatch site. You get to see the variety of species from all over the world. It has become one of the largest homes for the migrant species. This place simply for the purpose of photography, relaxing and bird watching.

8.) St John’s College

St. John’s college was built in 1789. It is also known as McDowell Hall. It is the third oldest academic building which is still running. The college focuses on traditional liberal arts, but then after moving to a classic based programs. Go and discover the history and the past of this college and search other amazing things to do in Annapolis.

9.) Annapolis City Segway Tour

If you are seeking some adventurous things to do in Annapolis. This is the best for you. Discover central Annapolis by Segway. It is a great way to wrap more through the ground than a walking tour but still enjoy being outside in the fresh air. Take a guide, drive easily around downtown Annapolis and the sea front area. It’s great passing by historical areas from the 1700s, Maryland State House, the William Paca House and St John’s College. This Segway tour is restricted to just six people per guide, guarantee you enjoy a small-group experience. So get along with your friends to make this tour memorable one.

10.) Vin 909

Vin 909 is the best American restaurants located in Annapolis. Floating on a small wooded hill and small, but pleasantly casual ambience. Vin is the best thing happened in Annapolis for food. Farm-sourced righteousness features duck confit, homemade pizzas with toppings like foie Gras, wild mushrooms and Spanish chorizo and BBQ sliders. You can choose from a wide range of old and rich wine, including over 3 dozen wines by the glass. So this is one of the best place and things to do in Annapolis for its visitors.

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