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Things to do in Alexandria VA

In this article, we will discuss things to do in Alexandria VA. Also, Popularly known as “The City of Alexandria”. It is a vibrant and historic city just beyond the glow of Washington, D.C. The best things about Alexandria is that the whole city is an attraction in itself. The city is home to various tourist attraction. From, old town Alexandria to Washington, D.C the city is packed with lots of things to do. Follow the article for more popular sightseeing in the Alexandria, VA.

Fun Things to do in Alexandria VA:

1.) The Bibliotheca Alexandrina

It is a best of Alexandria’s Great Library. This beautifully designed cultural center contains a museum as well as one of the contemporary world’s most ambitious libraries. Visitors can see a giant sun disk, managed over the waterfront Corniche. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Alexandria VA. Inside, you will find a huge reading room that can accommodate eight million volumes. In the main library, visitors can explore a range of wonderfully curated exhibits. The Graeco-Roman artifacts and statuary found during underwater exploration in the dock are the top two attractions.

2.) Explore Old Town

Old Town Alexandria is just a short drive away from the Springhill Suites. It is packed with amazing history and activities. The old town is placed on the Potomac River, features beautiful buildings from the ancient Alexandria. There is also a multitude of art galleries, venues for live music, museums, and theater. Just a few blocks away from the King Street is the home to exquisite cuisine, Gadsby’s Tavern, numerous boutiques and shops. Foodies will love this place for its wonderful restaurants. While fashion lovers will be attracted to the upscale stores found in the Boutique District. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Alexandria VA.

3.) Montazah Palace and Gardens

Things to do in Alexandria VA

Montazah garden is a lush haven of tall palm trees, blossoming flowers and trimmed lawns. The Palace with ornate Rococo flourishes and Florentine inspired towers is not open to everyone. But, people can stroll within the sprawling gardens after a day spent in Alexandria’s hustle. Built by great Khedive Abbas Hilmi, it was later extended by King Fuad and replaced Ras el-Tin Palace as the royal family’s summer house. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Alexandria VA. Montazah has a number of restaurants and hotels with lots of benefits from the fact that it is near to the former King’s palace.

4.) Torpedo Factory Art Center

It is one of the largest visual arts centers in the United States. The center consists of three floors. That covers several working studios, galleries, workshops, Museum, and the Art League School. This art center is now the main focus of old town Alexandria. The Torpedo Factory is located along the docks of the Potomac River. The sparkling waterfront also includes shops, public parks, marina, residences, and restaurants. It is one of the best things to do in Alexandria VA. A group of artist with the help of Alexandria changed the building into an art center.

5.) Washington Masonic Memorial

The memorial is a Masonic building built in 1920. It is located in Alexandria outside Washington, D.C. It highlights the contributions of Freemasons to the US. This impressive structure also serves as a research center. Along with a community center, a library, concert hall and a performing arts center. It also serves as a meeting site and banquet hall for local and visiting Masonic lodges. To visit this memorial is one of the most incredible things to do in Alexandria VA.

6.) Beaches

Alexandria has a long coastline. Along which there are a number of reserved beaches. The beaches are reserved for beach clubs, and hotels, particularly in Montazah. There are also some free beaches too. With the restoration of the Corniche, several artificial bays are being constructed. The sea and the sand in Alexandria are quite wonderful even in the winters. Spend some time here to take few pictures.  Take a stroll along the beach as it is one of the most fun things to do in Alexandria VA.

7.) The Alexandria National Museum

The museum is a must-see spot if you want to grab the vast history of this famed city. The exhibits and layout of this museum are truly awesome. The major display includes the museum itself. It was a palace built by a rich merchant. It is one of the most amazing things to do in Alexandria VA. There is a wonderful map representing, ‘what the classical city of Alexandria would have looked like’.

8.) The National Harbor

Here, you can explore a lively waterfront dining entertainment. You can also go for shopping on the shores of Potomac River. To reach the national harbor, halt at the marina and then rent a boat or kayak. You should then head to the Capital Wheel. Enjoy the awesome views of Washington, D.C from 180 feet in the air. After that, you can take a relaxing cruise on the calm Potomac River. It is one of the most joyful things to do in Alexandria VA. The harbor is an exciting gateway to Washington, D.C. Recently, it has become the most popular tourist destination.

9.) Corniche

The downtown Alexandria’s wide waterfront road is as much wonderful as any of its monuments. Here, you will get a real feel for the era of cosmopolitan elegance. The feel that marked this city in the early 20th century. Most of the architecture from that era is still standing along the Corniche. But, much of its heavily neglected and falling into disrepair. During your exploration of the town, check out the colonial ruins of the Windsor Palace Hotel and Cecil Hotel. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Alexandria VA.

10.) Fort of Qaitbey

The fort Qaitbey is an awesome building. It holds the ancient lighthouse of Alexandria. The fort was built in late 15th century which now hosts a naval museum. The exhibits clearly show the way soldiers defended the attack routed via sea. The place is quite and deserves a visit.

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