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Things to do in Alabama (US)

This article is about the best things to do in Alabama. Alabama is a part of southeastern region of the United States. Its adjacent cities include Georgia (in the east), Mississippi (in the west), Florida and Gulf of Mexico (in the south) and Tennessee (in north). It is known for having the highest navigable inland waterways in the nation. Alabama is also called Yellowhammer State, named after the state bird and is also known as “Dixie’s Heart” and cotton state. Alabama is the 13th largest state and 23rd most populous state among the 50 states of the United States. This state has a humid subtropical climate where the annual average temperature is 18°C. This state has very hot summers and mild winters. It also has diversity in a variety of flora and fauna. There are a lot of things to do in Alabama, which are suggested below:

Things to do in Alabama USA

Top Fun Things to do in Alabama:

1.) Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

When you will visit this museum, you are going to accept that this is one of the best motorcycle museum on this planet. Not just motorcycles, you can also find dozens of race cars and beautiful race tracks. This is a huge place with vintage motorcycles and cars. This place is must for motorsport lovers. Add this place in your list of things to do in Alabama.

2.) U.S. Space and Rocket Center

In this, center you can find detailed exhibits about space capsules from Mercury, rockets, Gemini and Apollo space programs. Also, there is Robotic and History Zoo, along with Saturn and Moon Exploration. There are many other great things to see. If you are an aspiring scientist or love science facts, visit this place. It is one of the interesting things to do in Alabama.

3.) Battleship USS Alabama

It is one of the great places to visit where you can spend your day without getting bored. Along with battleships you can hop in submarine and various planes. You will love when you take a tour through the USS drum. This place is very informative and educational. If you are interested in knowing battles and battleships, then add this to your list of things to do in Alabama.

4.) Alligator Alley

Take some alligator food along with you while visiting this place which consist of huge reptiles. You will be amazed to see the variety of alligators residing here. The staff present here provides you with the information about the alligators. You can feed these reptiles, touch them and click pictures with them. This is one of the fun things to do in Alabama.

5.) The Birmingham Museum of Art

Established in 1951, the Birmingham Museum of Art is the biggest municipal museum located in the Southeast. It has more than 24,000 works of art from the Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Its compilation is preserved in a building which was drafted by the architectural firm of Warren, Knight and Davis. It was finished in 1959. Since then, the building has undergone numerous major expansions making it 180,000 square feet or 16,723 square meters of space.

6.)  Twickenham Historic District

The Twickenham Historic District is among the three historic districts on the National Register of Historic Places. The city of Huntsville was earlier called as Twickenham, named after a London community where the poet Alexander Pope resided. Twickenham is the biggest antebellum district in Alabama. It has various good examples of early 19th century including Italianate, Federal and Classical architectural approach. Several were designed by George Steele, a Virginia-born architect. This is a nice place to add in your list of things to do in Alabama.

7.) The Outlet Shops of Grand River

Here you can see nicely laid out and landscaped shops. There is a fascinating set of shops, food court which serves multi cuisine food, so you can find anything you want to eat here. Here shops are built-in street fashion which doesn’t let you feel the place crowded. Shop here for yourself, friends and family.

8.) Bridge Street Town Center

Add this happening place in your list of things to do in Alabama. Another ideal place to do shopping is on Bridge street town center. It is a significant asset to Huntsville. Here you can shop, dine and plus you can enjoy the train, the carousel, kid fountain, man-made lake etc. During november you can enjoy the annual tree lightning done here which is quite beautiful to see.

9.) Orange Beach Sailing Charters and Sunset Cruises

If you want fun, adventure and relaxation then you should visit orange beach. This is among the best things to do in Alabama. The 32 miles of sand and clear water shorelines are the most excellent in the world. It is one of the ways to make your trip memorable. Spend your day by building sand castles and soaking up the sun. The highlight of this beach is sunset cruise. Do not forget to sail with this cruise to watch the beautiful sunset.

10.) Russel Caves

Russell Cave is situated in the northeast of Alabama close to the town of Bridgeport in Jackson County. It is a momentous archaeological place which provides a record of ancient humans. Russell Cave was declared as a National Monument in 1961 and in 1966 it was included on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, the cave is a division of the national park system and entertains visitors from all parts of the world.

11.) Locked In: The Birmingham Escape Game

One of the topmost things to do in Alabama is the Birmingham Escape Game. This place gives you a lot of fun and real life adventure. All you need is a team of 2-8 people to have an excellent experience of this place. Here you will work in a team and you need to escape from a locked room on the basis of clues and puzzles. It might not sound that interesting, but it’s a lot more interesting when you do this. So include this place on your list to visit.

12.) The Birmingham Zoo

Started in 1955, the Birmingham Zoo is among the most famous tourist attractions in Alabama. It is located on 122 acres of wooded land on south of the city center area. It keeps more than 800 animals representing over 200 species from six continents.

13.) Early Works Children Museum

Visiting Early Works Children Museum is one of the fun things to do in Alabama. Take pleasure in this unique, interactive experience where vacationers interact with the history. You can see a talking tree, talking clock, 46-foot keel boat, preschool education center and Biscuit’s Backyard. These are just some of the nice interactive exhibits. You will get more to explore in this museum.

14.) Bryant Denny Stadium

Do not miss visiting this football stadium as it has a rich history depicted by statues, sculptures of winning coaches. Watching a match here will give you a great experience. You can have lots of fun in this beautiful campus. For football lovers, this is one of the great things to do in Alabama.

15.) Malbis Plantation Greek Orthodox Church

This beautiful church is owned by the Malbis family. This is located in the middle of a rural area. It has walls full of paintings, history and other art. You will find it truly spectacular. Even the ceilings are covered with paintings portraying events from the bible. You must visit this place if you are in coastal Alabama.

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