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Things To Do In Melbourne, Australia

Planning to take a break from the monotonous routine of life? And also want to enjoy a joyous and relaxing vacation? This article will give you the necessary details to plan a trip to Melbourne, Australia. There are many things to do more than you have imagined.  You will experience the adventurous and fulfilled trip. The best place to visit is Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria. It is located on the southeastern corner of the continent. You will not only just discover but unfold the historic as well as the contemporary significance of the city. It’s also known for the “World’s Top Sports City”. To explore the new destination, here’s a quick guide for you in Things to do in Melbourne.

Things to do in Melbourne Australia

Top things to do in Melbourne:

1.) Balloon Flights Over Melbourne

Balloon Flights are Hot Air Balloon ride which is the most exciting urban adventure. To experience it the first day of your trip is best when you just landed in Melbourne. It will give the most panoramic view of the city from the Hot Air Balloon. You can tour the landmarks of the city from the height. Main sights include Melbourne cricket ground, Eureka Tower, West Gate Bridge, Yarra River accompanied by stunning parks, gardens from a bird’s eye experience . And if you are a keen photographer then there is no other way to capture the picturesque from the top.

2.) Melbourne’s Hidden Laneways

The next on your list of things to do in Melbourne should include the famous Hidden Laneways.  The best synthesis of historical style is the Melbourne’s grid city streets yet with a modern experience. It’s historical in a way because in these wide ordered streets bullock carts carried goods in the 19th century. The narrow Gothic style  lanes lead to  different surprises stored for you while passing by. So just hop in to any of the street side restaurants to enhance your taste buds with different cuisines. It’s best known to serve the Italian and Asian cuisines along with Gourmet outlets.

3.) Cape Schanck Lighthouse Reserve

Cape Schanck is the lighthouse museum. It provides a coastal scenery alongside the Bushrangers Bay Nature walk. Definitely add this to your things to do in Melbourne. The lighthouse has served shipping since 1859. The places nearby include a short walk  to Pulpit Rock, Basalt Cliffs, Pines picnic area. The exotic location provides you to enjoy a lazy lunch as the electric barbeque facility is available. Also, watch the marine life along side the bay. An overnight stay is worth to witness the Old Limestone Keeper’s Cottage.

4.) Federation Square, Victoria

Federation Square serves as the meeting place in Melbourne. There are unique cultural zone of various attractions, museums, galleries, restaurants and bars. Stroll around the area and fancy your eyes with the amazing experience. The  Atrium, a galleria like structure made up of glass, steel and zinc that features various art exhibitions. The best attraction of Federation Square serves multi –purpose of hosting festivals, markets, film screenings and sports events. This will totally give you a spectacular experience of varieties in one place under the same roof.

5.) Bohemian Brunswick Street

The Bohemian Brunswick street is in the heart of the city.Do stop by here for shop. The street brings together people from all walks of life to shop, eat-drink and dance. Hence, the best place to experience your vaguely artistic style to put into fashion. Also sooth your ears to live music while grabbing something new to eat.

6.) Outdoors In Melbourne’s Parks And Gardens

After visiting various attractions the next best place for you is right here. Just sit and relax to feel the calmness of nature. Also enjoy the leisure time by taking a visit to the Royal Botanic Garden, Kings Domain, Melbourne Zoo, Ftzroy Garden. These will provide you enough space for yourself or just take a bicycle ride along side the parks.

7.) Melbourne’s Rooptop Life

Also experience the luxury in Melbourne. If you are on a short trip do visit the rooftop restaurants. You will enjoy open air live music and screening of films while enjoying your dinner. There are lounges, restaurants, bars available in the old Majestic style along with the contemporary ones. The exciting part of this experience is witness the skyline of the bustling city from an aerial view. This will leave you with an awestruck moment to cherish it later on.

8.) Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival

Midsumma Festival is the annual festival held every year in Melbourne. Held between the month of January and February. Plan your visit to Melbourne during these months. Don’t miss out the spectacular performances and concerts. The fun part includes visual art, theater, spoken word, cabaret, film, live music, parties, sports, social events. Don’t miss an opportunity to experience the extravaganza .

9.) Melbourne Food And Wine Festival

Get your taste buds to have a sip of wine while in Melbourne. Be a part of  the famous and the longest wine festival in Melbourne if you have visited during the month of February. The main attraction of the wine festival is the tasting variety of wine. But it also includes other entertainment areas filled with fun and music. The best part comes when you get to let your taste buds explore the different culinary dishes. The cuisines are prepared by the best chefs from every corner of the Victorian city and the globe. Along with you will get an  experience of the wine being processed. In the vineyards itself you can enjoy your lunch with three unique courses of meals.

10.) Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix

Another things to do in Melbourne is the last according to this article. Melbourne’s Albert Park host the most thrilling and expensive car race of the world. If you are a sports car lover. Then grab the opportunity to spend your money lavishly to sit and watch the best racers of the world. It’s a marvel to see the most thrilling racers racing on the tracks in between the inner-city park. It contains the high Octane and high speed tracks.

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