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Things to do in Jacksonville NC

Jacksonville is located on the Bank of North Carolina which is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. It shares the border with Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west, Virginia to the north. Jacksonville is among the fastest growing  area like Raleigh and Charlotte. It attracts visitors for its blend of numerous outdoor activities, historical landmarks, and shopping centers. There are various things to do in Jacksonville NC for kids as well like the Lynwood Zoo. The surrounding of the city includes pristine beaches and the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Must visit this city to get rid of your hectic life schedule and feel a sense of relief with its numerous attractions.

Top Things to do in Jacksonville NC:

1.) Topsail Island

Things to do in Jacksonville NC

The Topsail Island is highly popular place regarded by visitors. Those planning trip to Jacksonville should add this place to the list of things to do in Jacksonville NC. The white sandy beaches are best among other that makes it perfect for sunbathing. Also, the abundance of fish in water is perfect for fishing enthusiastic people. For swimming, choose the blue ocean water as it is one of the most exciting things to do in Jacksonville NC. Be sure to bring swim trunks, beach towels, suntan lotion, fishing gear, and other necessary equipment required for water suffering.

2.) Enjoy at Sea Gull Recreation Center

Things to do in Jacksonville NC Gull Recreation Center

The Sea Gull Recreation Center has so many things such that you can easily spend a full day. Here you will be playing miniature golf and see how far you can hit the ball at the golf range. It is one of the sportiest things to do in Jacksonville NC. Try to hit fast coming ball to you at 90 mph speed. The place is also great for a picnic area. Golf pieces of equipment are accessible on lease or just bring your own.

3.) The Park Center

Things to do in Jacksonville NC the park center

Jacksonville holds numerous parks and community centers. The most approved park is the Wilson Bay Park which is next to the bay. It provides tourists various water activities like kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. The park also has a picnic shelter, playground, a boardwalk and lots of open space for amusement. The Jacksonville common complex has an outdoor basketball court, indoor gymnasium, volleyball courts, sports fields and playgrounds. Along the waterfront, you will find Willingham Waterfront Park that has a baseball diamond, tables for picnicking, playground and basketball court.

4.) Lynwood Park

Things to do in Jacksonville NC lynwood park

If you are in Jacksonville then don’t miss visiting Lynwood Park Zoo. In this zoo, you will be spending your day with wonderful, sweet and weird animals from all over the world. This nicely spanned zoo with sweet animal’s exhibits is a brilliant place for kids. The added advantage of visiting the zoo is that it has a nice pond and separate well-maintained picnic area for fun.

5.) Camp Lejeune

Things to do in Jacksonville NC camp lejeune

Camp Lejeune is responsible for making Jacksonville what it is today. The people living around and on the base make it’s all the economy. There are amazing things to see once you get access to the place. The entry is only allowed after showing any military ID if you don’t have then asked someone who has the ID. The place is self-explanatory in itself, this can be understood as area spans in huge acres of land. The best sightseeing here includes a naval hospital, movie theaters, mall and three schools. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Jacksonville NC.

6.) Shows and Cruises

Things to do in Jacksonville NC shows and cruise

While viewing the bay, enjoy the cuisine at Marine Cafe family restaurant which offers the wide variety of meals. The story does not end here it also server’s sunset cruises and different types of water related trips. For art loving kids and adults there is the Legacy Theater Company that organizes live dramatic events. The event entertains any kind of skill dramas, comedy or musicals. It is one of the most artistic things to do in Jacksonville NC.

7.) Duck’s Grille and Bar

Things to do in Jacksonville NC duck's grille and bar

Duck’s Grille and bar is a popular local hangout spot located on Gum Branch Road. The main features include a classic pub food, beer menu, live music and a nice wine. The spot is the most preferred choice for lunch, dinner or late night drinks. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Jacksonville NC. To catch a live sports game in the town, the place is indeed perfect for that.

8.) Jumpin Jax

Things to do in Jacksonville NC jumpin jax

Jumpin Jax is particularly designed for kids to offer them some old fashioned activities. It features a revolving sequence of slides, classic bounce houses, obstacles courses and themed specialty items. The fun workout at this place ensures you a quiet night afterward.

9.) Bowl Arena

Things to do in Jacksonville NC bowl arena

It is a 32 lane bowling center which offers open and league bowling facilities. You can get shoe and locker on rent. The other features of the place include a game room, a pro shop, a bar with adult beverages, smoking area and birthday party hosting. It is one of the most joyful things to do in Jacksonville NC.

10.) Jacksonville Mall

Things to do in Jacksonville NC jacksonville mall

Enhance your wardrobe by visiting Jacksonville Mall. Here you will find some hidden gems also. The main product offer by the mall includes home furnishings, cowboy boots, and designer handbags. The mall offers something for every taste and you will discover some unique collection worth bringing home.

11.) 30 Acre & Mule Farm

Things to do in Jacksonville 30 acre and mule farm

The main focus of the place is the activity of gem panning. Gems that have been found at this place  can be approved by a professional to see if they can be cut and polished. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Jacksonville NC.

12.) Pelletier House

Things to do in Jacksonville NC pelletier house

The Pelletier House is a National Historic Landmark. It features striking Greek revival architecture. Its purity and pleasant site make visiting it an enjoyable afternoon retreat. The house is located at the New River atop Wetland Spring. On special events, visitors can also view the interior of the house.

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