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Things to do in Austin Texas

This article is about best things to do in Austin Texas. This article will help you select the best destinations to visit in the city. Austin is the capital of Texas and one of the largest state capitals in the US. The city also holds a tag of “live music capital in the world”. It hosts more live music venues than other cities around the world. Formula 1’s Circuit of the America Raceway, Red Granite State Capitol, University and film industry of Texas are the prominent landmarks of the city. Austin was founded in the 18th century and was named after “Father of Texas”, Stephen F. Austin. Read more, to learn about fun things to do in Austin Texas.

Top Things to do in Austin Texas:

1.) Texas State Capitol

Things to do in Austin Texas

The monument holds the office of the State Governor and Texas Legislature’s chamber. Texas State capital is a historic landmark of Texas. The monument is 308 ft long and is one of the tallest State Capitols. The construction of the building was started in the beginning of 1880 and was completed in 1888. Great walk, the monument of Heroes of Alamo and monument to Vietnam War veterans are the highlights of the state capital. Visiting the palace is one of the best things to do in Austin Texas.

2.) Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird lake is one of the main recreational areas in Austin. The massive lake was initially known as Town Lake. It acts as a reservoir on the Colorado River in Austin Downtown. The beautiful lake boasts mesmerizing scenic views. The lake is lined up with many residential complexes and hotels. Ladybird lake is a hub of recreational activities such as Kayaks and canoes. Also, it is home to Auditorium Shores, a venue which holds live concerts and film – music festivals. You can also stroll around the Ann. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge that passes over the lake.

3.) Zilker Park and Botanical Garden

The park is a hub of many recreational activities that include hiking and biking. It is known as the “Crown Jewel” of the Austin park system since it is the prettiest park in the city. The park is home to various iconic events. Zilker Park Kite Festival and Austin City Limits music Festival are to name some of the events that take place here. The centerpiece of the park is Zilker Botanical Garden. The park showcases various gardens such as City of Austin’s Green Garden, Pioneer village, Mabel Davis Rose Garden, herb, and Fragrance garden. Strolling around this sprawling park is one of the best things to do in Austin Texas.

4.) The Paramount Theater

The theater was built in 1915. It features live events and a movie theater. The highlight of the theater is its architecture. It is carved out in classical revival style structure. It has hosted an array of world famous acts and premiers of the classical movies such as Batman. The events are executed round the year and the list of the events is decided in advance. So that visitors can book their ticket in advance. The historic theater in Downtown Austin captures the American cinema and art. This makes it one of the best things to do  in Austin Texas.

5.) Mexic – Arte Museum

The museum exhibits contemporary and traditional Mexican, Latin America and America’s art and cultures. It includes paintings, photography and renowned sculptures. Another attraction around the museum is Jack B. Blanton Museum of art and the contemporary Austin. It showcases the contemporary art exhibits. Any art lover would love to take a glance into the masterpieces of the city. Thereby do pay a visit to the museum.

6.) Barton Creek Square

Looking for the best shopping venues in Austin? If yes, visit Barton Creek Square, it is cubical shopping mall where you will find shops, hotels and lots more. From clothes, jewelry to antiques you will find everything here under one roof. It was the first biggest mall in the city. The semi-circular shaped mall has very nice architecture. It also holds a movie theater where you can catch up with latest movies. It is the best place to hang around. And ideally one of the top things to do in Austin Texas.

7.) Scholz Garten

It is probably most happening place in the town. Scholz Garten boasts a collection of German beer. The interior of the place is very classic. A main hub of entertainment for youths and adults. The bar is famous for its barbecue, service and beers. Do visit this happening place.

8.) Umlauf Sculpture garden and Museum

The museum is surrounded by a park. It features American sculptures which were built in contemporary era. The sculptures are nestled around the waterfall and ponds which enhances the natural beauty of the garden. The museum showcases the fine collection of American artist, Charles Umlauf along with the sneak peek into his life. The museum also display’s the work of another artist as well. Also, it holds many events and musical concerts regularly. Do not forget the site to add in your bucket of things to do in Austin.

9.) Bullock Texas History Museum

Want to have a glance at Texas history? If yes, then do visit the museum. The museum has three floors which are designed for interactive exhibits. The theme of the first-floor is “land”, second’s “identify” and “opportunity” for the third floor. The second floor holds many presentations, depicting the history of texas. It also plays many shows which will give you an insight into the city. The museum also boasts IMAX theater used to project films on a large scale. It is one of the best things to do in Austin.

10.) George Washington Carver Museum

The museum exhibits a wide cultural collection. It features artifacts, paintings, and sculptures. The collection is a home to the research, preservation of African-American culture and history. The massive museum is one of the landmark monuments of the city. The museum houses galleries, dark rooms, dance theater, summer camps theater production. To conclude, the museum is a hub of art, culture and entertainment. And that makes it one of the best things do in Austin.

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