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Things to do in Auckland

Auckland is a major city in the north of New Zealand’s North Island. Auckland is among the lovely places in New Zealand like Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Dunedin, Nelson Rotorua, etc. The Queen Street in downtown has the iconic Sky Tower which can give you amazing views of Viaduct Harbour. Auckland is New Zealand’s most buzzing city. There are plenty of things to do in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. If you don’t much bother about browsing the shops and drinking at bars then there’s a volcanic cone to climb, parks to enjoy and beaches to swim.

Fun Things to do in Auckland:

1.) Auckland Sky Tower

Things to do in Auckland

Auckland city’s impressive Sky Tower is undoubtedly the best ever seen a view of Auckland. It is standing proudly over the rest of the city skyline. Sky tower is New Zealand’s tallest man-made construction at an impressive height of 328 metres. If you want some epic views, then the Sky Tower should be the best stop after visiting Auckland. It is one of the best things to do in Auckland. All it takes is an entry pass and a quick ride in the elevator. You will find yourself high above the city on the large viewing deck. Auckland takes on a whole fresh life if viewed from that height. Especially the harbour and the buildings of Auckland look amazing. It is also perhaps the best place in the greater Auckland area from which to take in a sunset.

2.) Waitemata Harbor

Things to do in Auckland waitemata harbour

The marine culture has played a significant role for the ages in Auckland’s society and development. The Auckland Harbour (or Waitemata Harbour) is one of the major symbols of the city. The harbor is a colony of activity both on and off the water as various boats. It always keeps on changing with the weather and with a typically stunning outlook. It is one of the most amazing things to do in Auckland. From small tinnies to ship flying their spinnakers all get their route in and out of its waters all covered off by the harbor bridge. The harbor isn’t only a hollow body of water, but it is dotted with numerous islands. Every island is different with their own character that adds the sprinkles of color to the proceedings.

3.) One Tree Hill

Things to do in Auckland one tree hill

For many locals, the volcanic cone of One Tree Hill is the main symbol of their city. The 182-meter-high hill sits among the dense Cornwall Park with a range of flower beds. The One Tree Hill gets the south-west corner of the park. And the slopes contain ruins of a Maori Pa located here throughout the pre-European era. At the peak of the hill is a solitary obelisk established over the grave of Sir John Logan Campbell. The man who gifted the swath to the Auckland for City Park. There are fabulous scenes across the cityscape from the hill top. A trip to this place is one of the most exciting things to do in Auckland.

4.) Waiheke Island

Things to do in Auckland waiheke island

Waiheke Island is the most famous to visit and one of the best things to do in Auckland. This place deserves a visit and you won’t regret either after visiting. It is a place to many a lifestyle and the architecture is fabulous the sea views are awesome too. About 8,000 people live on this island year-round. The island’s villages are shelter to art exhibits and a thriving café culture. On the other hand, the coast hosts loads of white sand beaches. For enthusiastic walkers and hikers, there is a variety of trails winds beside the coastline and into the island interior. For magnificent views and a challenging trip, the Church Bay Circuit is a unique three-hour walk that exhibits the best of the island.  You can’t afford to miss the Stony Batter Historic Reserve if you really a history lover. It’s underground tunnel system created in World War II in case Auckland was attacked.

5.) Auckland City Center Architecture

Things to do in Auckland city center

Although, Downtown Auckland seems as a completely modern city. However, amid the modern towers, there are numerous prime examples of early historical architecture for fans to seek out. The imposing Ferry Building makes a striking English-Baroque mark on the harbour, made in 1912. Append the Ferry Building is the Chief Post Office, created by John Campbell in 1911. Auckland Town Hall consists of a marble façade, built in 1911. The St. Patrick’s Cathedral is one of New Zealand’s first churches, constructed in 1848. Additionally, don’t miss Auckland High Court among its richly-decorated brickwork, completed with gargoyles and turrets.

6.) Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

Things to do in Auckland Kelly Tarlton Aquarium

Auckland CBD is the area’s famous Kelly Tarlton’s underwater globe. The card-carrier for the area’s aquarium providing and the home of New Zealand’s only set of subantarctic penguins and many other species of marine wildlife. The penguin’s exhibit, in particular, provides an adventure that is somewhat interactive. It is one of the best fun things to do in Auckland.

7.) East Coast Beaches

Things to do in Auckland east coast beaches

The city’s eastern coast is mottled with beautiful forest-rimmed beaches. These beaches are top sunbathing and swimming spots for Aucklanders during summer weekends. Takapuna Beach, ignoring Rangitoto Island, is one of the most popular sandy strips in the city. Neighbors are Milford Beach and Cheltenham Beach, tend to be less crowded.  A short trip of the city, though, presents you to even more magnificent beaches. So, add this spot in your list of things to do in Auckland.

8.) Mount Eden

Things to do in Auckland mount eden

The Mount Eden is being the highest volcanic peak in mainland Auckland. The fabulous views from its top make a must visit Mount Eden that worth the both time and effort. With a top that stands 196m above the ground, the summit is the perfect spot to take in an impressive 360-degree panorama of Auckland. It’s lovely harbor which is perfect for photography for the visiting traveler.

9.) Coast to Coast Walk

Things to do in Auckland coast to coast walk

Want encapsulated things to do in Auckland then coast to coast walk is an ideal choice. This type of trip is best to see central Auckland by foot. It includes parks and the volcanic cones of Mt Eden and One Tree Hill. That will offer the picture perfect pictures of Auckland city. Don’t feel like doing the whole thing then trip to all the major highlights between the One Tree Hill and Auckland Domain.

10.) Walk in the Park

Things to do in Auckland silo park

Watching a movie at Silo Cinema is one of the best things to do in Auckland. During the summer months enjoy a movie projected onto a silo. The cinema is located in Silo Park, across the Viaduct Harbour. The cinema show takes place each Friday or Saturday of the summer. Additionally, explore the night market, food stalls and enjoy the Auckland community atmosphere.

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