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Sydney Things to do

Sydney is full with all that you want. Yes, you said right there are all the amazing Sydney things to do. It is the capital of New South Wales and one of the biggest cities in Australia. This beautiful city in Australia is full of attractions like sun, surf, beautiful park, amusement park and lots of activities. Don’t waste your time looking for the guide read this article it will help you to know all the tourist attractions and Sydney things to do. Read below to know all the places to visit in Sydney.

Sydney Things to do

Sydney Things to do:

1.) Sydney Tower

sydney things to do sdyney tower

It is the highest view point that serves as an observation desk from the building at southern hemisphere. It is the Sydney’s tallest building with the height of 1000 feet. This tower offers an incredible view ranging from the Central coast to the Blue Mountains. It also allows you to gaze at the beautiful view of the city. There are two revolving restaurants at observation deck where you can enjoy the Sydney’s most wonderful dining experience. They also serve beer and wine. This is the best amongst all the Sydney things to do.

2.) Taronga Zoo

sydney things to do taronga zoo

Right after you gaze the city Sydney Harbour, visit the most popular tourist attraction of Sydney, the Taronga Zoo. There is no match for this zoo in the whole Australia. It is the best Sydney things to do with kids. This stunning zoological garden is home to more than 4000 species and animals that include all the Australian natives like Kangaroos, Koalas and Tigers. The Aviary, which is a rainforest allows seeing the glimpse of tropical birds that comes from northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. This zoo organizes many shows and educational conversations throughout the day. The famous among those shows are the bird show and seal show.

3.) Queen Victoria Building

sydney things to do queen victoria building

This place is perfect to know about the Sydney’s rich history with a little shopping. It is among the best Sydney’s attractions, built in 1898 to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.This ancient building includes amazing 21 domes with the diameter of 65 feet. It was renovated in the year 1980 but before this renovation, the building was used as the fresh product market and for the government offices. It is the best among all the Sydney things to do. This place has more than 200 shops that are perfect for everyone. There is everything available that you can think of to buy. There are also some amazing gift shops from where you can buy gist for your dear ones.

4.) Mr Macquaries Chair

sydney things to do macquaris chair

This is among the best places to visit in Sydney, it is known for its romantic picnic spot, stunning sunset and offers the best view of the city. This is the must to do activity in Sydney. The wife of Macquarie (governor) used to visit this spot and relax on a chair that had been made especially for her. It is best-known place among the locals for the best views of the New Year’s fireworks and the romantic picnic spot.

5.) Sydney Harbour Bridge

sydney things to do bridge

It is the landmark of Sydney which is often known as “The Coat Hanger”. Its span 1605 feet includes eight lanes of roadways and two railway tracks. This is among the best tourist attractions of Sydney. This bridge takes the spot light when wandering through Circular Quay, while enjoying the Sydney sun, turn 180 degrees, you will reach the Sydney Opera House. It is the best Sydney things to do.You can experience the best activity at this place, that is Bridge climb. After climbing the 1337 steps to the peak, you will find a stunning view of the harbour.

6.) Pier Restaurant

sydney things to do pier

The restaurant is well known for its fine dining and it also serves some of the amazing beer and wine. It is famous for its great ambience as it is located on the Rose Bay that offers and elegant view of Sydney. It is the best Sydney things to do. It is locally well known for its delicious cuisines and romantic atmosphere. Do pay your visit to experience the best dining and beer in the town.

7.) Sydney Bar

sydney things to do bar

Are you searching for the best nightlife venue in Sydney? Here we come up with the result of your search, Sydney is itself known for its happening and energetic nightlife. This place enjoys every day of the life. This energy of this city will make you dance to its tune even if you don’t know how. The best bar in the city is Greenwood Hotel that has a big separate section as a bar. It is the best recommendation of locals for the best bar and the amazing nightlife. The restaurant own altogether 4 bars in the same city it serves whatever you wish to right from starters, main course, beer to alcohols  Do visit this place to experience the real energy of Sydney.

8.) Shopping at Sydney

sydney things to do shopping

Saba is an expensive, stylish and beautiful shop for both stylish men and women in Sydney. It includes all the sophisticated to simple designer and quality fabrics that it satisfies every customer. This is amongst the best Sydney things to do. All the clothes are designed by the famous Australian designer that own name in this industry. This shop serves mainly the customer between the age 20 to 50.

9.) Australian Museum

sydney things to do australian museum

For those who keen to know Sydney’s history, can pay a visit to Australia’s most popular and historical museum. This is the best amongst the Sydney things to do. This special foundation is dedicated to the natural history and human studies of Sydney and Australia. The museum opened in 1827 and is one of the urban community’s most ancient buildings. It is in a lovely neoclassical sandstone fabricated building and includes various exhibits on Australian Aboriginal society. It also has displays that include old and modern artifacts.

10.) Powerhouse Museum

sydney things to do powerhouse

This is one of the best Sydney things to do for youngsters or science lover. Step in the Sydney Powerhouse that includes 25 amazing and educational displays. Whether it is technology, history, science or beautiful art and craft the exhibits cover a wide range. Numerous displays aim to educate and entertain the kids with intelligent learning techniques and classes are arranged regularly. This  is the best tourist attractions, so plan a trip to Sydney.

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