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San Francisco Things to do

In this article, we will discuss the best San Francisco things to do. One of the best things about touring San Francisco is that it is quite small geographically. But it is really “huge” in terms of attractions and facilities. The city is spread over 49 square miles. San Francisco is quite easy to explore and there are various fun things to do in a short period of time. Iconic “Golden Gate” bridge, cable car and north beach are among the most popular tourist destinations in the city. Here is a recommended list of the top things to do in San Francisco.

San Francisco Things to do

Top San Francisco Things to do:

1.) Take a Walk Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Among various San Francisco things to do, this bridge will always be the top touring spot. The Golden Gate Bridge is well-known bridge in the world. The bridge manages to amaze even the most experienced vacationers with its spectacular 1.7-mile span. Around 120,000 vehicles drive across it every day. A pedestrian sidewalk also lets the crossing on foot, and bikes are permitted on the western side. The Golden Gate Bridge is said to be among the most photographed things on Earth.

2.) Make a Visit to the Rock

Another nice place to add in your list of San Francisco things to do. Alcatraz, the notorious former jail. It is situated on an island by the same name in the center of San Francisco Bay. Some of United States’ most infamous criminals were imprisoned there. Although many tried, but no prisoner ever made a successful breakout from “The Rock.” The prison was shut in the 1960s and story about Alcatraz are renowned. A trip to Alcatraz is one of the most interesting things to do. Recorded cell-house trips are available. It allows visitors to explore the prison as they visit the buildings and grounds. To reach the island, take an Alcatraz Cruise ferry from Pier 33. Advance reservations are suggested.

3.) Enjoy a Ride in a Cable Car

Since the late 19th century, the Cable cars have been carrying people around San Francisco. The cars move on tracks. Those are run by an underground cable on 3 routes. Their recognizable bells can be heard buzzing from blocks away. Tickets (approx $7) can be bought at the cable car turnarounds at the ends of each course. Each one way ride will offer stunning views of the city’s eminent hills as well as invigorating transportation. Include this fun ride in your list of San Francisco things to do.

4.) Discover North Beach

North Beach, the city’s Italian district, is not a beach at all. It’s a quarter of quixotic European-style walkway restaurants, cafes, and shops. It is located close to Washington Square along Columbus and Grant avenues. The gorgeous Church of Saints Peter and Paul is a beloved attraction. Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill presents an impressive vantage point for pictures of the bridges and the Bay. Within the tower, you can see beautiful floors, walls and ceiling murals that were decorated in the 1930s. It represents the views of early San Francisco.

5.) Get a hold of Culture

A vacation to San Francisco would not be said complete without a cultural and traditional experience. San Francisco is abode to the globally renowned symphony, ballet and opera companies. Many playwrights bring their works to San Francisco.  Also dance companies and ultra-modern theater aims the city. The Asian Art Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (not available until early 2016), the Legion of Honor, the de Young Museum, and other museums and galleries are dedicated to the best of classical and modern arts. San Francisco is also housed with the California Academy of Sciences. The only place on earth with a planetarium, an aquarium, a natural history museum, and a 4 story rainforest all under one roof.

6.) Shop in Union Square

Union Square is the location for stern shoppers. Chief department stores and the most elite designer boutiques lining up the streets. It includes Sutter, Post, Grant, Geary, Stockton and Powell. The Westfield San Francisco Shopping Center shelters the biggest Bloomingdale’s outside New York and the second biggest Nordstrom in the U.S. A must add  place to include in your San Francisco things to do list.

7.) Watch the Sea Lions

Fisherman’s Wharf is also abode to PIER 39. It is a cheerful waterfront marketplace that is among the city’s most popular highlights. A society of California sea lions have taken up habitation on the floats in the PIER 39 Marina and tourists stand along the close by railing to enjoy their tricks. From there, it is a small walk to the San Francisco Madame Tussaud, Dungeon, Ripley’s Believe It or Not . Also visit the famous crab seller vending walk-away crab and shrimp cocktails.

8.) Stroll Through the Oldest Chinatown

The doorway to Chinatown at Grant Avenue and Bush Street is called the “Dragon’s Gate.” Inside which are 24 blocks of hustle and bustle. And the majority of it takes place down Grant Avenue which is the oldest street in San Francisco. This city, is best discovered on foot if you are fond of walking. Food markets, exotic shops, renowned restaurants, temples and small museums encompass its boundaries. Tourists can purchase ancient concoction or tonics from herb shops. Besides that witness the making of fortune cookies or relax and enjoy a “dim sum” lunch. This is going to be of the most awesome San Francisco things to do.

9.) Dine at World-Class Restaurants

Dining in San Francisco is a fun in itself. Known as the America’s top restaurant cities, San Francisco chefs shines at combining the freshest home ingredients, genuine international flavors and a touch of innovative genius. Variety is immense here. So just choose your cuisine – it serves the delicacies from Asian to Mediterranean, American to European.

10.) Ring in the San Francisco Nightlife

Nightlife in San Francisco is a frequently changing picture. The “hottest” clubs at present are in the South of Market and Mission regions. Those are popular for live performances and recorded rock and Latin music. Blues, Jazz, swing and “oldies” composition can be experienced all over town. Just walk across the blocks and choose from a wide range of pubs, bars and restaurants. Do not forget to check out the upcoming or ongoing events when you visit.

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