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San Antonio Things to do

The article is about San Antonio things to do. San Antonio is the prominent city in the south-central Texas, USA. The city has a rich colonial heritage which  uncovers the culture and  lifestyle of the people living in the city. If you are thinking about – What makes the city more beautiful? It is the San Antonio River. Unlike another business-oriented city, this one is more colorful and vibrant. The downtown is the main attraction in San Antonio for the tourist as it is surrounded by the glorious attractions that are the Riverwalk and the Alamo. Read more, to know San Antonio things to do.

 San Antonio Things to do 

1.) San Antonio River Walk

san Antonio things to do

One of the must things to do in San Antonio is a stroll around the river. The river walks also known as Paseo Del Rio is a network of walkways adjacent to the banks of the river San Antonio. It is a main hub of the pedestrian in morning and evening. The river walk is surrounded by the shops, cafes, eateries, bars, restaurants. The paved paths, lush landscape, and arched stone bridge make the place more appealing. A long walk around the river will refresh your mind and it is worth doing so. You can go for boating and many other fun activities around the river walk. The place also offers private tours and dinner cruises, which is the best San Antonio things to do.

2.) Seaworld San Antonio

Seaworld San Antonio is a huge marine mammal, animal park, and oceanarium. It is the largest  aquarium in the city. As the name suggest the place captures the sea world and exotic marine  animals.  Experience the marine life in the water park. The major attractions of the place include thrilling rides, shows like penguin encounter, dolphin cove, explorer reef, alligator alley, flamingo cove and many more. Thrill yourself and do visit Sea world, one of the best things to do in San Antonio.

3.) Tower of the America

Tower of the America is another tourist attraction in the downtown. The tower is 750 long, which makes it one of the largest towers in the world. The best part of the tower is that you can go inside it as it holds revolving restaurants and lounges. It is nestled in the  middle of the Hemisfair park. The site from the tower provides a panoramic view of the city which is again must thing to do in San Antonio. Don’t forget to add this in San Antonio things to do list.

4.) The Majestic Theater

Looking  for the entertainment hub, here we have the majestic theater. It is a largest and oldest atmospheric theater in the city. The place showcases live concerts of the renowned legends, dramas, plays by the theater and many popular artists. Dance shows, circus, magic shows,  classical music, rock, and pop, comedy are other highlights. The place also enthralls the sports such as basketball, football, hockey, rodeo. Come and feel the majestic forms of arts under one roof. A perfect places in San Antonio things to do.

5.) Fort Sam Houston

Fort Sam Houston is the one of the largest city in the US, San Antonio. The place is filled with many things to do in San Antonio. It is known as a military city of the US since it shares a good rapport with the military community. The Fort Sam showcases the rich history of the  city. The fort got its name from the General Sam Houston, prominent revolutionary. The city boasts warm summers, mild winters, and the sun shine’s all round the year.

6.) The Guenther House

The another things to do in San Antonio is the Guenther house. The best part of the palace is that it is a museum cum- restaurant and a store situated in the Guenther Street. The store is a giant juncture of the entry that provides the world-class pastries, biscuits, pizzas, gravies and sausages and other  food items across the country. Do not forget to taste this world class snacks, one of the best San Antonio things to do.

7.) Iron Rattler

Iron rattler is a huge steel roller coaster situated at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio. The rattler is a first hybrid wood and steel roller coaster which flips flops upwards and downward. If you are adventurous then give your adrenal a rush and get a ride in the steel roller coaster ride which is the latest ride in the city.

8.) Freeman Coliseum

Entertain yourself at  freeman coliseum. The place is a concert and sports venue. It has hosted numerous events such as San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, trade shows, concerts, stock shows,  circus, hockey, boxing and not to forget  adventurous bull riding. Take yourself one notch higher and retreat yourself with the too much entertainment factor. Do not forget to add this to your list of  San Antonio things to do.

9.) La Cantera Golf Club

For all the golfers, this places is surely a retreat. It is situated in the  La Cantera district, San Antonio, Texas, USA. what would be more thrilling than watching the annual tournament in the stadium. For all the sports lover this also a must thing to do in San Antonio.

10.) Tower Life Building

The building is a historic and landmark in the downtown city. The tower is designed with the neo-gothic bricks and has a mind blowing interior. It is one of the great addition to the San Antonio’s skyline. The unique  octagonal shape of the building makes it stand out from other contemporary buildings. To relish the scenic beautiful scenic view from the beautiful do the place in your list of things to do in San Antonio.

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