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Phuket Things To Do

In this article, we are exploring Phuket things to do. Phuket is a rainforest and mountainous island in the Andaman Sea (Thailand). It has some Thailand’s most famous beaches. Mostly located along the clear waters of the western coast. The name Phuket originated from two Thai words, “phu” (mountain) of “ket” (jewel). Phuket was previously known as Thalang. Phuket is surrounded by many high-end seaside resorts, restaurants, and best spas.

Phuket is best known for its islands, beaches, and nightlife. There are lot many things to do in Phuket with your family and friends. Blue waters, great food, sandy beaches, and diving all are the best Phuket things to do. Travelers flock here from all over the world for adventure and relaxation. Phuket is also best known for its exceptional climate. Let’s look into more things to do in Phuket through this article.

Top Phuket Things To Do:

1.) Snorkeling

phuket things to do

It is one of the best and exceptional things to do in Phuket. Those who are adventurous and want some thrilling activities, snorkeling is a good activity to do in Phuket for them. Probably, you don’t have enough time for proper diving lessons. Snorkeling provides you with nice and easy options. In the clear waters of Thailand makes it excellent for you. Along with boat tours, snorkeling allows you to experience gorgeously colored fishes, sea urchins and other fascinating creatures around the island.

2.) Phuket Trickeye Museum

best phuket things to do

It is an interactive 3D painting exhibition. Presenting amazing photo opportunities and entertainment for the family and kids. It is located at the corner of Phang Nga and Montri roads in a large two storey building. It features about 100 sculpted and painted scenes using Trompe-l’oeil techniques. One must experience this unreal and hilarious world like situations. It’s a complete package of fun and entertainment.

3.) Diving

Diving is one of the best Phuket things to do. Many people come here, especially for learning scuba diving. Khao Tao is the preferred place to get the training. They will take you to the beautiful and calm Phi Phi island and other famous islands. It is not limited to diving only, in fact, it also offers surfing, boating, sailing. It is considered to be the best Phuket things to do.

4.) Patong Beach

top phuket things to do

Patong beach is the longest beach of Phuket. It has become a hub of activities than a retreat from the world. It is one of the most beautiful beaches ever with a wide variety of activities and nightlife. It is the best place to play and party. It also has an active nightlife which offers you the best restaurants, GoGo Bars, beer bars and discos. The key to full enjoyment here is to speed yourself, and learn the meaning of ‘mai pen rai’. which means ‘it doesn’t matter’ or ‘don’t worry be happy’.

5.) Phuket Big Budha

Phuket big Buddha is one of the most significant and honored landmarks on the island. The huge image of Buddha positioned on the top of the Nakkerd Hills between Kata and Chalong, it is 45 meters tall. It is easily visible from far away. It is one of the most peaceful place, where you can only hear the tinkling of the small bells and flapping of a yellow Buddhist flag in the wind, along with a background music of Dharma. So all in all, if you are looking for some peace and calmness. Must visit this place.

6.) Phi Phi Island

A short trip to Phi Phi Island is one of the top Phuket things to do. It has become a superstar island. You must have seen it in many movies like ‘The Beach’, ‘ Man with the Golden gun’ and ‘The Impossible’. It has become the topic of conversation for all the travelers to the Thailand. For some people, it is the only reason to visit the Phuket. The beauty of this island allure everybody. The second reason to love this place is the laid back islands. One is Phi Phi Leh, which is free from human inhabitants. Another is without roads Phi Phi Don, there is no hustle-bustle, no schedule, no reason to be in a hurry. So enjoy the retreat of this place once.

7.) Acqua Restaurant, Phuket

It is one of the most notable fine-dining restaurants at Kalim Beach. It’s an Italian Restaurant i.e. love of Sardinian-born chef, Alessandro Frau. It is great for Italian food. This elegant and trendy place to dine sports a furnishings of black and white with indoor and outdoor seating on the patio overlooking Kalim Bay. It is the chef/owner’s dream of the ideal place to dine. Acqua is a new entry on the dining scene in Phuket. With an exclusive location and a pioneering cuisine. This place to dine promises to be one of the island’s most admired.

8.) Karon Bazaar

If you are Shopaholic then Karon Bazaar is the right place for you. It is a large and mostly covered market. It is located on the Karon beach road on Phuket island’s west coast. Concrete floored, corrugated iron roofed and neon-lit is the smaller version of the Phuket weekend market with a little hike in prices. But with good quality of clothes and other things. Even if you don’t want to shop. Its best place to stroll around.

9.) Phuket FantaSea Show

The Phuket Fantasea show is motivated by Thailand’s rich and exotic heritage. It showcases the exquisiteness and charisma of  the Thailand. It also enriches ancient Thai traditions with special efforts. It has seating for four thousand people. Theme restaurants providing a grand buffet of Thai and other international cuisines. It’s a great Phuket things to do. The most wonderful part is that they also showcase a breathtaking Las Vegas-style show. Which presents the art technology and special effects to enhance the Thailands myths, magic, and mysteries. It is fully loaded to entertain you with the whole family.

10.) Wat Chalong Temple

It is also known as  a Buddhist temple. It is one of the important symbols of Thailand. Because the majority of the Thais is Buddhist. There are 29 Buddhist temples alone in Phuket spread around the islands. People come here to pray, the local ones and others come here to learn Buddhism. So if you are seeking for some peace and quiet places. Go and visit this temple, learn and admire the beauty of the architecture. Enjoy other beautiful things around the temple.

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