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Nyc Things to do

There are cities, particularly famous for one thing like may be food, nightlife, the natural beauty. New York is the city that offers all this wide range of attraction at one hot spot. So plan a trip to NYC and we will guide you to know all the best NYC things to do. There are lots to experience that will make your trip unforgettable throughout your life. If you want to cover all the attraction in one trip it is quite impossible because NYC has lots in store for you for which need a second trip here. We are listing the top 10 NYC things to do, read below to know all the best tourist attraction of this place.

Nyc Things to do

NYC Things to do:

1.) Empire State Building

The Empire State building is considered as American cultural icon. It has been named as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern world. A visit to this building proves to be an immersive experience of the inside world famous landmark. It stands as the world’s tallest building. The building lobby is newly restored with stunning art deco ceiling murals. The major attraction consists of the Historical Dare to Dream Exhibition, the new Sustainability Exhibition and interactive audio device. Visitors can experience the historic landmark from 8 A.M to till 2 P.M.

2.) Times Square

Times Square is considered as the commercial intersection of NYC. It is world’s busiest pedestrian’s intersection and also the hub of the Broadway Theatre District. The Times Square is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions. At the time of the First World War, the Theatre District and Billboards was the centre of the Theatre. It is one of the major reasons for attracting the visitors of NYC. The electric signs are the unique feature of the Times Square. Again the Paramount Building and Visitors Centre is yet another iconic building. One can visit small museums which narrate the history of the Times Square.

1.) Chelsea Market

This is an awesome place to hang out it is one of the best tourist attractions of NYC. The tall building is full with offices. The ground floor is known for its food court. It is also considered as a great shopping destination. This place is full of things right from the kitchenware to antiques and boutiques. This is amongst all the top NYC things to do. It is also well known amongst the local as it celebrate festivals and organizes several events like Birchbox pop-up, Rain or Shine very often.

2.) Grand Central Terminal

It is known as the only left gateway of Manhattan’s. The Great Central Terminal is an excellent example of art. It includes the Beaux Arts facade at 42nd street is known for its big and beautiful clock and wonderful statues of Mercury, Minerva and Hercules. Inside the terminal, there is a big blue ceiling with stars. These attractions are made of fiber optic lighting perceiving zodiac constellations. This is the best amongst all the NYC things to do.

3.) The Statue of Liberty

This is the most enduring symbol of this city after gazing Manhattan. The Statue of Liberty in located on the right along with the Verrazano -Narrow Bridge on the left. It is the best and truly thrilling experience of not only NYC but also the America. It is the best of all, it’s one of the free NYC things to do. At the terminal on the Staten Island part, get on the boat to enjoy the dramatic view of this wonderful place. Also, try to avoid the new, fast craft that does not have an outside deck.

4.) Wollman Rink

It is situated between the 62nd and 63rd streets on the southern end of Central Park, Wollman Rink. This is one of the best ice skating rinks in the world. It was opened to the public in the year 1950. This was recognized as the gift to this city. There are a number of movies that has shots at this rink, for example, Serendipity, Stepmom and Home Alone. This is the best amongst all NYC things to do. This fun activity also offers beautiful views of the glittering skyline of Manhattan.

5.) Brasilia Grill

This is the perfect place where you can fetch your hunger. It is the well-known restaurant for its fine dining. The Brasilia Grill has a mouthwatering menu that includes tasty salads, fresh tidbits, arugula, olives and palm heart. There is a concept right from unaccustomed to the churrascaria, choosing this place for the dining experience will make you feel lucky as it takes an exciting deliciously turn. It offers some of the best starter’s with a main course seafood buffet that is grilled. It is the best amongst the list of NYC things to do.

6.) Meatpacking District

It is the place where NYC local recommended when it comes to shopping. This place is well known amongst the locals for the shopping center. It offers you a large variety of things that covers all most everything that you can think to buy. You can also purchase gifts for your loved ones at a very reasonable price. This glamourous place is an NYC best tourist attraction. This tourist hub is full of the attractions like amazing boutiques, jewelry shops, and many other so do pay your visit. This is the best amongst Nyc things to do if you are a shopping lover.

7.) Red Hook Balt & Tackle

This is one of the best tourist spots and enjoyed by locals. It is located nearby Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. The location in Red Hook is here over 100 years and was the first bars to open in the area as a social club and makeshift bait shop for fishermen of NYC. The environment is very good and friendly and the drinks are available at reasonable price. There is still one factor that makes Bait & Tackle truly outstanding, it is its interior. Space is full of wonderful items from authentic antique metal signs to a stuffed black bear.

8.) NYC Nightlife

Nyc is a city that is known for its nightlife. This city is said to be amongst those which never sleeps. You will find the power of live music that makes folks feel good with full volume at a New York nightclub, café and rooftop bars with wonderful views of the East River or Hudson. If you are a Jazz lover step into the city’s best Jazz music spot name Winnie’s Jazz Bar. It is located in midtown at the center of the fashion district. It has been inaugurated very recently and added to the list of best Nyc things to do. So plan a trip to Nyc.

9.) The Apollo Theater

The very new Harlem Renaissance is a very popular tourist attraction in the city. It is a home to neo-classical structure, which was designed in 1983. It is marked as one of the best entertainment venues and amongst the best Nyc things to do.  This theater is well known for its rich, talented African-American performers. It has been known for being a home to famous “Snowtime” and “Amateur Night at the “Apollo”. This is the amongst the must see Nyc things to do.

10.) McWhoter BBQ

 If you are looking for an easy and quick meal, visit this place in NYC. It is the best amongst the best NYC things to do. This place with a simple dining and affordable menu serves a delicious food in this city. It is well praised by the locals for their staff managements and good quality and tasty food. It is the one of the city’s favorite fast food giants that finish your order within few minutes without compromising on its taste and freshness.

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