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Nashville TN Things to do

This article is about Nashville TN Things to do. It is the capital of the state Tennessee, United States. This city is home to the country music venues such as famous “ Grand Ole Opry” stage, radio shows. Grand Ole Opry is house in the music valley. It serves as an amazing jumping off point to explore the Nashville’s surroundings. It is a music city with the unbelievable cuisine, interesting nightlife and American music. This city also offers historical and recreational attractions, including civil war sites and old plantations. The downtown of this city features dining, entertainment, night clubs, architectural and cultural attractions. The life and casualty tower is the first skyscraper in downtown Nashville. This skyscraper is fabulous. This article also offers many other attractions of Nashville Tn.

Nashville TN Things to do

Nashville TN Things to do:

1) Music Row

Visiting Music Row is one of the best Nashville TN Things to do. Music Row is the heart of music industry. The music row is home to the gospel music, contemporary Christian music industries and country music. In this music row, you will explore publishing houses, video production houses, recording studios, music licensing firms and numerous record labels. Music lovers will love this place.

2) Parthenon

Things to do in Nashville

Parthenon is one of the interesting things to do in Nashville Tn. This Parthenon is a full replica of the original Parthenon temple in Athens. This Parthenon works as an art museum. The Parthenon is the centerpiece of the Centennial Park. This place features the tallest indoor sculpture, ancient goddess of wisdom and learning and a statue of Athena. It houses the art collection, a gift shop, plaster casts of the Elgin Marbles and visitors center. This is the most visiting attraction in Nashville.

3) The Hermitage

Experiencing the historical mansion and spectacular beauty of Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is one of the best things to do in Nashville. Andrew Jackson is the seventh president of the US. It is a national historic landmark in Nashville. Walk through the Andrew Jackson’s life and explore a vintage Tennessee farm. Its highlights include a museum with several artifacts and documents. The Hermitage attracts several visitors in a day.

4) Nashville Zoo

Visiting Nashville Zoo is one of the most amazing things to do in Nashville Tn. This zoo located at Grasmere. The Zoo organizes many exciting events in a day. This zoo offers numerous animals and species from many parts of the world. When you enter the zoo you will find two islands which are covered with bushes and trees. There is also a jungle gym that is the wildest place for a high swinging and high flying adventure. This zoo offers the meerkat exhibit. You can view them through a cylindrical window or a plexiglas wall.

5) Opryland USA

Visiting Opryland is one of the most fun things to do in Nashville TN. Opryland is an amusement park. This amusement park offers great musical shows with thrilling rides such as roller coasters, carousels and more. Having a great meal in this amusement park is also the best thing to do. There are also many water rides for all ages. Children like such type of attractions. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

6) Percy Priest Lake

Visiting Percy Priest Lake is one of the fun things to do in Nashville. It is a reservoir which is located in Tennessee. This lake has a beautiful shoreline. The lake offers a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, camping, swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding and many more. For boaters, there are numerous boat ramps and marinas. Visitors can also enjoy all types of water rides such as paddle boats, houseboats, canoes boats, kayaks boats and power boats.

7) Cheekwood Botanical Garden

Exploring Cheekwood Botanical Garden is one of the beautiful Nashville TN things to do. This attractions are the Museum of art and cheekwood botanical garden. It is a beautiful garden with amazing fountains and water garden. It hosts a variety of events for adults and children. The museum comprises permanent and travelling exhibits of art, painting with manicured gardens. The botanical garden offers a spectacular natural landscape and a wide range of beautiful flowers.

8) Cumberland Park

The Cumberland Park is one of the beautiful attraction in Nashville. It is family oriented and multi-use park. This park attracts a wide range of tourists. It offers a unique playground along the river with a splash areas, amphitheatre and a climbing wall. There is a trail for walking and running. This park includes water jets, spray grounds, landscaped gardens, climbing walls, bridges and picnic areas. There is also a sand play area and butterfly garden near the river. The Cumberland park is such a beautiful park in Nashville.

9) Shopping in Music City

Shopping is one of the interesting parts of the trip. This music city is open with the great fashion boutiques and numerous stores. Music city has everything like great food, music and the best places to shop. Nashville offers most different items. There are shopping malls where you can shop anything. In the downtown of Nashville, you will find a great collection of dinnerware, home furnishings and local artisan merchandise. There is a Bitchstraps which has a great collection of musical accessories, apparel and guitar straps. Downtown offers you everything that you need.

10) Nightlife in Music City

Enjoying nightlife is one of the incredible Nashville TN things to do. Nashville offers the best nightlife in downtown.  The downtown Nashville has a variety of bars for music and drinks enthusiastic. Hanging out with friends is the best thing you can do while in the city.  The place is crowded with clubs and pubs. The nightlife is truly awesome and fun will never end here. Enjoy the music of your favorite celebrity. The acoustic sound of the different musical instrument played here would drive you crazy. Not only clubs but there are several bars and restaurant too for dining.

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