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Nashville Things to do (Tennessee)

This article deals with the best Nashville things to do. The city in the US has much to offer when it comes at spending a vacation. The capital city of Tennessee is much popular for its music. It is known as the music city. The city offers you various kinds of music and is very regular at hosting concerts and music shows. If you are planning to spend your vacation or just a weekend in the city and thus looking for some suggestions then this is the right place for you. This article will recommend you some of the most amazing and outstanding Nashville things to do. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the most interesting and fun loving things to do in Nashville. Go through the article and learn all that the music city has to offer.

nashville things to do

Best of Nashville Things to do:

1.) Ryman Auditorium

Ryman auditorium is one of the most famous auditoriums of the US that is known for hosting amazing concerts and music events. If you have a love for music then this is one of the most fantastic Nashville things to do. You can also visit the back stage and enjoy the performance among the audience. The place is quite charming and when you are inside the auditorium, you are engrossed in its beauty.

2.) Parthenon

Parthenon is the art gallery in Nashville. Built in 1897, it is the exact replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. The gallery is beautiful and offers you beautiful pieces of work to praise and celebrate. The place is made from wire and clay. It is one of the most terrific Nashville things to do. You can go with your family and enjoy the artworks.

3.) RCA Studio B

The RCA studio B is a legend in itself as many artist like Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Lee Ann Rimes and Billy Ray Cyrus have recorded here. You can visit the studio and have the feel that your favorite artists had while recording the songs. It is really one of the most delightful Nashville things to do. You get to touch the microphones and the guard is there to tell you about the stories of the studio that involve your favorite artists.

4.) Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Music Hall of Fame, is basically a museum that preserves the history of the birth and journey of music in the music city. The place has everything that tells the story of the journey of the music in the country. It is really going to be one of the most fantastic Nashville things to do. When you are in the music city, you should definitely visit the place.

5.) Green Concert Series

It is completely a free thing to do in Nashville. From the beginning of the September to the mid October, every Thursday night has a series of six performances. It begins from 5:30 p.m. and ends till 10:30 p.m. The location of the concert is Public Square Park, near City Hall. The concert also has a food court. It is really one of the most outstanding Nashville things to do.

6.) Weekly Lawn Parties

The most famous Musicians corner in the city, located at Centennial Park, has the host the weekly music parties that are absolutely free. The party lasts from 3 p.m. to p.m. It is absolutely among the most fun Nashville things to do. The parties are organized during spring.

7.) National Folk Festival

Nashville is also known for hosting the national folk festival of the country. The festival celebrates the true colors and the variety of America’s folk music. Attending this festival is really one of the most enjoyable and remarkable Nashville things to do. The festival has been organized since 1934 and is completely free. You get to enjoy folk music, dancing, different workshops, ethnic foods etc.

8.) The Hermitage

The Hermitage is the home of President Andrew Jackson and the entry to visit the place is free for active military children below the age of 5. Being the house of the President, it has original furniture, personal items and artwork. The property is really huge and you get to see and feel the lifestyle of President.

 9.) Radnor Lake State Park

It is one of the most beautiful places to be visited Nashville. With beautiful sight and views, it is becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nashville. It is one of the most delightful Nashville things to do. The place is beautiful and perfect for clicks. So, you can go with your loved ones and capture the best of the moments.

10.) Lane Motor Museum

Lane Motor Museum is among the most interesting places to be visited in Nashville. It features the largest collection of European cars and motorcycles. The museum has different models of cars and motorcycles that have been used since ever. You can also go with your kids. Entry for kids below 5 is completely free. It is really one of the most amazing Nashville things to do.

11.) Bridgestone Arena

You can also go to see the “Bridgestone Arena”. It is one of the loveliest Nashville things to do. The venue is a fabulous one for the concert. If you get to see a concert, then what else can be better than that? The arena is huge and is nicely kept. In short you are going to enjoy the concert for sure.

12.) Downtown Nashville

Downtown Nashville is among the most excellent Nashville things to do as the place is stuffed with numerous things to do. The place is awesome with great music and you can also the food. You can also try the carriage ride. The place has so much fun to do. It offers more than expected things to do.

13.) The Johny Cash Museum

The Johny Cash Museum is a must place to visit for the admirers of Johny Cash. The Museum showcases the life and lifestyle of Johny Cash. It is really one of the most wonderful Nashville things to do if you are a Johny Cash Fan. The museum features the personal items of Johny Cash that gives the detailed view of his personal life.

14.) Scooter Rides

You can also try the scooter rides for sightseeing and doing other amazing things. The scooters are available on rent. It is really one of the most fun Nashville things to do. The rides become more enjoyable when you are with friends.

15.) Music City Circuit

Music city circuit is the bus service that takes the tourists to different places. So, if it is your first time in the city, then you can try the bus. The best part about the bus is that it is completely free. You just have to mark your destination and the bus will drop you to the place.

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