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Melbourne Things to do

This article will tell you various places you should visit in the diverse city Melbourne. This article is all about best Melbourne things to do. Melbourne is the capital of the state Victoria and it is a second most populous city in Australia. Melbourne is a modern urban city of Australia that comprises a larger metropolitan area. This city is a mixture of tremendous diversities. This city includes profound nature that keeps on captivating a large number of tourists.

Melbourne Things to do

Melbourne Things to do:

1.) Get Lost in the Beauty of Royal Botanic Gardens

It is the most romantic and alluring place of Melbourne, Australia. The flora and fauna of this garden are completely mesmerising that will keep you spellbound. This place is a precious treasure of the Melbourne. Nothing can provide you pleasure more than the beauty of nature. So, if you really want to spend a quality time with yourself, then enjoy in the glory of nature. It is a great place to go for a picnic with your family and your dear ones. It should be your first priority in the list of Melbourne things to do.

2.) Dive Inside the World of Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

It is the home of different species of aquatic animals including largest salt-water crocodiles. This place will take you inside the adventurous island of sea life. You will come across various aquatic species that you had never seen before in life. So, if you want to experience something exciting with your lover, friends and family visit this place. So, add this place in the list of Melbourne things to do. It is one of the most incredible places to visit in Melbourne. You will explore a whole new world in this place.

3.) Explore Queen Victoria Market

Discover a whole new world of Queen Victoria Market. This place is suitable for the people of any age who want to explore the real taste, and flavour of Melbourne cultural heritage. This is an open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere of Melbourne. It offers different varieties of foods, clothes, shoes, jewellery, art and crafts under one roof. It is one of most famous tourist destinations of Melbourne. So, visit this place, if you want to do shopping in Melbourne. Also, add this market in the list of Melbourne things to do.

Melbourne Things to do Queen Victoria Market

4.) Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne zoo includes unique diversities of flora and fauna. More than 250 species from all around the world can be found in this zoo. It is exquisite in its own way. This place is beautifully landscaped and you can discover the undiscovered species of animals. You will experience African and Asian rainforest having monkeys swinging from tree to tree. You will find the unique Australian wildlife like kangaroos, koalas, emus and wombats. You can also experience the beautiful underwater world having water species like penguins and Australian fur seals. You will always come across something new to explore in the fascinating world of Melbourne zoo. So, add this wonderful zoo in the list of Melbourne things to do.

 5.) Visit Luna Amusement Park

It is an ultimate destination for joy-seekers and fun-lovers. This park is located next to St. Kilda beach and it is the place full of thrill and amusement. You can experience various rides like scenic railway roller coaster and twin dragon. This place is not only made for kids, but even adults can experience unlimited fun in this place. So, this amusement park in the list of coolest Melbourne things to do.

Melbourne Things to do Luna Amusement Park

6.) Yarra Valley

To detect the greatest pleasures of the world, just dive inside the beautiful world of Yarra Valley. You can experience different wine making institutions inside this valley. Also, it is the home of Victorian wine. You can explore vineyards and can taste the regional food with a sample of various wines. So, if you want to experience the wines of Melbourne, just add this place in the list of Melbourne things to do. You may enjoy the ride of hot air balloon and fly over the Yarra river. You can have unlimited fun in Yarra Valley. So, add this valley in the list of top Melbourne things to do.

7.) Visit National Gallery of Victoria

It is the best art gallery of Australia. It was opened in 1861. This place is not only made for the artist, but it is an ideal place to visit to discover the colourful world of Melbourne. Some of the greatest works of famous artist hang inside this gallery. This gallery will show you a new and creative world of arts and crafts. So, add this marvellous place in the list of Melbourne things to do.

8.) Puffing Billy Railway

If you want to experience the steam train journey on the hills of Melbourne, then this place is made for you. Even your kids will love to take a wonderful ride on the steam train where you will experience beautiful tall mountain ash trees in the fresh breeze. You can capture unlimited and unforgettable photos when this travel over the Monbulk Creek Trestle Bridge. Even couples can enjoy a mesmerising experience, while having lunch in the first class dining carriages. So, add Puffing Billy in your list to experience the wonderful ride of a steam train. It is one of the best Melbourne things to do.

9.) Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex

This place is located on the south bank of Yarra River. It is a place made for entertainment seekers who want to play casino. If you want to experience the world of games, then this place is made for you. So, discover the place of winning and losing games under the roof of Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex. Simply add this place in the list of Melbourne things to do.

10.) St. Kilda Beach

The alluring beauty of St. Kilda beach will leave you spellbound. This place has the most picturesque points that are excellent for clicking snaps with your near and dear ones. This place is also have a very close proximity to the famous city beaches, venues and cafes. So, visit this picturesque St. Kilda beach.

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