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Maui Things to do

If you are looking for Maui things to do, this is your guide. Maui is known as the “Valley Isle”. Maui is famous for beautiful beaches, remarkable scenery, surfing and a pleasant climate. Maui is the second biggest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. It covers an area of around 700 Sq. miles and has 120 miles of coastline. After Oahu, Maui is the most visited island in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Maui has numerous picturesque towns, artist communities and there are local favorites too, which have been around for generations. Visit Wailuku for pastries from a “mom and pop” bakery, or visit Lahaina for a taste of Maui’s popular farm to table cuisine. Maui’s mountainous scenery makes weather change quite strongly. From shimmering beaches and the sacred Iao Valley to migrating humpback whales and sunset on Haleakala, Maui has everything for everyone.

Maui Things to do

Top Maui Things to do

1.) The Road to Hana

Undoubtedly, driving along the Road to Hana is among the best Maui things to do. There are endless waterfalls, ocean cliffs, hiking trails and beautiful scenery to experience. This is one of those road trips, you’ll remember forever. To experience all that Hana has to offer, the best way is by staying in Hana for a few days. If it’s not possible, the day trip is still great.

2.) Molokini Snorkeling

One of the inexpensive Maui things to do is snorkeling. There are plenty of fine spots to snorkel and scuba dive around Maui. Molokini is ideal for snorkeling as it offers a whole package of fun in one tour. While cruising on the water, you can see Maui from a unique perspective. You may have the opportunity of watching dolphins or whales. And, if the trip permits, you can do 2 snorkeling sessions as well. First at Molokini Crater and second with plenty of green sea turtles.

3.) Fishing Time

Fishing is one of the Maui things to do. Maui waters are rich with tropical fish of many types. There are loads of boats which can take you out, but only a handful know the best waters for fishing. Take the advantage of skilled, seasoned fishermen captains for choosing the right vessel for your Maui fishing tour.

4.) Haleakala National Park

This park is situated on the slope of the inactive 10,023 foot high Haleakala Volcano. It covers areas from the top to the ocean. Visitors can look into the sleeping crater. From the top, there are amazing views over the whole island, and many people come up here to see the sunrise. The top of the mountain is what attracts most people.

5.) Iao Valley State Monument

Iao Valley is located west of Wailuku. Conventionally, Hawaiians used to take on pilgrimages to such places to honor their gods. At present, numerous beautifully maintained paths lead from the parking area to this gorgeous valley. It is a famous place for excursions. The valley is considered to be full of the ghosts of Hawaiian gods, called manas. On the left side of the path to Iao Needle, you will find Pali Eleele, a dark black cliff. It is an interesting place to visit.

6.) Lahaina and Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach is a 4 mile long and is Maui’s finest beach. It is located in western Maui and is part of the Lahaina. Some of the island’s best hotels and resorts are located here. This area includes restaurants, golf courses, shops and various other forms of amusing facilities for visitors. Whalers Village is a famous open-air shopping center. It has a fine variety of stores and dining options.

7.) Wai’anapanapa State Park

Wai’anapanapa State Park is an isolated area. It has a rugged coastline, beaches, camping facilities, hiking, and lodging facilities. This is a fine place to simply enjoy nature. The black lava beach, located at Paiola Bay is worth visiting. Those, unfamiliar with the surf conditions, should avoid from swimming in the strong waves. Otherwise, it is an excellent place to explore.

8.) Experience Wailea

Wailea is located in the south of Kihei. Wailea has grown into a tourist spot, with lots of hotels and resorts. The lovely Keawakapu Beach is one of the gorgeous spots on the island. There is lots of golfing and shopping to entertain tourists who are planning to spend some time on the beach. It is famous for its five crescent-shaped beaches and stellar golf courses.

9.) Makena Beach

The village of Makena is located in the south of Kihei. Here, you can find a beautiful stretch of sand. This white sand beach is the biggest beach on the island and is excellent for walking. Sometimes ocean here can be rough and a bit treacherous for swimming. Makena Beach is sometimes referred to as a Big Beach.

10.) Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center includes a collection of Hawaiian corals, reef fish, green turtles, and stingrays in beautifully designed aquariums. One attraction is a glass tunnel through a shark and ray tank. It offers visitors an opportunity to sit and study the diverse life around them. Other exhibits showcase the life cycles of the humpback whales which migrate to Hawaii between December to March. It also showcases how the Polynesians who resided in Hawaii used the sea.

11.) Ride a Bike Down the Volcano

Riding bike from the top of Haleakala down to the base of the volcano is out of the world. While cruising downhill on a bike, you can enjoy picturesque views of all of the Maui along with many sweet fragrances of the landscape. Riding a bike around this volcano has become one of the Maui things to do.

12.) Go for Hiking

Maui has plenty of amazing hikes. It’s difficult to know from where to start. Remember to choose a hike that’s not in a private area. As there are so many options, the safest way to enjoy these is through a private tour. Allow a local professional hiking guide who can introduce you to the top hidden sites. It includes freshwater streams, waterfalls, bamboo forests and saltwater pools on Maui’s north coast.

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