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Key West Things to do

In this article, we will discuss Key West things to do. Key West is the southernmost city in the continental United States. It features a unique blend of cultural influences. Like other vacation spots in Florida, it offers a variety of ways to enjoy its coastal site. It includes snorkeling, sailing and kayaking and numerous clean beaches to take a stroll. But beyond its outdoor exploration, Key West also claims to have interesting artifacts. The island is housing over a few historical treasures. Museums can be easily spotted throughout the city. But most of the activity is concentrated on the island’s western region. Duval Street is a particularly active region for souvenir shoppers, budget dining, and fun-filled nightlife. Key West is famous for the sunsets that attract tourists from all over the U.S. and beyond. Several famous writers have called it their home, including Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway, and Tennessee Williams. Key West continues to draw artists even today with its Bohemian and tolerant environment.

Key West Things to do

Top Key West Things to do

1.) Walk around Duval Street

The Browsing Duval Street is among the best Key West things to do. Duval Street is Key West’s major tourists strip. Here you will find various restaurants and shops designed to entertain visitors and cruise ship passengers. This is the place to start, or maybe end, a day of touring. Historic homes and some of the city’s most famous tourist attractions are located along Duval. Visit this place with your loved ones and get acquainted with the locals.

2.) Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

Ernest Hemingway was among the first writers to reside in Key West. He owned this 1851 Spanish Colonial home in 1931. He lived in it until 1940. It includes flourishing tropical garden and the salt-water pool which nearly wiped him out financially. He wrote several novels here, including “Death in the Afternoon”, “A Farewell to Arms”, and “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. For his fans and readers, this place is a way to look into the writer’s life closely. A nice place to include in your list of Key West things to do.

3.) Fort Zachary Taylor

Fort Zachary Taylor was built between 1845 and 1866. It protected this part of Florida’s coast at the time of civil war. Presently, it is a State Historic Park popular for both its historical attractions and the beach at the southern end. The park has various features like snorkeling areas, picnic grounds, a swimming beach, and fishing zones. There are also short walking trails that lead through natural regions, with hammock and other local vegetation. You can also see interpretive plaque along the routes.

4.) Southernmost Point

Key West’s claim to renown as the southernmost point in the continental U.S.A. It is made of concrete in the black, red, and yellow marker at the corner of South and Whitehead streets. It was erected in the early 1980s. Vendors and performers gather around the place to sell souvenirs and display their talents. Although the marker is less inspiring, but visitors often click their picture with the marker. Visiting this place is one of the Key West things to do.

5.) Mallory Square (Docks)

Mallory Square is an ex-warehouse area. It is now the place of a nightly sunset-watching custom with fun entertainment. Visitors congregate on the dock to marvel at the often-praised sunset. The vendors, jugglers, musicians and other street performers give it a carnival-like environment. The area has become one of the best tourist attractions of Key West, especially in the late afternoon. Though, sometimes tourists may find there is little or nothing happening. Nevertheless, there are many shops and other attractions around Mallory Square.

6.) Dry Tortugas National Park

The Dry Tortugas National Park is famous for its amazing coral reefs. It is around 70 miles west of Key West. The hundred square mile park is majorly open water with seven little islands. It is reachable by boat or seaplane only. The park is worldwide famous as the home of magnificent Fort Jefferson, superlative coral reefs, pictorial blue waters, and marine life. Also, the huge assortment of bird life which frequently visit the area.

7.) Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum showcases the story of Mel Fisher. The person who discovered the ruin of “Senora Nuestra de Atocha”, a Spanish Galleon which sank during a 1622 hurricane. The museum exhibits several artifacts from this wreck and others. It includes emerald and numerous other gold and silver sacred and functional objects. There are also displays on underwater archeology, hands-on demonstrations, and films.

8.) Conch Tour Train

The Conch Tour Train is a traveler trolley that makes stops at various destinations in and around the town. The tour comprises the Old Town, Hemingway’s House, Duval Street, and the waterfront. It gives perspective on the railroad days, WWII and the depression, as they are linked to Key West. It is a fun way to know the history and see the sights. Taking a Tour on it is one of the Key West things to do.

9.) Shipwreck Treasure Museum

The Shipwreck Treasure Museum is located in the model of a 19th-century wrecker’s warehouse. It includes exhibits tracing the history of the salvage industry in the town. Many folks made their livelihood from shipwrecks and were known as wreckers. Artist in period costume narrates about the “Isaac Allerton”, which sank in 1856. Artifacts from the shipwreck are showcased here. Visitors can also watch films and videos on the topic. A 65-foot surveillance tower provides a scenic view of the surrounding land.

10.) Key West Lighthouse and Keepers Quarters

This lighthouse was constructed in 1847 and stands 86-tall. Tourists can mount up for spectacular views from the surveillance deck near the top. The original lighthouse keepers quarter was pulled apart in the 1880s. It is replaced with the present structure. It has been well reinstated and now includes a museum, furnished to re-enact the early 20th Century. A short video gives an interesting look at the Key West Lighthouse history. Photos and other artifacts are also on exhibits. A nice place to add to your list of things to do in Key West.

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