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Hong Kong Things to do

If you are looking for Hong Kong things to do, this is your guide. Hong Kong is among the chief holiday destinations of East Asian countries. Hong Kong is generally an ideal place with regard to budget travels as it offers an inexpensive journey by flights, hotels, and food. So this place remains quite demanding over summer and winter. If you are looking to go on a vacation with your spouse and kids, then Hong Kong will be one of the better spots for making the best holiday.

Hong Kong is known for its delightful cuisines, mouthwatering foods, blissful attractions, theme parks and a vibrant nightlife. This lively area has everything to make a visitor’s tour delightful and comfortable. Hong Kong is a modern city built on an ancient civilization. This place is truly worth exploring. Indulge into a festival, catch a show, visit a temple, hike a mountain trail, explore a walled village, this is your guide to some of the top Hong Kong things to do.

Hong Kong Things to do

Hong Kong Things to do

1.) Witness the View from Victoria Peak

Seeing the view from Victoria Peak is one of the must Hong Kong things to do. It is surely the city’s most popular attraction. Mounting 1,805 feet above sea level, the top offers spectacular views of Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbour, Kowloon. On the very clear sky, you can even see Kowloon’s eight mountains from here. There are quite a few ways to reach the top, but the most fun way is a seven-minute classic ride on the Peak Tram. It is the world’s steepest funicular railway. There’s a different feel about the view during the day and at night. So, see both if you have the time.

2.) Take a Trip on a Junk Boat

A great and famous weekend activity for locals is to escape the hustle of the city by renting a Junk Boat. “Junk,” is used for Chinese fishing boats. But, now it refers to any motorized water vessel made for leisure. When we said it’s a weekend activity for locals doesn’t mean visitors can’t partake in this tradition. Many trip organizer offers a tour on Junk Boat for 7-8 hours. This boat tour includes food and open bar. Prices vary from agent to agent, so book accordingly. Another option is to discuss with your hotel concierge for the best prices. Nonetheless, riding a junk is a beautiful way to enjoy the water and see some amazing places.

3.) Hit the Street Markets

Whatever you wish to buy, can be found in Hong Kong’s sparkling street markets. Ladies’ Market, include over 100 stalls selling clothing and accessories. In the Temple Street Night Market, you can buy everything from noodles to watches. These two markets are the most famous. In another place, Cat Street is famous for antiques, Fa Yuen Street is famous as Sneakers Street and Apliu Street Market is known for electronics. There are also specific markets for flowers, birds, goldfish, jade, kitchenware, and much more. Browsing this market is also one of the Hong Kong things to do.

4.) Look Upon the Big Buddha

West of the city center, you will find the mountainous terrain of Lantau Island. It is the home of the Tian Tan Buddha. It is a 202-ton statue of the deity. Generally, it is referred to as the “Big Buddha,”. The giant bronze statue is the main highlight here. Also, there are some other nice attractions nearby which you can explore if you have time. The best way to experience the Big Buddha is to take on the cable car (Ngong Ping 360). It offers an impressive view of Hong Kong International Airport, North Lantau Country Park, the South China Sea, and the nearby landscape.

5.) Hike the Dragons Back

Hong Kong is usually regarded as a city of shopping malls and skyscrapers. But it also offers amazing hiking opportunity for locals and tourists. Stretched about 31 miles, the Hong Kong Trail dissects through 5 country parks on Hong Kong Island. Among these, the most famous portion is known as the Dragon’s Back. The underline of this hike is getting to Shek O Peak. From here, you can enjoy a spectacular 360-degree view of bays, beaches, waterfront communities, lush  green countryside, and the South China Sea. The short version of this hike can be finished in about two hours. You can even extend it to six hours by starting from Happy Valley and making your way to the south.

6.) Visit Happy Valley Racecourse

Happy Valley Racecourse has two racecourses for horse racing. Apart from this, the valley is famous for nights, like Oktoberfest or Carnival, and the crowd wears accordingly. Do visit this must-see place except for the summer months as there are no horse races during that time. Happy Valley Racecourse is the spot to be in Hong Kong on a Wednesday night. It is famous with both locals and expats. This weekly event feels more of a party sort than a sporting event. People come to gamble here, but it’s more about the view than anything else. Some weeks there are themed nights, like Oktoberfest or Carnival, and the crowd wears accordingly. Do visit this must-see place except for the summer months as there are no horse races during that time.

7.) Relax in the Park

Hong Kong folks like to escape to small islands, beaches, and the countryside to relax. But, that doesn’t mean there’s no green space in the city for visitors to enjoy. Hong Kong Park presents an extensive mix of leafy pathways and rock gardens, making it an admired place for locals to practice tai chi or read in an isolated spot. On the border of Causeway Bay, the beautiful Victoria Park is the biggest urban green space on Hong Kong Island. It has recreational amenities for basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis and lawn bowling. Possibly among the best escape in the city is Nan Lian Garden. This retreat is spread over 35,000-square-meter. It is designed in Tang Dynasty style, with conventional Chinese architecture and landscaping. All three parks are easily reachable via public transportation.

8.) Escape to the Beach

No more than an hour from the city center, you’ll encounter some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. A fun time here is one of the best Hong Kong things to do. You can easily reach there by taxi, boat, or public transportation. Contrasting many beach destinations, Hong Kong is home to many diverse types of beaches. From surfers to families to party animals, there is really something for everyone. Shek O is without a doubt one of the best options, along with extensive sand in Stanley and neighboring Repulse Bay. For a quieter experience, visit pristine Tai Long Wan. It is located on the eastern coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula. It is considered to be among the most beautiful destinations in all of Hong Kong.

9.) Explore Outer Islands

Hong Kong is not only a city—it’s a complete region. It is technically a Special Administrative Region (SAR). The SAR is covering about 260 islands. Visiting any of this island is among the top Hong Kong things to do. Each one providing something different to those who want to venture off the beaten path. Cheung Chau and Peng Chau, both situated between the Lamma Island and Hong Kong Island, are well-known options. These and many other islands can be accessed by ferry from the city center. One of the interesting things about visiting these places is dining in fishing villages. Here, you can choose your meal from the catch of the day. As the islands are so different from each other, remember to do your research well rather than picking up randomly.

10.) Drink on Rooftop

Average temperatures in Hong Kong vary from 60–90 degrees, Depending on the time of year. It has Ideal conditions for enjoying beer, wine, and cocktails outside, as long as it’s not raining. Consequently, Hong Kong has lots of rooftop bars to go for. Sugar, Sevva and Armani/Prive are all well-known spots. But, the best rooftop bar is The China Club. It is the one which can be hard to get into. As an elite establishment, it requires that you come here with one of its members to get an entry. So, if you know any local here, it can work. It’s worth visiting.

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