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Hawaii Things to do

Welcome to our list of the top fun Hawaii things to do. Hawaii is the most recent state of the US located in Oceania. The state encompasses nearly the entire volcanic Hawaiian archipelago, the main islands are Kauai, Molokai, Oahu, Lanai, Kahoʻolawe, Maui and the Island of Hawaii. There are numerous incredible vacation activities in Hawaii to choose from. It is a fabulous vacation spot. The Hawaiian Islands are composed of 6 major islands, and many smaller atolls and islets. Each island in Hawaii has its own distinct feature, character, and vibe. Along with the cultural history that you have never experienced.

Top Hawaii Things to do:

1.) Snorkeling

Hawaii Things to do snorkeling

Undoubtedly, one of the best Hawaii things to do is snorkeling. Before coming to this incredibly gorgeous Hawaiian Islands, make sure to book a snorkel tour. You will enjoy the beauty of an array of Hawaiian marine life. With a professionally guided tour, your journey will be safe underway. You will be receiving Hawaii marine life education along with expert snorkel guidance. Nothing is better than viewing a Green Hawaiian Sea Turtle in its natural habitat. It is one of the most amazing Hawaii things to do. There is a plenty of tropical fish belonging to Pacific Ocean waters and lovely colored reef formations. Depending on the time of the year you hit the Hawaiian snorkel tour, guests may have the added chance to see playful Spinner Dolphins along the ocean surface.

2.) Golfing

Hawaii Things to do golfing

Golfing in Hawaii is truly like being in heaven for all golf enthusiasts. The Hawaiian Islands facilitate a superb golf experience for everyone. It offers an equal golfing experience for both golf professionals and golf students. The golf association in Hawaii covers the public courses to elite golf locales. From all golf resorts in the State of Hawaii, golfers and supporters will surely love the luxury of the immaculate environment. It is one of the most fun Hawaii things to do. The warm sunshine, a luxurious atmosphere, pristine greens, privacy, and incredible 360-degree panoramic views all offered by Hawaii.

3.) Waikiki

Hawaii Things to do waikiki

Waikiki along with the beautiful stretch of the oceanfront beach is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Hawaii. Waikiki is a neighborhood of Honolulu and pretty easy to reach. It offers all the facilities and entertainment of a contemporary city. At the end of the half-moon shaped beach, there is an extinct volcano known as Diamond Head Crater. It adds a magnificent view to the incredible sun drenched beach. It is one of the most joyful Hawaii things to do.

4.) Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii Things to do

The glory of this park lays diverse landscapes from abandoned track of black lava to dazzling cloud-kissed rain forests. It is located on the Big Island, Hawaii offers unique close-up looks at an active volcano. Touring this gigantic park is really challenging but full of amusement too. But only two roads can take you to the most admired sights of this park. Hot lava flows down to form the mountains and dry lava covers the road clearly showing the immense unstoppable force. You might have visited numerous park, garden, and galleries, but this is literally an unusual experience you will possess. To visit this incredible site is one of the most amazing Hawaii things to do.

5.) Beaches

Hawaii Things to do Beaches

The lovely beaches of Hawaii are one of the biggest reasons why millions of tourists want to visit Hawaii. Everyone daydream about lazy days relaxing under the beautiful Hawaiian sunshine. Visitors to Hawaii won’t return to home without filling their bags with a golden suntan and a look of relaxation on their face. It is one of the most incredible Hawaii things to do. You should do a thorough research before going on a fabulous Hawaii vacation. If you’re traveling during the winter, you want to find the best beaches for building sandcastles, swimming, light snorkeling, and for some fun in the sun. The Kailua Beach of Haunama Bay is ideal to visit during winter. You can head to Ka’anapali beaches in Maui for adult beach adventure along with stand up paddle adventures and rock jumping.

6.) Maui Ocean Center

Hawaii Things to do maui ocean center

The Maui Ocean Center is the perfect spot to interact with the life that lies beneath the ocean’s surface. The aquarium is packed with the incredible array of turtles, sharks, rays, and all kinds of exotic sea life. It is one of the most exciting Hawaii things to do. You must walk through the glass tunnel which is a favorite feature at the center.

7.) Hilo Farmers Market

Hawaii Things to do hilo farmers market

A number of vendors gather on a weekly basis to hawk produce, crafts, clothing seafood, and more in downtown Hilo. Other than Hilo market there is no better place to shop on the Big Island. The Farmer’s Market sells everything from the pineapples and bananas to jaboticaba fruit or bongo drums. Hit the place as early as possible and don’t be afraid of bargaining. It is one of the most delightful Hawaii things to do.

8.) Waipio Valley

Hawaii Things to do waipio valley

Waipio Valley is one of the most scenic spots on the Big Island which is free to enjoy. This valley is of historical significance to the Hawaiian locals. The valley is settled on the Big Island and the home to around 10,000 people. Today, Waipio Valley is known as a modern-day Garden of Eden. The valley is one-mile wide, more than five miles deep and surrounded by verdant cliffs that climb at the enormous height. Visitors will experience Waipio’s scenery on a van tour and through a strenuous hike. The black sand beach is truly awesome but not suitable for swimming due to the murky water. If you really love swimming, then head to Hapuna Beach or Kaunaoa. It is one of the most fun Hawaii things to do.

9.) The Haleakala National Park

Hawaii Things to do haleakala national park

The park is located on Maui. It offers an access to the dormant Haleakala Volcano. The views from its peak extend across the entire island. The views become much beautiful at sunrise. The inactive crater is also exposed which shows the awesome lunar-like landscape. Visiting the spot is one of the most joyful Hawaii things to do.

10.) Halawa Beach

Hawaii Things to do halawa beach

This park is the combination of two nice swimming beaches. One beach is a bit rocky and the another is a curving beach with white sand. It is located along the shore of Molokai. Best time for swimming and snorkeling is in the summer when the water is calm.

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