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Cairns Things to do

The city of Cairns lets you explore the world famous Great barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. Cairns is located in North Queensland, Australia. The city charms you with its tropical fruits and seafood. It is one of the finest tourist attractions in Australia. This place is perfect for tourists of all age groups. There are a variety of attractions, activities and Cairns things to do for children. It includes playing at the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon in Muddy’s Playground. Some of the best-known tourist activities like snorkeling and scuba diving are in high demand throughout the year in Cairns. Are you looking for the perfect guide to know the best Cairns things to do? Then you are at the right place. Read below to know all the best places to visit in Cairns.

Cairns Things to do:

1.) The Great Barrier Reef

Cairns things to do

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s biggest coral reef and includes an amazing diversity of animal life. There are a number of tour organizers that can guide you from Cairns depending on what you wish to do. Cairns is well-known for the Great Barrier Reef. The barrier reef in the outer place takes the only 90-minute boat ride or a 30-minute helicopter flight to reach. This is the perfect place where you will find a tropical island, Green Island and Fitzroy Island and many more. This could be the best Cairns things to do.

2.) Kuranda Scenic Railway & Skyrail

things to do in cairns kurunda sky train

This is definitely a ‘must do’ Cairns things to do. This fantastic place gives you an opportunity to enjoy travelling by train and getting down on the Skyrail. There are various routes and packages to reach this place. The train has a gold car service, it needs some extra coins to enjoy the service. This is one of the best Cairns things to do. Kuranda Skyrail is a unique way of gazing the beautiful rainforest. It is the best as the Sky gondolas take you right in the middle of the trees. You can take the trip from the Caravonica Station to the Kuranda Station in the Rain Forest. You can search for the timings and other information of the Skyrail on the internet.

3.) Esplanade

things to do in cairns esplanade

The Cairns Esplanade is the beautiful city’s attraction.The place serves as the main communal area in the town. The Esplanade has bikeways, restaurants and the popular lagoon. This is one of the best Cairns tourist destination. In brief, its one stop with loads of activities. Invest your best time at this place that offers you the options from a calm zone to the entertainment zones.

4.) Atherton Tablelands

things to do in cairns atherton

The Atherton Tablelands, the highlands are located behind Cairns. It is named after John Atherton. He made the tin deposits at Herberton accessible by opening a route to the coast in 1877. The dense forest still covers a vast part of these highlands. The Waterfall Circuit is located near the town of Millaa Millaa. That is also a famous tourist attraction in Cairns. The scenic view looks stunning with the perfect blend of colour and nature. There are a number of  splendid waterfalls that are waiting for your visit. So plan a trip to Cairns.

5.) Palm Cove

things to do in cairns palm cove sunset

Palm Cove is highly recommended to the locals and tourists. Try to make sure that you don’t miss out this small town. It is just a 20-minute drive from Cairns. As it is located near to Port Douglas. You can also pay your visit to the Cairns Zoo. You will surely love the ultra-relaxed, laid back beach that the beautiful town offers. The main street includes a number of fabulous restaurants with beach front view, as well as shops and hotels. This is the best among all the Cairns things to do.

6.) The Night Market

things to do in cairns night market

The Cairns night market is the best in town. Here you find an affordable and cheerful meal. This place is very crowded with locals as they serve a variety of delicious food at reasonable prices. Food counters varied small to big ones that offer some of the best cuisines of Cairns. This falls on the top in the of places to visit in Cairns. Chinese and seafood are very famous. And all the cafe and stalls have self-service. Go out for dinner with your partner tonight to taste the flavour of Australian cuisines.

7.) Salthouse Bar

Let yourself experience the best nightlife at the Salthouse Bar. This bar also has a big restaurant area that serves some of the amazing cuisines in the town. The dedicated staff and the wonderful ambiance make the dining experience excellent.So without any delay plan out your dinner date tonight. It is situated very close to Cairns Boat Marine. This seems as the best Cairns things to do in either in day or night. So plan a trip to Cairns and enjoy the amazing night at this bar with rocking DJs and live music performance.

8.) Cairns Market

things to do in cairns markets

Rusty’s Cairns marketplace works only on a weekend that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This makes the place happening and fun loaded with a great crowd. It is situated just near to a backpacker hostel. There is a number of cafe and bars that are among the best Cairns things to do. This market has a numerous attraction that ranges from handicrafts, food, and gift shops that are worth buying. The food is really fresh with lots of variety.

9.) Fitzroy Island National Park

things to do in cairns fritzoy island

This place is just 29 km from Cairns. The national park offers the best high-speed ferry ride. It’s a one-day visit to the island park. As you can be back by evening and grab your dinner at cairns city. Besides the ferry ride, you even have better options to explore the depth of the island park. And that is through hiking or kayaking. This will give the best adventure tour activity in the unspoiled wildlife mangroves. The other cities of Queensland like Brisbane, Gold Coast and Port Douglas also offer hiking or kayaking.

10.) Bama Rainforest

things to do in cairns rainforest

There you will find a lot of walking ways in the “Barron Gorge National Park”. It signifies the history and culture of Djabugay. They belong to a local Aboriginal tribe, called as Bama. Locals believe they use the name of Bama to define Aboriginal tribes of all rainforest. Most of these tracks, that are used today to enable them to move from the coast to the Cairns Tablelands, are made by these tribes. Here you can go for a walk with your boyfriend or girldfriend to venture into the aboriginal past of Cairns.

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